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Season 2, Episode 4 - Recap

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A little girl is seen wandering train tracks. Lawson, Stella and Michael race to find her before anything happens to her. When Lawson spots the girl, a train is coming towards her, so he runs and grabs her just in time. They take her to the TR base, where Kerry is waiting. Lawson tells her that she hasn't spoken at all. Kerry talks to the girl who they named Princess, but again, gets no response. They will have to wait for the Department of Human Services. At the computers, Leon shows Lawson and Kerry CCTV footage of the little girl being abandoned at a train station by an unknown male.

Meanwhile a woman is taken hostage by a man wielding a drill. Josh, Dom and Shannon are having something to eat, but their time is interrupted by Leon who tells them that there has been a carjacking. The car is registered to a justice Kate Hawker, of the family court.

Shannon gets Kate's mobile number and rings it, wanting to negotiate with the man holding her hostage. Leon finds out that Kate presided his court case, which prevented him from seeing his kids.

At TR's base, Kerry is on the phone to the DHS, who are taking their time in getting there. She wants them to start seeing Princess as a priority. Leon tells her that he's found the man who is involved in the carjacking.

A man walking around in the bush notices a man digging. The man tells him that there's another man with a gun, who is making him dig his own grave. When the man goes to radio for help, the other man attacks him and runs away. Lawson, Michael and Stella arrive and Lawson talks to the man who was attacked. Stella finds a wallet; it belongs to the attacker. Leon gets a screen-grab of the mans drivers license. To their horror, they then find a body in the boot of his car.

Kerry and Leon look at the footage of the body in the boot, and in the meantime, Princess has walked in, carrying a piece of paper she has been drawing on. Kerry motions to Leon to get the horrific footage off the screen and she talks to Princess. She then sees the little girls footprints on the paper she had been using, and feels her socks. They are covered in blood.

Kerry and Lawson talk over the radio; Kerry tells him that she wants him to stay there and do a media conference, being the senior officer. Lawson isn't too happy but does it anyway. A woman, Jacinta Burns, rings Lawson, she is a reporter and wants to be there when he holds the press conference. He agrees to wait for her.

Leon finds out Princess' real name, and Kerry plays a game with her to try and guess what her name is, despite already knowing. When she says Britney, the little girl smiles.

Lawson holds the press conference once Jacinta arrives, and is a little thrown by her.

Shannon, Josh and Dom are still following Kate and the carjacker. They get close to a school, and find out that Kate's daughter is a student there. They then realise that that is where the man wants to go. At the school, Shannon tries desperately hard to get the man to let Kate go. She doesn't want Josh to be forced to shoot him.

Michael shows a photo of the man wanted in relation to the body in the boot to Jacinta.

Shannon manages to get the man to put the drill down and let Kate go, much to her relief. Josh thanks her - he didn't want to have to shoot him either.

DHS has finally arrived, and Kerry comforts Britney, telling her that she is going to stay in a nice house for the night. Britney smiles and nods at her, but still doesn't say anything.

In the car, Lawson gets a phone call from Jacinta. She is with the man who they were looking for. They quickly arrive and arrest the man. Lawson is annoyed with Jacinta for putting her life on the line, just to get a story. She apologises, wanting to make it up to him.

Stella and Michael talk about their 'relationship', with Stella saying that she doesn't want to commit to anything. Michael only wants to go out with her for a drink, and they eventually leave.

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Warning: Rush season 2 episode 4 guide may contain spoilers
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