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Season 2, Episode 19 - Recap

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Lawson picks up Kerry who has had a big night out and forgotten where she parked her car. As they drive around, she finally remembers and Lawson gets annoyed, telling her to get out and walk. Which she does.

Everyone is getting dressed in the change rooms at work, and to Lawson's sarcastic surprise, Dom is going to be late. Meanwhile at Dom's messy home, baby G is crying and Sandrine won't help Dom out.

Two teenagers commit a carjacking, one is Caleb, the boy Lawson was mentoring. In the car, Stella, Michael and Lawson get the call about the carjacking, to which they respond. When they get close enough to the car, Lawson realises that it's Caleb and they pull back. Eventually, they cease the pursuit as it is becoming too dangerous.

Kerry arrives at work looking disheveled and she tells Leon that she is going to have a shower, before wondering why she is telling him that. Leon looks up a go-cart place for Lawson and they head there. The boss of the place does not know Caleb, which Lawson finds strange, as that is where he was supposed to be working.

They decide to drive around the building to see if they can find anything. They find Caleb, who has been beaten. They then take him to a hospital.

In the other TR car, Dom gets a phone call from Chanel. There is a bouncer at Goldfingers who is angry because the manager there won't let him dance. Shannon talks to the bouncer, Rennie, who they eventually let dance, on one condition. That he leaves quietly with them when he has finished.

Back at the go-cart place, Lawson interrogates Jerzy, the man who was supposed to be Caleb's boss. They leave and Lawson talks to Kerry on the phone, who is unimpressed.

Sandrine calls the TR base, wanting to speak to Dom. Kerry then calls Dom and tells him to go and check on Sandrine. Josh, Shannon and Dom find Sandrine wandering the streets, with G no where in sight. They go back to the house, to find that G isn't there either. Dom figures that Sandrine may have taken G to their local deli. He goes there and finds his daughter in the arms of the deli owner.

Caleb and another teenager are trying to rob a restaurant. They run when TR arrive. Michael manages to catch the other boy, but Caleb is still missing. Other police officers are called and they all go looking for Caleb. Lawson finds him, but discovers that Caleb doesn't want to be part of 'his side'. Lawson then arrests him.

Stella, Michael and Lawson head back to the go-cart place. Lawson tells Jerzy that he will always be there.

Dom is having trouble settling a crying G. He rings someone and asks if they can help him out. It turns out to be Kerry he called, and when she arrives at his house, she is able to stop G from crying. Much to Dom's relief.

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Warning: Rush season 2 episode 19 guide may contain spoilers
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