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Season 2, Episode 6 - Recap

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It’s the morning and Ally is making muffins. Once they’re ready, she takes two and places one on what would have been Vince’s side of the bed. Nat is at Conrad’s house, admiring everything around her. Gabriel and Sophie are sitting on the couch, Sophie tells him that he has some “serious body heat” and they get into a conversation about spontaneous combustion. Gabriel doesn’t believe it is possible, they argue, and Gabriel breaks up with her.

At the airport, Christine and Max are saying goodbye to Tim. Max says he wishes he was going with his dad and they hug; Tim tells Max to look after Christine, who he then hugs goodbye as well. He then leaves.

Ally follows Tanya, the woman who is mentioned in Vince’s will, and confronts her at the supermarket. She wants to know why Vince has given her $50,000. Tanya explains that it is for her daughter Ophelia, who is Vince’s daughter. They had an affair for two years, and it only ended when Ally got pregnant with Gigi. Ally then calls Christine and tells her about it, Max hears some of the conversation as it is on speakerphone. Christine tells Ally she’ll be at her place in 15 minutes, and then wants to talk to Max about what he saw between her and Spiros. He shakes his head and gets out the car.

Nat and Conrad are out at a restaurant when the paparazzi arrives and takes photos of them. Conrad gets annoyed, and leaves, saying that he used to like this restaurant but not anymore. Nat tells him not to jump to conclusions, because she was the one who called the press. Nat goes to the Williams house, where Max is playing with his basketball. They go for a walk and get ice cream.

At Ally’s house, Ally is disgusted that Tanya sends her daughter to the same school as Gigi. Ally wonders why she couldn’t just have a normal family and husband, and wonders how Christine ever got over what Tim did to her and how she has managed over the years. Christine replies “I never did get over it” which Ally seems surprised and sad about. Christine changes the subject, thinking that Ally should tell the kids about Ophelia. Meanwhile, Gigi has been listening to their conversation from the top of the stairs.

Max and Nat walk back as Christine arrives home. Nat tells Christine that she and Max have been talking about moving in together. She also says that maybe it would be good for her to be alone for a little while, Christine says she has never really been good at that. Nat leaves, and Max says that Christine shouldn’t be so mean to Nat. She laughs, saying “oh thanks Max”. Max tells her that Nat is his mother and nothing will change that. It is obvious that Christine is starting to get upset, and Max soon tells her that she disgusts him.

Joe is continuing to build Ally a shed on the roof. Romeo comes up and says that it’s weird, because he can remember when his dad built a shed at the old house, saying that he didn’t have to use a kit. Joe gets a little upset, angry, and starts to pack things up. He says “I don’t have to compete with your dad.” Ally walks onto the roof and tells them to stop arguing, she tells Joe that he can’t replace Vince. Joe is shocked, he can’t believe that that is what she thinks he is trying to do.

Spiros messages Christine, who is sitting at the table looking upset. He wants her to come over to his house. She looks at the message and thinks. Romeo tries to work on the shed while Joe is downstairs, but gives up. He goes and sits down next to Joe, who lets him smoke his cigarette. They go back up on the roof, and Ally comes up. Joe tells her that Gigi went out a couple of hours ago, and Ally is a bit confused - "she knows not to leave without telling me."

Christine arrives at Spiros’ apartment and they have a glass of wine. Christine tells him that she is not ready to have sex with him, and he takes her out on the balcony to look at the view. When they start to kiss, Christine pulls away, saying that she has to go. He follows her to the elevator and watches her leave. The elevator gets to the 10th floor when the doors open, and Spiros is there, breathing heavily. He walks into the elevator and they kiss.

Ally still can’t find Gigi. Joe says that he saw her walk out the front door, and that maybe she’s at the house across the street (Isaac’s). Ally goes over there, but no one is home. Max rides his bike to Romeo’s house.

Nat goes to see Conrad, telling him that her son wants to live with her, and it’s made her realise the important things in life, and that she doesn’t need ‘shitty people’ like him in her life. Ally still can’t find Gigi and calls Nat to tell her before going out on a frantic search. At the petrol station, the pump isn’t working, and Ally gets agitated when the man there won’t help her. He eventually does.

Christine and Spiros are in bed, and they have sex. It's interrupted when Christine gets a phone call from Max saying that Gigi is missing. She tells Spiros and has to leave.

Max and Romeo are sitting out the front of Romeo’s house when Isaac arrives home. Romeo has a go at him, wondering where Gigi is, and he starts to fight him. Max is yelling at him, telling him to stop. Joe comes out and breaks up the fight.

Gigi finds her way to Ophelia’s house.

Ally arrives home with Gabriel; Christine, Nat, Max, Romeo and Joe are all there, trying to support her.

At Ophelia’s house, the girls talk about Vince. They both miss him. Later on in the evening, Tanya arrives home. Gigi says that it is nice to meet her. She takes Gigi home, much to Ally’s relief, who still doesn't know where she went. Ally is thankful for everyone there being a part of her life. Christine leaves, Max follows, and asks if she and Tim are breaking up. She says no, but he doesn’t want her to protect him. “I don’t know” she tells him upsettingly, and Max nods. He then tells her that he’ll be home later.

Romeo is in his room and Gigi comes in. She tells him that he shouldn’t have fought with Isaac, Romeo says that he didn’t know where she was. Gigi makes the observation that he is turning into their dad. He doesn’t agree. They soon fall asleep, and Ally comes in, smiling at them. She goes up onto the roof and sits in the shed Joe has finished off, and talks on her radio.

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Warning: Tangle season 2 episode 6 guide may contain spoilers
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