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Of Meowth And Pokémon/Piece'a Pizza Peace Pizzazz - Recap

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Of Meowth and Pokemon

We see a big city. A Wingull flies over it. Meowth tells a bit about himself. He is sitting on the grass having a picnic. He opens up the picnic box and takes out a tuna fish sandwich. Meowth pours a drink for himself too. He imagines a golden statue appearing right next to him. As he dreams, Meowth takes the sandwich, but he eats his hand instead. Meowth screams as he cools his hand down. Meowth realizes that his sandwich is gone. He checks his surroundings, but the sandwich isn't there. Meowth finally sees the sandwich. He is ready to pick it up until he realizes that the sandwich is floating in the air. Then the sandwich begins to run off with Meowth chasing it. The Pichu Brothers, who are picking berries, sees Meowth and the sandwich.

Meanwhile, Azumarill is preparing a fancy lunch to celebrate Azurill's arrival. Azumarill has just finished setting a bouquet of flowers on the table. The sandwich runs next to the table. Meowth knocks all of the things off the table. This upsets Azumarill. Meowth comes back again, knocking the table to the ground. Azumarill shouts out to Meowth. Meowth apologizes to Azumarill. The sandwich runs back to where Azumarill is. Smoochum, Magby, and the Pichu Brothers gets out of Meowth's way. Azumarill gets angry, and it shoots out a series of Water Gun attacks. Azumarill sighs as it just realized that everything around it is destroyed.

Teddiursa is busy picking acorns. Meowth begins to run towards Teddiursa. The thing that somehow is carrying the sandwich trips over a rock. The sandwich flies into the air and into Teddiursa's mouth. Teddiursa happily gobbles the sandwich down in one bite. Meowth is mad at Teddiursa, and he shakes Teddiursa hoping the sandwich will fall out. The Pokemon notices a footprint on the ground. Meowth takes out his magnifying glass to examine it. The Pichu Brothers think that an invisible Pokemon made the footprint, and that Pokemon carried the sandwich away. The first thing that Meowth does is check if any of the Pokemon has feet similar to the footprint. Since none of the Pokemon has suspicious feet, Meowth thinks some more. A stripe runs by. Meowth sees it, thinking that the stripe stole its food. All the Pokemon begins to chase the stripe. Meowth and the other Pokemon runs to a place where many stripes are present. The stripes have been made from a Smeargle. A box of apples lays next to Smeargle.

Suddenly, one of the apples begins to move and then disappears. While Meowth is searching for the apple, Smeargle paints hard causing paint to fly everywhere. The paint lands on the invisible Pokemon, making it visible again. However, Kecleon still thinks that it is invisible. Meowth pretends to not have seen Kecleon. He steps on Kecleon wondering where it could be. Meowth knows where Kecleon is, and he tells it to give up. Kecleon realizes that it is visible. Kecleon begins to run away from the other Pokemon. Meowth sees a trail of footprints. The footprints must lead straight to Kecleon. Meowth looks inside a pipe, and he sees Kecleon with an Azurill. Kecleon gives the apple to Azurill.

At the park, Azumarill has just finished setting everything up again. Azurill runs up to Azumarill, and they both hug each other. Meowth asks Kecleon how it found Azurill. Kecleon begins to tell the story. Kecleon says that while it was raining, it found Azurill in the cold. Azumarill invites everyone to join the big feast.

Piece'a Pizza Peace Pizazz

Meowth is walking down the streets. He realizes that building the statue will cost money, and searches for a job. He finds an ad for a delivery boy wanted. Meowth dresses up as a delivery boy. The manager gives Meowth a bunch of pizzas to deliver. Meowth didn't think that the job would be so much work. He decides to get the other Pokemon to deliver the pizzas.

Meowth goes to the playground, and calls out for the Pokemon. The Pokemon all comes out, and they crowd around Meowth. Teddiursa walks up and sniffs the food. Meowth tells Teddiursa that the food isn't for him. Meowth wants the Pokemon to help him deliver the pizzas. The Pokemon agree to help. Meowth hands each of them a slip of paper with an address written on it. Then Meowth hands each Pokemon a pizza to deliver. The Pichu Brothers were fighting over who got to carry the pizza. They settle the argument and then they run off.

Smoochum runs down carrying the pizza. It turns the corner, but the road is blocked. A stream of water bursts from the sewer, and a Squirtle pops out. Another Squirtle comes out too. Smoochum is about to run, but another Squirtle blocks the path. All the Squirtle use Water Gun to get Smoochum wet. Smoochum is sent flying in the air. It is about to knock down Wooper, but Wooper uses Water Gun to prevent Smoochum from falling. This doesn't work, and Smoochum knocks down Wooper.

Teddiursa walks into an alley. Making sure that no one was looking, Teddiursa opens the box of pizza. Teddiursa is about to grab a slice, but a Snorlax interrupts it. Snorlax rolls over, crushing Teddiursa.

Meanwhile, the Pichu Brothers continues to deliver their pizza. They come to a dead end, but one of the Pichus gets an idea. It takes the pizza and jumps on a board. At the other end is a box. The box flies up and comes down, sending Pichu over the fence. Unfortunately, Pichu lands on Houndour. Pichu runs away with Houndour chasing it. The other Pichu jumps over the fence, and calls out for its brother. Now Houndour is chasing both Pichus.

Magby looks at the map, and it wonders which direction it should go. The Pichu Brothers slam right into Magby. Both pizzas hit Houndour. Magby is mad now, and its face turns dark red. Magby uses Flamethrower which the Pichu Brothers dodge. The Flamethrower hits Houndour, causing an explosion. Houndour runs away.

The Pokemon returns to Meowth with their soggy and destroyed pizzas. Meowth is worried, and the pizza manager fires him. Meowth gets another job with cleaning the floors. The Pichu Brothers are behind a bush. Meowth thinks he's seeing things, but the Pichu Brothers comes out from their spot. All of the other Pokemon comes out too. They want to make up for the pizza disaster. Meowth tells the Pokemon that he rather work by himself. The other Pokemon don't care, they start to help Meowth clean the place. Meowth decides to sit back and relax.

The Pichu Brothers are cleaning up the windows. One of the Pichus yawns. They talk for a bit, and decide to do something else. Meanwhile, Meowth is dreaming about his statue. Meowth looks up and he sees the Pichu Brothers cleaning a crescent moon on a globe. The crescent moon is swaying back and forth. Meowth tells them to get off the moon. One of the Pichus jumps down from the moon. The ropes that holdes the moon in place breaks, and Meowth grabs one of them. The Pichu that was standing on the moon, flies off and lands on the ground. Sparks fly from its cheeks, disrupting the other Pokemon. Wooper uses Water Gun which hits Magby. Magby gets mad and uses a Flamethrower which burns the ropes. The globe and moon falls over, hitting a pillar. The pillars bump into each other, and soon all of them fall down. The last pillar falls into the pool, causing water to go in different directions. The whole place is flooded, and water begins to leak from the top of the building.

Meowth is fired once again. He decides to sit in the nearby park. The Pokemon gather around Meowth again. They offer Meowth some acorns to eat. Meowth takes the acorns, saying that acorns are his favorite. Deep down, Meowth knows that he hates acorns, but he doesn't let the Pokemon know. The Pokemon are glad that Meowth is eating them.

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