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Season 4

The Exciting Ryuzetsu Land

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Fairy Tail x Rave

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159 :04x09 - Lucy Versus Flare

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160 :04x10 - Bad Omen

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161 :04x11 - Chariot

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Fairies' Training Camp

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162 :04x12 - Elfman vs. Bacchus

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163 :04x13 - Mirajane vs. Jenny

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164 :04x14 - Kagura vs. Yukino

Kagura Mikazuchi and Yukino Aguria begin the final fight of the second day of the Grand Magic Games, with the two participants having bet their lives. Yukino showcases her mastery over Celestial Spirit Magic and Kagura demonstrates why she is the strongest Mage in Mermaid Heel.

165 :04x15 - Grudges are Wrapped in the Silence of the Night

Yukino Aguria is excommunicated from Sabertooth by the Master and is forced to remove her guild mark. Yukino then heads to Fairy Tail's lodging and requests to have a conversation with Lucy Heartfilia. Meanwhile, Erza Scarlet learns that Millianna joined Mermaid Heel because Kagura Mikazuchi can help her get to her goal, Jellal's death. As an enraged Natsu Dragneel learns about Yukino's excommunication, he attacks Sabertooth's base in Crocus.

166 :04x16 - Pandemonium

Confronted by the Sabertooth Guild Master himself, Jiemma, Natsu decides to fight him all-out in their lodgings. Despite his attacks, he is unable to deal even a scratch on him. Eventually, their "fight" is interrupted with the arrival of Minerva and her hostage, Happy, forcing Natsu to leave reluctantly. The following day, the Grand Magic Games resume with a new event: Pandemonium. However, the beasts within the domain of this event appear to be quite challenging for the participants.

167 :04x17 - 100 vs 1

Fairy Tail performs well in the third day's event when Erza manages to dominate the entire Pandemonium event by herself and Cana receives second place after tripping out the Magic Power Finder in the secondary event. However, not all is well as Team Raven Tail lurk in the background with malicious intentions.

168 :04x18 - Laxus vs. Alexei

The third day of the Grand Magic Games proceeds into the battle portions. The first match, Mermaid Heel's Millianna and Quatro Puppy's Semmes, results in an unexpected win. Rufus Lore easily dominates Eve Tearm in the following match. Then, in the next match between the father-and-son Guilds, an unexpected play from Raven Tail seemingly gives them an incredible advantage against even Laxus Dreyar.

169 :04x19 - Wendy vs. Cheria

The third match of day three of the Grand Magic Games between Laxus Dreyar and Team Raven Tail continues with Laxus emerging victorious. The fourth and final match of day three begins between Team Fairy Tail A's Wendy Marvell and Team Lamia Scale's Chelia Blendy.

170 :04x20 - Small Fist

Wendy and Chelia's battle ends as a draw, whilst Jellal barely escapes the Council's clutches. However, Kagura and Millianna also discover his identity, becoming certain that Fairy Tail is hiding him. Mavis briefly explains Lumen Histoire before breaking down, worrying Makarov and Laxus.

171 :04x21 - Naval Battle

As Fairy Tail happily parties in a bar to celebrate their earlier victories, others all around Crocus contemplate the harsh realities of things they have witnessed on the third day, and those to come. Malice also lurks in Sabertooth, as, in the Naval Battle event the following day, Minerva succeeds in brutally attacking Lucy as a demonstration of her guild's power.

172 :04x22 - The Perfume I Dedicate To You

Whilst Lucy is in the infirmary due to Minerva's cruel play in the Naval Battle event, Fairy Tail Team A and B are forced to merge to even out the odd number of teams. With tension building between Sabertooth and Fairy Tail, the tag battles begin with Team Blue Pegasus against Team Quatro Puppy, the man in the blue bunny suit finally revealing his identity.

173 :04x23 - Battle of the Dragon Slayers

The fourth day of the X791 Grand Magic Games continues with the second tag battle of the day: Lamia Scale against Mermaid Heel. Both sides struggle to win, only for the battle to end in a draw, leading to the beginning of the last match between Fairy Tail and Sabertooth's Dragon Slayers.

174 :04x24 - Four Dragons

The battle continues, Sting and Rogue attack Natsu and Gajeel to gain. Sting decided to fight with Fairy Tail one. Sting almost won, but the duo Fairy Tail withstand his attacks. Once Gajeel Natsu becomes incapacitated defies Saber Tooth one.

175 :04x25 - Natsu vs. the Twin Dragons

Battle Dragon Slayers coming to an end, Natsu withstand the combined attack Sting and Rogue. Saber Tooth members look at it in confusion and anger boils Jiemma over the defeat twin dragons. Fairy Tail celebrate they got 10 points and ahead of Saber Tooth in the table. Gajeel finds a cave full of skeletons dragons.

176 :04x26 - The Dragon King

Ziemma indignant defeat Sting and Rogue threatens to expel them from Saber Tooth. Ziemma kills Sting and Lector has Ziemma chest. Meanwhile, Gajeel shows associates cemetery dragons. Wendy invokes the spirit of the dragon Zirconis which tells the story of dragons and what Acnologia was a man.

177 :04x27 - The Eclipse Plan

Guild meets commander sacred knights and his assistant and they escorted them to the royal palace. There they talk about the plan Eclipse, but then there are the royal troops and arrested the commander of the holy knights, and his assistant Lucy. To get her back they need to win the games. Lucy was put in a cell with Yukina. There was the last day of July 6 big magic games.

178 :04x28 - Fairy Strategist

The final day of the Grand Magic Games commences, while Natsu, Wendy, Mirajane and the three Exceeds go to rescue Lucy. Fairy Tactician Mavis Vermilion leads Team Fairy Tail in a surprising but effective strategy, and Princess Hisui E. Fiore condemns Lucy, Yukino and their would-be rescuers to the Abyss Palace - from where no prisoner has ever escaped.

179 :04x29 - Gray vs. Rufus

Fairy Tail's Gray faces Rufus of Sabertooth as planned, even though leaving Mavis with uncertainty of its success. Meanwhile, the Rescue Team wonders in the Abyss Palace, looking for a way to escape.

180 :04x30 - Garou Knights

With Gray having defeated Rufus, Team Fairy Tail is now in first place. As the tournament continues and Sting mentally replays his vow to win, the Garou Knights arrive in Abyss Palace and the fighting commences between their members and Natsu and Wendy.

181 :04x31 - Fairy Tail vs. Executioners

The fight between the Garou Knights and the Rescue Team continues, with a massive explosion splitting them up and forcing the members of both groups into one-on-one fights. Meanwhile, in the Grand Magic Games, where only the strong Mages remain, Minerva stumbles upon Millianna.

182 :04x32 - The Burning Earth

Natsu's group continues their struggle against the Garou Knights. Although at a disadvantage at first, the sudden appearance of Loke with all the stolen Celestial Spirit Keys gives Lucy and Yukino a fighting chance against the executioner, while also protecting Arcadios, who almost sacrificed himself in an attempt to save the two girls.

183 :04x33 - The Country We're In

As the battles in Abyss Palace come to their conclusions, Laki, Kinana, Max, Lisanna and Elfman hope for the safety of the Rescue Team.

184 :04x34 - The Country, Until Tomorrow

With the final day of the Grand Magic Games coming to an end, Juvia faces Lamia Scale's Chelia and Erza stumbles upon Mermaid Heel's Kagura and Sabertooth's Minerva. On the other hand, Natsu and the Rescue Team urges to find away out of the Abyss Palace, but are shocked to meet another Lucy Heartfilia.

185 :04x35 - Erza vs Kagura

The mysterious woman reveals to Natsu's group that she is in fact Lucy from the future, and came to the past to prevent it from happening. Meanwhile, Minerva, having taken Millianna hostage, forces Erza and Kagura to face off against each other. Old grudges come to the surface during their fight, but things take a turn for the worse when Kagura reveals her ties with Erza's past.

186 :04x36 - The Future Accelerating Towards Despair

Successfully rescuing Lucy and Yukino, the Rescue Team wanders the palace to find an exit, at the same time puzzled about Future Lucy's sudden appearance from the future. Elsewhere in the Grand Magic Games, various battles start between different guilds, with Sabertooth leading after the help of Minerva, who eliminates Mermaid Heel's, Kagura and Millianna.

187 :04x37 - Frog

The Rescue Team continues to move throughout Mercurius, hearing from Future Lucy that 10,000 Dragons will attack Crocus on July 7th, and that they need a plan to stop them. As both Arcadios and Jellal find holes in Future Lucy's story and question her true identity, Rogue and Gajeel face off in the Grand Magic Game, with Rogue gaining the upper hand when he is possessed by his shadow. However, just as Gajeel seem to fall, the man consumes Rogue's Magic, re-entering the fight in his Iron Shadow Dragon Mode.

188 :04x38 - Attacking Lightning!

The fight between Rogue and Gajeel comes to an end, with the latter ending the fight victorious. Meanwhile, the Rescue Team is in a pinch as the Garou Knights get in their way once again and Arcadios prepares to confront princess Hisui, having come to the conclusion that she was lying to him. As the Grand Magic Games reaches its peak, Laxus Dreyar, Orga Nanagear and Jura Neekis begin their long awaited showdown.

189 :04x39 - Gloria

The Team Fairy Tail Mages victoriously end their respective battles with the other guilds' strongest members; however, Sting appears before the worn out Fairy Tail Mages and plans on defeating them all at once, but later surrenders to them, concluding Fairy Tail as the winner of the Grand Magic Games. Meanwhile at the palace, Hisui, together with Darton, commands her people to bring Eclipse Gate to the surface for activation.

190 :04x40 - The One who Closes the Portal

As all of Crocus is in awe of Fairy Tail's victory in the Grand Magic Games, the mission to rescue Lucy continues. While Arcadios and Jellal contemplate what they know about the person from the future, the come to the realization that there is another person who used Eclipse to time travel. Future Rogue appears in front of the Rescue Team, eliminating the Fiore Forces who impeded them. As he states that the Dragons rule the future as they couldn't be stopped by Eclipse, he reveals Lucy to be the cause, as she closed the gate and allowed them to invade. As he attempts to kill her for the sake of the future, Future Lucy saves her present counterpart at the cost of her own life while Natsu takes the fight to the man from the future.

191 :04x41 - Natsu vs. Rogue

The Lucy from the future is dead, but transmitted her message to the persent herself. Even if the Rogue is from the future too, he is decided to kill the young girl. But Natsu is not the kind of person that will abandon his friends. The eclipse project is going to start, and all of the guilds are getting ready...

192 :04x42 - Live on For Her

The victory of Fairy Tail at the Grand Magic Games is welcomed by the stadium by thundering cheers. At the palace, Natsu's group is still blocked by the Order of the Hungry Wolves - reinforced by royal guards more and more numerous. But then, a strange character irrupts, bringing a singular phenomena...

193 :04x43 - Seven Dragons

With arriving on the battlefield, Natsu confronts Future Rogue and Motherglare. Meanwhile in the town, the fight between Mages and the dragons continues. Learning Rogue's goal, Natsu yells to all the Mages that Dragon Slayer Magic is the only way to defeat the seven dragons, and asks the Dragon Slayers to take them on. Meanwhile, the Poison Dragon Slayer Cobra joins the battle.

194 :04x44 - The Magic of Zirconis

Across Crocus, the seven Dragon Slayers start their assault against the Dragons while the Mages deal with the Motherglare's hatchlings. Meanwhile, Zirconis confronts Wendy and reveals his Magic that can strip humans of their clothes. After nearly being devoured, Lucy interrupts Natsu's fight with Future Rogue, inspiring him on a plan to defeat Rogue of the future. Soon after, Lucy discovers her future self's diary.

195 :04x45 - Man & Man, Dragon & Dragon, Man & Dragon

Natsu interrupts Laxus's battle with Atlas Flame, asking his guildmate to help Wendy. During the Dragon Slayer's attempt to devour him, the Dragon reveals that Igneel is a close friend of his, he decides to ally with Natsu and the two confront Future Rogue and Motherglare. Meanwhile in a another part of Crocus, Ultear watches Rogue's battle with a Dragon and decides to kill him to eliminate his future self.

196 :04x46 - Sin and Sacrifice

Jellal and Erza are saved from Millianna's wrath when Ultear comes to their aid, explaining to the woman that she is the evil behind the Tower of Heaven incident. With the Mages of Fiore struggling against the attacking Dragons and hatchlings and neither Natsu nor Future Rogue gaining an advantage in their fight, many people begin to feel doubtful about surviving the war. Concurrently, Gray falls to one of Motherglare's minions protecting Juvia, and Ultear decides she no longer deserves to live after the darkness she has brought to those around her.

197 :04x47 - The Time of Life

As the casualties from the battles mount, Ultear utilizes a spell she learned years ago in order to turn back the world's time in hopes of fixing the problems which arose. Despite her efforts, time is only set back by one minute, much to her dismay. However, this proves sufficient for the Mages in battle as they are able to counterattack effectively with their knowledge of the future.

198 :04x48 - The Golden Grasslands

Natsu and Atlas Flame finally defeat Future Rogue and Motherglare, destroying the Eclipse Gate and ending the battle in the same time. After that, the Dragons and future beings return to their respective periods, causing the enjoyment of many Mages and the disappointment of some. With Future Rogue gives to Natsu a last warning, Future Lucy's soul ascends to heaven and meets with all her deceased friends, causing her present self to hug Natsu.

199 :04x49 - The Grand Ball Games

The end of the Dragon invasion is celebrated with a large banquet at Mercurius, which all of the guild Mages attend. As they party and mingle, Sting announces that Sabertooth will be made anew, and asks Yukino to once again join them; this in turn causes a brawl when all of the guilds try to persuade Yukino to join their ranks. With Yukino smiling and happy, King Toma arrives to thank all of the Mages too, and, together, everyone prepares to head into a productive and fun-filled future.

200 :04x50 - Drops of Time

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201 :04x51 - Delivery

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Premiere: October 12, 2009
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