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Season 3

45 :03x01 - Stairway to Heaven

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Guest Stars: Lilli Birdsell as Mary Ann Evans | Jim Shield as Tommy | Chris Kramer as Billy | Paul Norman as Chuck | Tori McPetrie as Tara Evans | Maxine Miller as Mrs. Claypool | Sam Whipple as Dr. John Ballard |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Holden (1) as MIB #2 | Mark Houghton as MIB #1 | Emily Graham as Young Tara | Shawn Reis as Fireman | Kevan Ohtsji as Gang Leader
Director: John McPherson
Writer: Stephen Beck

46 :03x02 - Peacekeepers

Frank & Donovan both go to Bosnia to prevent the deaths of 3 American heroes. Frank back-steps and Craig flies over to meet up with him on the ground. They learn the heroes weren't as heroic as was first believed.
Guest Stars: Wilmer Calderon as Morales | Sam Whipple as Dr. John Ballard | Eliza Norbury as Anna | Rick Worthy as Sergeant Grubbs | Martin Budny as Vladek | Andrew Kavadas as Major Danevic | Peter LaCroix as Petrovitch | Riley Cantner as Leo |
Co-Guest Stars: Stanislav Samhuel as Refugee Grandfather
Director: Charles Picerni

47 :03x03 - Rhino

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Guest Stars: Anne Marie Loder as Carrie Quigley | Barry Mickelson as Dr. Kirby | Bob Koherr as "Rhino" Rhinehart | David Adams (1) as President Estrada | Adam Harrington as Darren Sebastian |
Co-Guest Stars: Judith Maxie as Boutique Owner | Alison Tartolano as Estrada's Daughter

48 :03x04 - The Dunwych Madness

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Guest Stars: Eric Pierpoint as Koop | Angela Gann as Susan | Sam Whipple as Dr. John Ballard | Norman Lloyd as Dr. Isaac Mentnor | Lesley Ewen as Samantha Ludwig | Kevin McNulty as Clemens |
Co-Guest Stars: Arnie Walters as Barber | Stefan Arngrim as Fisherman | Amanda Li as Chinese Child | Stephen Chang as Chinese Man | Gerry Rousseau as Husband
Writer: Stephen Beck

49 :03x05 - Olga's Excellent Vacation

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Guest Stars: Fran├žoise Yip as Li Mai | Douglas O'Keeffe as Mark Raleigh | Christel Smith as Pam | Kristen Dalton (1) as Carole | Tanja Reichert as Melissa Torborg | Michael Tiernan as Briggs | Hiro Kanagawa as Mr. Kim | Adrian G. Griffiths as Tucker | Bill Croft as Harding |
Co-Guest Stars: Kaare Anderson as Security Officer
Director: John McPherson
Writer: Harry Cason

50 :03x06 - Deloris Demands

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Guest Stars: Lennie Loftin (1) as Deloris | Norman Lloyd as Dr. Isaac Mentnor | Scott Gilman as Dean Loris |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Houghton as MIB #1 | Adrian Holmes as Fight Leader | Angelika Baran as Woman in Orange | R. Nelson Brown as Cabbie | David Allan Pearson as Air Traffic Controller | Lance Gibson as Fearless | Greg Anderson as FAA Supervisor
Director: Mike Vejar

51 :03x07 - The Fire Last Time

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Guest Stars: Gary Graham (1) as Paul Watson | Omega Kayne as Lt. Owens | Travis MacDonald as Travis | Terrance Leigh as Howe | Jason Emanuel as Perino | Boyan Vukelic as Kipp | Elan Ross Gibson as Ellen Komack | Don Thompson as Becker |
Co-Guest Stars: Dominque Albasha Adams as Somalian Leader | Kwesi Ameyaw as Somalian
Writer: Tim Finch

52 :03x08 - Tracker

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Guest Stars: Anna-Louise Plowman as Petra | Paul Belsito as Davi | Peter J. Lucas as Karl Pretzneff | Frank Topol as Alexi | Mackenzie Gray as Dr. Rugoff |
Co-Guest Stars: Kelly Nielson as Air Force Sergeant | Leo Vernik as Cab Driver | Lee Terry as Proprietor
Writer: Reuben Leder

53 :03x09 - Top Dog

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Guest Stars: Norman Lloyd as Dr. Isaac Mentnor | Susan Hogan as Susan | Claire Riley as Ms. Norton | Garwin Sanford as Mr. Sackheim |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Houghton as MIB #1 | Shawn Stewart as Burly Attendant | Raahul Singh as Indian Zealot | Colin Craik as Lunatic #2 | Bill Tarling as Lunatic #1 | Michasha Armstrong as Griffon Guard #1

54 :03x10 - Adam & Eve & Adam

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Guest Stars: Paul Jarrett as Dr. Friar | Rick Ravanello as Major Gary Jones |
Co-Guest Stars: Vince Metcalfe as General | Marc Baur as Administrator | Bobby Stewart as Recruiting Officer
Director: John McPherson

55 :03x11 - Head Case

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Guest Stars: Alejandro Abellan as Colonel Delgado | Christina Moore as Dr. Grace Weiman | Holmes Osborne as President Robert Maxwell | Chris Kelly (2) as Blaine | Sal Landi as General Manuel Escalante | Courtney Kramer as Lady Liberty | Francis Guinan as Howard Eastman | Sean Campbell (1) as Collier |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Jamieson as Ice Cream Vendor | Curtis Bechdholt as Security Guard | Dana Pemberton as Lead Agent | James Kirk (1) as Young Maxwell
Writer: Harry Cason

56 :03x12 - Raven

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Guest Stars: Hrothgar Mathews as Alexander Trevaine | Mark Gash as Thomas | Bobbie Phillips as Raven | Alexander Kalugin as Kurtz | Tom Pickett as Lieutenant Colonel | Matthew Walker (1) as Louis
Writer: Stephen Beck

57 :03x13 - The First Freshman

When the President's daughter who's a wild child is killed, and the President is depressed, Frank is sent back to save her. Frank saves her but she's still wild which exacerbates the Secret Service Agent assigned to her.
Guest Stars: Holmes Osborne as President Robert Maxwell | Nancy Sorel as Esther Simms | Elizabeth Bogush as Deedee Maxwell | Kirby Morrow as Rick | Catherine Barroll as Mrs. Heathcott | Malik McCall as Agent Bill | Alex Bruhanski as Jimmy |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Holden (1) as MIB #2 | Brock Johnson as Menacing Man | Joe Doserro as Bar Guy | Mark Houghton as MIB #1 | Kimani Ray Smith as Tough Guy Leader
Director: Charlie Correll

58 :03x14 - Revelation

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Guest Stars: Robert Picardo as Maj. Michael McGrath | Emma Duncan as Patricia Parker | Bill Millerd as Mullah Aziz | Claire Riley as Ms. Norton | Dillon Moen as Jimmy Parker | Garwin Sanford as Mr. Sackheim | Nathaniel Deveaux as Det. Steele |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Christopher as FBI Agent | Keath Thome as Air Force Sergeant | Daniel B. Melles as Griffon Guard #2
Director: John McPherson

59 :03x15 - Crystal Blue Persuasion

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Guest Stars: Norman Lloyd as Dr. Isaac Mentnor | Rice Honeywell as Mark | Rodney Rowland as Commander William Streck | Jocelyne Loewen as Sheila | Patricia Idlette as Janice |
Co-Guest Stars: Kevin Hayes as CZN Newscaster | Melia McClure as Female Concierge | Vannessa Zwez as Female Techician | Dan Muldoon as Security Guard

60 :03x16 - Empty Quiver

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Guest Stars: Norman Lloyd as Dr. Isaac Mentnor | Jewel Staite as Molly | Matthew Bennett (1) as Henry Bilkins |
Co-Guest Stars: Jenny-Lynn Hutcheson as Young Molly | Carol Alexander as Hostage #2 | Robert Sickler as Delta Commander | Jake Roberts as Operative #1 | Steve Stapenhorst as CZN Anchor | David Haus as Hostage #3 | Ted Friend as Hostage #1 | Csaba Lucas as Serbian Terrorist #1
Director: Les Butler

61 :03x17 - Kansas

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Guest Stars: Don Franklin as Adm. Craig Donovan | Jeremy Guilbaut as Steve | Vanessa Dorman as Sarah Mitchell | Stephanie Romanov as Svetlana Vukovitch |
Co-Guest Stars: Conan Graham as NNL Gate Guard | Rick Tae as NNL Tech
Director: Charlie Correll

62 :03x18 - The Final Countdown

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Guest Stars: Martin Sims as Officer Warren | Dan Joffre as Lt. Surrell | Carmen Moore as Officer Merrill | Jason Schombing as Maj. Nicholas Garcia | Phil Morris as Colonel Beekman | Cam Cronin as Lt. Rogers | Holmes Osborne as President Robert Maxwell |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Houghton as MIB #1 | James Purcell as General | Andrew Johnston (1) as JCS Chairman

63 :03x19 - The Brink

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Guest Stars: Nolan Gerard Funk as Ryan | Chelsea Hobbs as Amy | Lauren Attadia as Shannon | Terry Howson as Mr. Powell | Benjamin Ratner as David Harold | Lee Jay Bamberry as Mudd | Keith Dallas as Arnold | Gerard Plunkett as George Atzerodt | Charles Payne (1) as Mr. Payne | Suzy Joachim as Mary |
Co-Guest Stars: Bethoe Shirkoff as Old Woman | William MacDonald as Spangler

64 :03x20 - Sugar Mountain

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Guest Stars: Devin Douglas Drewitz as Taylor | Victor Love as Dr. Carter | Christopher Shyer as Caesar Gustaf | Stefanie von Pfetten as Camilla | Doug Abrahams as Daley |
Co-Guest Stars: Jud Tylor as MIB Judy | Malcolm Scott as Taxi Driver | Ryf Van Rij as CIA Staffer | Kelly Sarmiento as CIA Agent
Director: John McPherson

65 :03x21 - Born in the USSR

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Guest Stars: Misha Collins as Sergei Chubais | David Nykl as Yuri | Sasha Piltsin as Sasha | Alan C. Peterson as Gen. Vladimir Sobchak | Bill Meilen as Misha |
Co-Guest Stars: Asja Pavlovic as Russian Mother | Michael Adamthwaite as Guard
Writer: Tim Finch

66 :03x22 - Live: From Death Row

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Guest Stars: Jeremy Roberts as Lt. Earl J. Rubidoux | Natassia Malthe as Lana | Mark Acheson as Johnny Madelaina | Adam Harrington as Tyler Langford | Nell Carter as Miss Lucy | Allan Gray as Governor Paulson |
Co-Guest Stars: Gerry Nairn as Warden | Jim Smith (1) as Priest | Howard Storey as Prison Guard
Director: John McPherson
Warning: 7 Days guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: UPN ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 07, 1998
Ended: May 29, 2001
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