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Season 7

134 :07x01 - Archie's Brief Encounter (1)

Edith leaves Archie when she finds out he dated a flirtatious waitress while she was volunteering at the Sunshine Home.
Guest Stars: Janis Paige as Denise | Scott Brady as Joe Foley | Theodore Wilson as Whitey Monroe | André Pavon as
Director: Paul Bogart

135 :07x02 - Archie's Brief Encounter (2)

Edith forgives Archie's indiscretion after Mike and Gloria bring the two together for an emotional reunion.
Guest Stars: Harry Davis as Mr. Sol Kleeger | Maxine Elliott as Mrs. Bradley | Scott Brady as Joe Foley
Director: Paul Bogart

136 :07x03 - Archie's Brief Encounter (3)

Archie's self-esteem takes a beating when he loses his job on the loading dock.
Guest Stars: Scott Brady as Joe Foley | Maxine Elliott as Mrs. Bradley | Harry Davis as Mr. Sol Kleeger
Director: Paul Bogart

137 :07x04 - The Unemployment Story (1)

A college grad threatens to commit suicide after he loses a janitor's job to Archie.
Guest Stars: Raul Mancada as Gonzalez | Jinaki as Mrs. Thomas | F. Murray Abraham as Clerk
Director: Paul Bogart

138 :07x05 - The Unemployment Story (2)

Archie's trip to the hospital is an ethnic nightmare: He's admitted by a Puerto Rican receptionist, treated by a Jewish physician, and is forced to accept a blood transfusion from a black doctor.
Guest Stars: Gerald Hiken as Frank Edwards | Neva Patterson as Ms. Maloney | Eliza Roberts (1) as Receptionist | Jeannie Linero as Grocery Clerk | Ellen Travolta as Secretary | Michael Alldredge as Policeman
Director: Paul Bogart

139 :07x06 - Archie's Operation (1)

Archie recuperates in record time after he's called back to work -- with a raise and a promotion.
Guest Stars: Vinnette Carroll as Dr. Thatcher | Danny Dayton as Hank Pivnik | Milton Selzer as Dr. Goldstein
Director: Paul Bogart

140 :07x07 - Archie's Operation (2)

Archie suddenly makes a quick recovery from his operation after finding out there is a new position and a raise awaiting him at the loading docks.
Guest Stars: Frances Fong as Nurse | Danny Dayton as Hank Pivnik
Director: Paul Bogart

141 :07x08 - Beverly Rides Again

Archie fixes up one of his drinking buddies with female impersonator Beverly LaSalle as revenge.
Guest Stars: Jason Wingreen as Harry | Danny Dayton as Hank Pivnik | Lori Shannon as Beverly LaSalle | Phoebe Dorin as Doris | Eugene Roche as Pinky Peterson
Director: Paul Bogart

142 :07x09 - Teresa Moves In

The Bunker's take in a Puerto Rican boarder after determining they need money.
Guest Stars: Alex Colon as Luis/Teresa's Brother | Liz Torres as Teresa Betancourt
Director: Paul Bogart

143 :07x10 - Mike and Gloria's Will

The Bunkers are stunned to hear that Mike and Gloria plan to appoint another couple as Joey's legal guardians in their will.
Director: Paul Bogart

144 :07x11 - Mr. Edith Bunker

Edith saves a man's life and becomes the toast of the town, but Archie isn't happy standing in the shadow of her limelight.
Guest Stars: Jason Wingreen as Harry | Danny Dayton as Hank Pivnik | Priscilla Morrill as Katie | Maxine Elliott as Mrs. Bradley | James Greene as Charles Martin | Florence Halop as Martha Linfoot | Phil Leeds as Sol Kleeger | Bob Duggan as Audio Man
Director: Paul Bogart

145 :07x12 - Archie's Secret Passion

Archie panics when a couple of old friends pay a visit, because he once had a fling with the woman
Guest Stars: Estelle Parsons as Dolores Mancheney | Mike Kellin as Bummie Phelps
Director: Paul Bogart

146 :07x13 - The Baby Contest

Mike and Gloria are furious with Archie for entering Joey's picture in a beautiful-baby contest.
Guest Stars: Danny Dayton as Hank Pivnik | Jason Wingreen as Harry | Allan Melvin as Barney Hefner
Director: Paul Bogart

147 :07x14 - Gloria's False Alarm

Gloria insists that Mike get the vasectomy he's talked about for years.
Guest Stars: Michael Mann (3) as Dr. Dolby | Jeanne Arnold as Nurse
Director: Paul Bogart

148 :07x15 - The Draft Dodger

Sparks fly when Mike invites a former draft resister to the Bunkers' Christmas dinner, where the guest of honor is the father of a vet who was killed in Vietnam.
Guest Stars: Liz Torres as Teresa Betancourt | Renny Temple as David Brewster | Eugene Roche as Pinky Peterson
Director: Paul Bogart

149 :07x16 - The Boarder Patrol

The Bunkers return home unexpectedly to find a scantily clothed Teresa in bed with her boyfriend.
Guest Stars: Patrick Cronin as Brian | Liz Torres as Teresa Betancourt
Director: Paul Bogart

150 :07x17 - Archie's Chair

Mike accidentally breaks Archie's chair; while out for repairs, it gets lost and later turns up in an art gallery.
Guest Stars: Tyler McVey as Man No. 2 | Colin Hamilton as Man No. 1 | Douglas Robinson (1) as McDonald | Allan Rich as Gallery Manager | Michael Pataki as Lichtenrauch
Director: Paul Bogart

151 :07x18 - Mike Goes Skiing

Mike feigns fatigue so Gloria will consent to his going skiing with the boys rather than accompanying her to a party.
Guest Stars: Tom Fitzsimmons as Frank | Rod Loomis as Charlie | John Karlen as Leo | Mark Lonow as Pete
Director: Paul Bogart

152 :07x19 - Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye

Archie panics when he's asked to deliver the eulogy at 'Stretch' Cunninham's funeral and then discovers that the deceased was Jewish.
Guest Stars: Charles Siebert as Rabbi Kaplan | Jay Gerber as Harry Moss
Director: Paul Bogart

153 :07x20 - The Joys of Sex

After Gloria finds her mother reading a sex manual, Mike has a man-to-man talk with Archie.
Guest Stars: Jason Wingreen as Harry
Director: Paul Bogart

154 :07x21 - Mike, the Pacifist

Mike feels guilty for punching a man while riding on the subway, even though he acted in defense of woman passenger.
Guest Stars: William Pierson as Wino | Sudie Bond as Elderly Lady | Vanda Barra as Doctor's Wife | William Lanteau as Doctor | Gerry Black as Conductor | Richard Lawson as Angry Black Man | Wynn Irwin as Howard | Nita Talbot as Marcia
Director: Paul Bogart

155 :07x22 - Fire

Archie tries to collect on a fraudulent insurance claim after a small fire breaks out in the upstairs bathroom.
Guest Stars: Liz Torres as Teresa Betancourt | Fred Rolaf as Fireman No. 2 | Joel Frederick (1) as Fireman No. 1 | Roger C. Carmel as Ligway | Allan Melvin as Barney Hefner
Director: Paul Bogart
Writer: Erik Tarloff

156 :07x23 - Mike and Gloria Split

A word game mushrooms into warfare between Gloria and Mike, resulting in his sharing a bed with a disgruntled Archie.
Director: Paul Bogart

157 :07x24 - Archie, the Liberal

After the press and civil-rights groups criticize the discrimination in Archie's lodge, a token effort is made to recruit a new member.
Guest Stars: Allan Melvin as Barney Hefner | Danny Dayton as Hank Pivnik | Jason Wingreen as Harry | James McEachin as Solomon Jackson
Director: Paul Bogart

158 :07x25 - Archie's Dog Day Afternoon

After he argues with Barney about the latter's dog, Archie accidentally backs a car over the pet.
Guest Stars: Tracy Bogart (1) as Receptionist | Bill Hunt as Dr. Rushton | Vanda Barra as Woman
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 12, 1971
Ended: September 16, 1979
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