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Tea - Recap

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Tea is daydreaming, when she notices a girl looking at her. They lock
eyes for sometime. When Tea passes Betty, she drops a folded note on her
desk that says 'northern soul'.

School's out, and she heads home, showers and changes, kissing her dad
goodbye on her way out the door. She arrives at Northern Soul, which is
a lesbian club. She dances with some girls, and then sees Betty arrive.
They start kissing, and Betty goes home with Tea. They make love, and
Betty spends the night. She meets the family at breakfast. Turns out
Tea's mom and dad know Betty's folks. Daisy arrives, and the girls
leave for school. Tea tells Betty that her folks know she's a lesbian.
Betty tells Tea that she's in the closet, and has a boyfriend.

Tea's dad runs out and tells her he wants her to go on a date with a
guy. She agrees. On the bus, she fills her friends in on the bowling
date plan. It's a networking kind of a thing for her dad's business.

Cadie has on a headset and appears to be stoned. Tony talks to her, but
she's pretty messed up. He wants Cadie to lie, saying she and Stanley
have been intimate since last week. It'll help ease the social pressure
attached to him being a virgin. She agrees, puts on her headset and
freezes him back out. Everybody arrives at their table, and Tony reminds
Tea she forgot to expose her breasts at Friday night's game. He lies to
her that Stan and Cadie are doing it, so Tea owes him. Tea notices that
Betty is staring at her while being wrapped around her boyfriend.

A teacher takes the mic to do some sort of a 'scared straight' moment on
the kids. What should they be avoiding. Drugs, alcohol, etc. He brings
in a bunch of ex-cons, and one of them is the guy that Stan owes $900.
He panics, and the gang tries to calm him down. Stan just needs to lay
low for awhile.

Tea confronts Betty about having a boyfriend when he's just a beard, and
she's obviously a lesbian. Betty tells her that she's an arrogant bitch,
and she's a scaredy-cat.

At Tea's house, everybody is talking and nobody is listening. She wants
to say something, but she can't get a word in edgewise. Tea finally
yells and everybody shuts up, until one of the women go into labor, and
everybody leaves but Tea and the grandmother.

Upstairs in bed, Tea masturbates to Audrey Hepburn but is interrupted by
her grandmother showing up in her bedroom. She tells Tea not to get
married. All Italians want to do is get laid. He'll never leave Tea
alone. Tea tries to talk to her grandmother, but she falls asleep.

Tea's dad says he's worried about Maria, she keeps getting pregnant. He
works two jobs so Maria can keep popping 'em out. She goes to meet the
guy her dad set her up with, and it's Tony. They chat outside, both
their parents paid them off to make this connection. Tony has a backup
female in case Tea turned out to be a dog. She leaves, and Tony and Tea
hang together for awhile. They go to the park, have a few drinks and
chat. She gets sick.

Tea asks why Michelle, so Tony tells her she's hot, and they get along.
Tea asks if it bores him, and he doesn't answer. She tells him a bit
about what it's like to be a lesbian, and a lot about not knowing why
her dad threw away everything to be with her mom. She can't imagine
doing that for anybody. Tony tells her she's met her match.

They go to an empty club and she dances for him. He joins her. The
chemistry kicks in, and they kiss. She pulls away, and goes to a couch.
He joins her, and they kiss again. Things start getting very hot, very
fast but she starts laughing. They agree that it was awful. Terrible.
She can't stop laughing.

When Tea goes home, she's approached by the dealer. Her dad shows up in
the nick of time. The dealer claims it was a misunderstanding, and
leaves. Tea goes to sleep in her grandma's room, due to nerves. Her
grandmother starts sharing about how back in the day, there were certain
people she couldn't be involved with. Her grandmother had a lesbian
relationship with a woman named Marta. Tea tells her Nana she loves her.
They both cry.

Michelle and Tea talk while Tony looks on nervously. Michelle says Tony
doesn't put out anymore. Betty walks over and plants a huge kiss on Tea.

Tea finds her dad waiting for her after school. He has the dealer in the
car and threatens him if he calls Tea any more unacceptable names. She
intercedes on his behalf, and her dad let's Le Dong go, provided he
leaves town.

Tony calls Tea and she tells him it isn't gonna fly. He says he matched
her, and she nods but doesn't say anything. Betty interrupts, and she
flips over, but then disconnects. She puts on some music and starts dancing.

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