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Cadie - Recap

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Cadie sees a therapist who is just a shrew. She tells Cadie, who
believes she's happy, that she seems to be exhibiting signs of anxiety,
depression, and low self-worth. Cadie asks for a banana and eats it as
the therapist proceeds to ignore every boundary known to man, giving new
meaning to "oversharing". The doctor goes on to tell her she doesn't
need a doctor to tell her to go out and have fun. What would her mother
say? Cadie says her mother would say she needs more drugs.

Cadie gets home, and finds her dad hard at work. He's a taxidermist who
prefers to make his work look like the animals died a terrifying,
horrible death. She fills him in on her appointment. He asks if the
doctor fixed her, and Cadie says yes. She fixed her good. Cadie goes in
the kitchen and finds her mom being self-absorbed on the phone. She's
going to be on TV, something about pageants.

Cadie plays with all the pill bottles. She cuts the background out of a
picture of Stanley. Her mom comes in and says her room looks like a
madhouse. She asks how the doctor was, and interrupts before Cadie can
finish responding. She's meeting with a couple of TV producers tomorrow
about pageant rematch. She wants Cadie to meet them. Remember to take
her medication, maybe even a little extra. She tries to talk to her mom,
but another call comes in.

She walks down the hall - all the pictures are her mom. She finds her
mom and dad being silly and fun together. She gets a call from Stanley,
he wants to tell her Michelle's mom just got a new hot tub. She asks if
it's a date, and he says why not. She tells him she got promoted. Chris
and Abudd start loudly pushing him to ask Cadie to bring her pills. The
light goes out of her eyes when she realizes he's just using her. What
kind does he want? Whatever she can get. Blue? She can do blue.

Cadie sees another therapist. She's in a bit of a daze. She talks about
pigeons. The therapist could use her own therapist. She knows Cadie
can't stand pigeons, but she brings one in for therapeutic purposes. The
shrink tells her to share her obsessive thoughts, and Cadie says she
wants to stab her. The therapist is finally silenced for a second or
three. She decides to write Cadie another prescription. Cadie requests
the blue pills. She gets a huge amount of pills. Some woman named
Charlotte approaches her to try some pills, and Cadie says okay. The
pharmacist yells at her to stop dealing drugs at the pharmacy.

Charlie and Cadie get acquainted. They trade some drugs. Cadie pictures
the pigeon and shudders. She stands behind her dad and says hi,
seriously startling him. She tells her dad that the doctor said she
should spend more time with him. He asks which one, but it doesn't
matter. They're all qualified. He says he has to get going. She tries to
go hunting with him, but he says no. It's his "me" time. She gets in the
car anyway.

Cadie hangs suspended from a tree, and armed. Her dad is quite a
distance away. She's with him, but not with him. He wants her to stop
talking before she scares everything away. The birds are freaking her
out. She looks down, and sees a bunny. She aims at her dad.

At another therapy appointment with a different doctor, Cadie says her
dad is dead. She makes up a huge story about her dad and mom being
carnies, and her mom is the second biggest woman in the world. The
doctor calls her on the lie. Cadie ignores his interruptions. He changes
the subject to her having friends, and she says she has some. And a
boyfriend. He makes her happy. She thinks the drugs she's on aren't
working. She may need more. Stronger ones. He asks if she's ever tried
not taking drugs. She smiles and says "get out of here!" He goes on to
say that everyone will disappoint her. They won't mean to, but they
will. Drugs won't change that.

Laying on the floor in her room, Cadie holds a purple pill up to the
picture of Stanley she has on one of her mobiles, then takes it. Seconds
later, she removes it from her mouth. She closes her eyes and breathes
deeply. Her mom bursts in, wearing a bikini. Cadie tells her it's great,
she looks amazing. Her mom notes that Cadie spoke to her, and that's so
nice. As though she hadn't tried to hold a conversation with her mom the
night before.

Cadie asks her how you can know if something is real. Her mom tells her
you can feel it. What, like inside? Her mom tells her not to be batty.
Emotions aren't real. She has Cadie feel her ribs. Those are real. She's
41 years old and there's not an ounce of fat on her. That's real. She
picks an outfit for Cadie to wear tomorrow, "it'll help with the
breasts." And smile, remember? "Smile like you're pretty!" Cadie smiles.

Cadie arrives for the party. She looks lovely, but very sad. She flashes
on birds. She says in a really low voice, "look up if you like me" and
Stan looks up. He comes over, they chat for a second, and he asks about
the pills. She gets them out, but Michelle tells her to put them away.
Later. Michelle's mom comes over and she's messed up. Jimmy is
Michelle's mom's boyfriend. He looks at Cadie like she's edible.

Everybody loves Cadie for supplying the pills. They have to pick them up
quick, since somebody is looking for all the party people. The pills are
all gone except the purple ones she got from Charlie. Cadie's left
standing there alone.

The party continues. Tony watches Tea kissing a girl, Jamie. Cadie asks
him if he's seen Stanley. They're supposed to be on a date. He asks
Cadie what the blue pills are for. Mood intensifying.

Stan is having a joint in Michelle's room. He tells her not to love
Tony. Love him. He cuddles with her teddy bear, and kisses it. He slips
his hands down his pants.

Tony is completely non-responsive to Michelle, he's too busy staring at
Tea and Jamie. Abudd is really interested in Jamie. She's really
uncomfortable, so she gets up and leaves. Tea is not amused. Michelle's
mom comes out, completely plowed, and Michelle narrowly manages to stop
her from stripping.

Cadie hits the refrigerator and grabs a few things. She meets Tony's
sister, who is doing the same thing Cadie did. She didn't speak for four
months, but she's going to wind up in a clinic. Chris comes through and
greets them. He tells her if she misses Stan, she should show him the
goods. He thanks her for the drugs before he leaves.

Cadie loses her dress, and comes out in a bikini. Jimmy leers at her,
and gets in the hot tub with her. He lands right next to her and shows
off his erection. She starts to get out, but he tells her to stay. Boys
her age don't know what they're doing. He makes a move on her, and she
gets out.

Stan wakes up while Michelle is changing. She tells him she likes him.
He's nice to talk to, to a point. But she doesn't appreciate him meeting
his needs with her teddy bear. He asks her to sit down so he can tell
her a secret. It's about Cadie.

Cadie overhears Tony and Tea talking about when they got together. She's
not interested. She wants him to go away. He says what they have is
real, and she knows it. When he leaves, he finds Cadie listening. She
tells him he has to stop doing bad things. He tells her to focus on her
own problems, she certainly has enough. He walks away, and she goes in.
Tea asks if she heard all that, and Cadie says it's none of her
business. Tea tells her that Stan invited her here for her drugs. Cadie
is hurt, and runs.

Not far enough, though. Jimmy finds her again. He apologizes for
offending her before. She sees a pigeon on the windowsill, and asks him
if he wants to get high. He says sure, and she gives him one of the
purple pills. He takes it with beer, and she takes off her dress again.
He kisses her neck, and she lets him. Stan looks up and sees her closing
the drapes. He asks Michelle where her mom is, and she doesn't know. He
runs upstairs and bursts in on Cadie and Jimmy. Stan gives her his shirt
so Cadie can cover up. He says she always just loses it, and it hurts
him when she loses it. Cadie runs out, calling back to him that he
doesn't know anything. She gets outside and chases away the pigeons.

The TV executives show up early, and Cadie is in no shape to be meeting
anybody. Her mom berates her. Cadie says there are too many birds out
there, and she can't stand it. Her mom orders her to take her
medication, and not even think about going downstairs unless she is stable.

Cadie takes her meds.

All of them. A yellow, then a blue, then a purple, then a white. "See?
I'm happy."

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