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Stanley - Recap

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Stanley is unfortunately in a parent/teacher meeting where his parents
are finding out exactly how often he fakes notes from his dad to get out
of school. He's missed six classes this month alone, this class alone.
29 all told since the school year started. If he misses one more class,
he's going to have to do junior year over again.

His dad berates him down the hall and out the door. He tells Stanley he
should be embarrassed, but since his dad looks like he's from the
future, what with the bike gear and all, it's kind of hard to ascribe
any value to his opinion. On the way home, Stanley's mom tries to make
peace. They see his a car door open and his dad get knocked off his
bike. Stanley thinks they should stop, but she thinks he's fine.

The next morning, his mom wakes him up so he won't miss the bus. He
promptly falls asleep sitting up. His dad comes in, playing the slide
trombone. Now, Stanley is awake. They both head out, leaving Stanley to
get himself off to school. Unfortunately, he has fallen asleep standing
up in the shower. The bus comes and goes, and he just misses it. He goes
back in, grabs the keys and takes his dad's car.

The teacher is taking role call. His friends see Stanley arrive, and
stall until he can make it into class. On break, everybody gathers
around the car. Daisy can't believe he stole it. Michelle climbs in and
jokes that they could definitely have some sex back there. Stanley jumps
into the back seat to see if she's right. Tony tells him to pick up
Michelle and bring her to the choir concert.

Stanley is about to return the keys when his dad comes in the garage. He
claims he was just looking for a flashlight. His dad pulls a beer out of
the fridge and tells Stanley he knows what's going on here. Stanley is
lusting after his car. But he's never going to get it. Nobody gets
things handed to them on a silver platter. He apparently has no
boundaries, as he informs Stanley that this vehicle got him his mom,
right on the hood, during the solar eclipse. He advises Stanley to keep
his hands off the beer as he goes back inside. Stanley puts the keys back.

Stanley turns the music on and sneaks out of the house as his dad takes
credit for him being upstairs, studying. "I treat him like an imbecile,
and he wants to prove me wrong." He rolls the car down the driveway as
his dad goes on patting himself on the back for figuring out Stanley.

While trying to adjust the rear view mirror, Stanley snaps it off. He
arrives to pick up Michelle. She asks him if her dress is too slutty for
a private school, and he tells her no. It's just slutty enough. He hits
every garbage can at the curb as they leave. Tony performs a duet while
the choir sings backup. The song ends with a kiss that's serious and
deep. Michelle leaves and Stanley trails after her. She sobs her way
through the halls and confronts the kissee. She says it was no big, but
Michelle slugs her anyway, and a total chick fight breaks out. Stanley
and Tony peel Michelle off of her.

Stanley tries to get Tony to come with them and calm Michelle down.
Stanley says she's his girlfriend and Tony retorts "Whom you love. I'm
giving you a gift! Go open it."

They arrive at her house, and Michelle sits staring out the window. When
Stanley puts his hand on her shoulder, she slugs him. She thought he
knew. Michelle climbs on Stanley and starts kissing him. She gets out
and tells him to tell Tony they kissed. She calls him pathetic, and
leaves. The car won't start so Stanley can go home. He sees Michelle
undressing and forgets all about the car. She yells at him to stop it,
and the car starts while he's not even trying.

Stanley gets home and an IM comes in from Cadie on his laptop. Tony
calls to get a ride home. He goes and gets him. Tony sets off all the
alarms, so they have to make a quick escape. Stanley is angry at Tony,
and Tony talks a bunch of bull about how Stanley would be nothing if it
weren't for him. Stanley gets pulled over, and there's smoke coming out
from under the hood. He doesn't even have a license. Tony advises him to
keep driving. If they get far enough, the police can't follow them. He
can't, because the car is dying. Tony still runs his mouth, and Stanley
is too angry to talk.

The cop says Stanley is lucky he's nice. Stanley experiences a brief
moment of hope that the cop isn't going to give him a ticket, but no.
The cop is leaving it up to him to tell his folks. Tony says he should
tell his mom, so she can tell his dad. Tony volunteers to speak to
Stanley's parents. Stanley tells him it's all his fault. They notice
that the car is being engulfed in flames.

Stanley calls his mom and fills her in. His dad rips the phone out of
her hands and advises Stanley to run. He gets two steps, but since
there's a cop attached to him, he boomerangs back to where he started.

In the house, the cop fills his folks in. The charges seem pretty scary,
but as he explains, all that Stanley is actually charged with is driving
without a license. All his dad has to do is sign a piece of paper, and
the grand theft auto charges go away. His dad asks why he'd do that. The
officer explains that most parents prefer to treat this as a family
matter, rather than getting the courts involved. That way, permanent
records aren't affected. His dad refuses to sign. His mom tries to get
through to him, and decides she'll sign. She can't, because the car is
in his dad's name. They'll be going to court.

Tea and Daisy arrive to see him. Stanley's mom tells them that he's been
asleep for 1.5 days. They find him under the bed and drag him out. He
needs to get out, get his mind off things.

Michelle and Stanley are at a beach party. She apologizes for thinking
he was anything like Tony. She says she loves the song on the radio, and
Stanley says "I love you too." She asks him what he said, and he asks
what she said. She laughs and hugs him. Tony wants to talk to Tea, but
she refuses. Since he can't have who he wants, he goes after Michelle,
who is dancing with Stanley. He acts like nothing ever went wrong with
them, and Stanley walks away. When he turns back to look, they're
kissing. He proceeds to do what he can to get totally blitzed.

Stanley takes an elevator to a button marked "troubled teens" and finds
Cadie. She says he's not supposed to be there, but he needs someone to
talk to. She goes with him, and he starts talking about Tony. It's like
he has the cheat codes to life. Everybody is acting weird. Cadie is in
here, and Stanley is probably going to be sent to juvie. Cadie tells him
to plead insanity, and he can join her in here. Stanley finally
apologizes for how badly he treated her. He fears she's in psych because
of him. She tells him that she's sure lots of girls would kill
themselves over him, but she's not like that.

Cadie's mom arrives, and she likes Stanley for thinking she's Cadie's
roomie. She walks him out, and Stanley asks why Cadie got brought here.
She fills him in on Cadie's medical history. Behavior issues. Her heart
is obviously breaking for her daughter. He tries to reassure her by
telling her his folks got the same call. His dad just yelled at him a
lot and told him not to be so weird. She says he did a good job.

Stanley's at court, a con is scaring him. The judge surprises Stanley's
dad by being incredibly angry at, and disgusted with, him. He dismisses
the charges against Stanley. Case dismissed. He has crimes to deal with.
His dad stands there, looking incredulous.

Tony meets him outside the courtroom and asks him how it went. Stanley
doesn't answer him.

He gets home and finds his dad smoking a cigarette. His mom left them,
went to Aunt Claire's for awhile. She can't live there anymore, talk to
her husband anymore. Stanley asks if they're splitting up, and his dad
says no. No? She's not living there or talking to him anymore, but
they're not splitting up? His dad says mom can explain it better, later.
She said she's sorry. Stanley doesn't know why she said that. It's not
her fault. His dad keeps blithering on, and Stanley tells him to shut up
and call her. Fix this. He needs to fix this.

Stanley goes in his room and starts cleaning it. It's spotless when he's
done. He goes downstairs and finds his dad sitting in the garage, in his
burned out car. He feared his dad left him. His dad replies "No. Never."
He gets in the car with him. His dad shows him how to use some portion
of the car to open a beer bottle. He hands it to Stanley, and they drink
together. Stanley tells his dad he's late for school. His dad says he'll
write him a letter. They put the letter together, based on current
events. "Additionally, his mom left this morning because his dad is a
pig-headed dildo." Stanley doesn't have anything to add.

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