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Michelle - Recap

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Abbud leads Stanley, Tony and Chris in their own twisted version of "Oh,
Canada". The kids are on a trip involving passports. Stanley tells the
desk clerk they're going to a camp called "High in the Wild". Abbud
pretends he's mentally unwell. Chris is right behind him and alludes to
a bomb up Abbud's rear cavity. He is taken to be searched, and walking
funny after. He is angry at Chris, telling him he took a bullet for him.

Tea uses Abudd for a pillow. He reacts in the standard fashion. Tea
tells him it's no big deal, he's male and its normal. She turns around
and finds Tony staring at her. Stanley, when asked, admits he got the
weed through customs by carrying it in his rear cavity. The teachers in
charge are David and Tina. Tina asks David if he knows where he's going,
and he turns and talks to her while he drives the bus up the road. She
asks him to keep an eye on the road, and he offers to let her take the
wheel. Tina says no, because she doesn't have her Class C license.
Neither does Dave. Oops!

Stanley is worried. His butt appears to have sucked in the weed. Chris
figures it's no big deal. What goes up must come down, right? He just
better have the weed wrapped tight, or Stanley is going on the trip of a

David keeps chatting with Tina as he drives. He is really being vulgar,
and proceeds to hit a moose. It doesn't die, and it's in pain. David
says they're going to help it die. He thinks he can strangle it to
death. Everybody gets out their cameras. He says it's over, but it's
not. The moose gets up and runs away. It's fine, but the bus isn't. They
take off on foot.

Abudd sees somebody in the woods. He calls out to the group, but they
ignore him. When he turns back, the guy is gone. Everybody assures him
he imagined it.

David finds the "High in the Wild" campsite. The girls tell Tina this
sucks, but she wants them to at least give it a try. He introduces them
to Brown Paw, his mentor. She sees low self-esteem and way too much drug
use. She gives them their itinerary. They will be referred to by number
only. They'll have to earn their names back. Dave tells Tina to embrace
the discipline.

Abudd is bummed because he wanted to bunk with Tea, and he's stuck with
Chris. Abudd is a virgin. He shouldn't be targeting a lesbian. He needs
someone who is stunned and disoriented. Abudd is not amused, and leaves
the tent.

Daisy and Tea are drawing. Abudd got #69. He knows there's someone in
the woods, but they don't believe him. He invites Tea to join him in his
tent. If he had drugs, they'd want face time with him. He goes looking,
and Betty joins Tea. Dave blows the fire up as Michelle notes he is crazy.

Chris enters Tina's tent. She's in bra and panties, and finishes
dressing quickly while telling him he shouldn't be in there. Dave growls
and hits the side of her tent, scaring her. He says he's a hungry bear.
He hopes the she-bear is decent, because he's coming in, and he does.
Topless and smeared with dirt. He says teacher's quarters are unisex, so
they'll be bunking together. This is a chance for them to really cement
their relationship. He hopes she feels the same way. He takes off his
pants, and is wearing maple leaf boxers. He needs to take a shower, but
yoga first. He leaves, and she gets Chris to leave. He mutters "I love
you", but she overhears. They kiss, and he goes while her eyes are still

Abudd looks at Tea's drawings. She's really good. One of them is him. He
looks up and see Tea join Betty by the fire. He looks sad, and hungry.
So does Tony, as he watches Tea with Betty.

The kids are all hiding to avoid dealing with Brown Paw. They go pick
mushrooms. Tony doesn't think they look like hallucinogenic mushrooms.
Also, some mushrooms are deadly. They figure they'll take a nibble, and
if anybody feels high, they'll give a shout. Nothing happens. Chris
catches a toad, and he assumes it's the kind where you can lick it and
get high. He gives it a shot. No joy. Tony says you're supposed to lick
it's stomach, so he tries. Still nothing. However, the toad has an
erection. All four boys are vomiting profusely within a matter of
seconds. Abudd thinks he sees psycho guy again. Dave finds him and slaps
him repeatedly. All better. Dave hugs him. He's naked.

Michelle checks on Stanley, so they can get the weed out of him. Nothing
so far. And watching him isn't making it go any faster. She says she'll
go spend some time with Tony for now.

Betty watches Daisy snore.

Tea is drawing when Betty arrives. She wonders if they can be together,
but Tea says relationships suck, and she just wants to go to sleep.
Michelle asks Tony what's wrong, and he claims it's because he's not
feeling well. She notes he never feels well these days. He says it's a
phase. He's just getting over it. Over what? The phase.

Abudd asks Chris about love. Chris doesn't want to hear it. Abudd needs
to get laid, not fall in love. Abudd reiterates that there is someone
out there. He wakes up from a nightmare, screaming. The rest of the camp
is awakened by an ungodly siren. They eat breakfast and are told they
are going to climb a pole. They try to leave. Brown Paw announces nobody
leaves until they mount her pole. They won't go first, so Dave does. He
wants Tina to hold the other end, but before she can speak, Chris
volunteers. Dave gets to the top. This is apparently the definition, for
Dave, of "high" and "wild". Chris messes with the rope, and Dave falls.

He's carried away on a gurney. Tony approaches Tea. Are they ever going
to talk? They're supposed to be friends. Tony manages to break the ice
before Abudd comes to inform them that Stanley said he feels something
starting to move inside. Tony goes to 'help', and Tea and Abudd take off
alone. They run alongside the water, and she jumps up for a piggy-back
ride. Abudd declares the water beautiful, and wishes they could jump in.
Tea asks how the great outdoors is treating him. He says he could have
used a club in a few movie theaters. She thought he was looking forward
to the trip, and he says he'll show her what he was looking forward to.
He tries to kiss her. She says that's not home-built. She handles it
well. She says come on, and leaves, but Abudd doesn't follow.

Tina is giving Dave a back rub. and he's giving way too many
instructions. Brown Paw comes to tell him that he's not going anywhere,
he'll have to tough it out. She tells Tina she'll take over, and advises
David to go to another place in his mind.

Daisy asks Michelle if she's okay, and she says yes. Daisy doesn't buy
it. Michelle fills her in on Tony. They smell pot. Two of the camp
workers are wasted. Chris is rolling one when Tina walks up. She kisses
him again and they fall to the ground.

The workers share their weed with Daisy and Michelle. They're a couple,
they met in prison when one was a con and the other was a guard. They
kiss and the girls go "Awwww!"

Tony and Abudd are both out and about in the dark. Abudd hears a
chainsaw, sees a truck with plastic in the back, and wonders what is
going on. He gets in the truck and covers himself with the plastic. He
turns on the flashlight, sees meat, screams and runs.

He finds his way back to camp, and his flashlight finds a naked Tea and
Tony, both looking ashamed. Abudd is hurt because she told him she's not
wired that way. She says he should leave, and he does. Tea says she
didn't want any of this. Tony asks if it was any better this time, and
she says no. No.

Tea climbs the pole. She does so to reach Abudd. She tries to make sense
of what happened with Tony, but can't. She thinks she did it to feel
bad, or to stop something from happening. She's scared of all of it.
Having a girl she could love? So she makes it impossible. Abudd asks
what she doesn't get about being a lesbian. He will clue her in. A key
component? Is not hooking up with guys! Especially a guy like Tony! How
could she do that to him? He tells her she's a fake. She says she'll
forgive that one. He stands to yell at her, and falls from the top.

He's not dead. And he doesn't feel lucky. He apologizes to Tea, and she
says she loves him. He tells her he loves her too. A lot. She thinks
they can get through that.

Abudd is placed in the truck bed. The woman driving the truck is Brown
Paw's mom. She's a poacher. Stanley announces he got the weed before she
drives off with Abudd. He realizes who he's with and panics.

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