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Season 3

47 :03x01 - Sundown Stage

Tagg finds a wounded man wandering about the desert and suffering from amnesia. Then Annie and Lofty discover his picture on a wanted poster.
Guest Stars: Baynes Barron as Billy Dixon | Bob Woodward (2) as Jim Hannah | Bucko Stafford as Eddie Wilson | Charles Hayes as Westerner | Joel Ashley as Jack Dixon | Gabriel Curtiz as Dr. Herrick | Carleton G. Young as Sheriff | Barry Curtis (1) as Tommy Bronson | Helene Marshall as Helen Bronson
Director: Earl Bellamy

48 :03x02 - Joker on Horseback

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Guest Stars: Robert Easton as Smiley Douglas | Frederick Ford as Lou | Mary Ellen Kay as Jill Curtis | William Tannen as Al | Reed Howes as Barney | Sam Flint as Wilson | Myron Healey as Miller

49 :03x03 - A Tall Tale

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Guest Stars: Sam Flint as Cy Crawford | Douglas Grange as Lou Snell | Joe Cranston as Dave Warren | Barry Froner as Tim Crawford | Harry Lauter as Frank Warren | Paul Sorenson as Ed Cunningham

50 :03x04 - Annie and the Twisted Trails

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Guest Stars: Carolyn Craig (1) as Della Forsyth | Vaughn Meadows as Chubby | Barbara Knudson as Flora Carney | Ewing Mitchell as Ab Forsyth | William Phipps as Dan Carter | Myron Healey as Tucson Carney

51 :03x05 - The Robin Hood Kid

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Guest Stars: William Fawcett as Gabe Upton | Robert "Buzz" Henry as Loredo Graves | Tyler MacDuff as Cort Donnelly | Roy Barcroft as Pat Donnelly | Howard Wright as Martin Owen | L.Q. Jones as Cal Upton

52 :03x06 - Annie and the Bicycle Riders

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Guest Stars: Steven Clark (3) as Terry King | John Parrish as Hank | Lili Kardell as Helga King | Robert J. Wilke as Andy | Harry Mackin as Bicycle Rider | Gregg Barton as Saunders | Keith Richards (1) as Mandel

53 :03x07 - Annie and the Lacemaker

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Guest Stars: Richard Alexander (1) as George Todd | Paul E. Burns as Paul Denain | Gregg Barton as Nails Barker | Lisa Gaye as Vera Barker | Steven Clark (3) as Joe Barker | Lili Kardell as Elinor Denain | Keith Richards (1) as Adam Scott

54 :03x08 - Annie and the First Phone

Annie and friends use the West's first telephone to organize settlers against menacing Native Americans.
Guest Stars: Peter Camlin as Renault | Bob Woodward (2) as Hank | X Brands as Randy | Robert Cabal as Red Pony | John War Eagle as Thunder Cloud | Frank Fenton as Tut Emerson | Harry Lauter as Sam Johnson

55 :03x09 - Indian Justice

When a former Rough Rider is accused of killing a Native American, Annie tries to get to him before some outraged red men do.
Guest Stars: Harry Lauter as Quint Kelly | X Brands as Tenanda | Robert Cabal as Red Pony | John War Eagle as Thunder Cloud | Frank Fenton as Sam King | Jerry Summers as Desert Wind

56 :03x10 - Showdown at Diablo

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Guest Stars: Roscoe Ates as Curley Dawes | Fritz Ford as Frank Reagan | Jacquelyn Park as Helen Lacy | William Henry as Kirk Rand | Stanley Andrews as George Lacy | Tyler McVey as Senator Halstead | Lane Bradford as Luke Dallas

57 :03x11 - The Mississippi Kid

Annie must deal with a tenderfoot who just came west from Mississippi and feels compelled to prove his bravery.
Guest Stars: Frederick Ford as Marsh | Mary Ellen Kay as Ellen Harkey | William Tannen as Andrews | Myron Healey as Vic Jameson

58 :03x12 - Renegade's Return

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Guest Stars: Rick Vallin as Abliene Kid | Bill Baucom as Hotel Clerk | Maryellen Clemons as Kathy Morgan | Mike Garrett as Dave Morgan | Charles Hayes as Len | Kenne Duncan as Simpson | Roy Barcroft as Carter Holmes

59 :03x13 - Sugarfoot Sue

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Guest Stars: Roy Barcroft as Stark | Ken Osmond as Scotty | Maryellen Clemons as Susan Ryan | Mike Garrett as Frank Ryan | Robert J. Wilke as Vic | Rick Vallin as Billy | Tom London as Dan

60 :03x14 - Annie and the Leprechauns

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Guest Stars: Raymond Hatton as Tim Lafferty | Grace Field as Eliza Biddle | Terry Frost as Henchman | Slim Pickens as Sundown | Walter Reed as Ben Cobey

61 :03x15 - Dilemma at Diablo

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Guest Stars: Roy Barcroft as Jess Cradock | Robert "Buzz" Henry as Cal Blane | Tyler MacDuff as Don "Doc" Briggs | L.Q. Jones as Ned Blane | William Fawcett as Sam Briggs

62 :03x16 - Outlaw Brand

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Guest Stars: Leonard Penn as Joe Dixon | Ken Christy as Calvert | Glenn Strange as Idaho | Stuffy Singer as Johnny Ward | House Peters, Jr. as Willoughby | Sam Flint as Banker Willis | Lane Bradford as Hardy

63 :03x17 - Shadow at Sonoma

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Guest Stars: Eve Miller as Laura Stevens | Bob Woodward (2) as Townsman | Frank Fenton as Mike Tilman | Henry Rowland as Jim Rawlins | Gregg Barton as Gil Porter | Harry Lauter as Jeff Forbes | Baynes Barron as Dave Morgan

64 :03x18 - Western Privateer

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Guest Stars: William Henry as John Boone | Paul Fitzpatrick as Skipper Boone | Donald Curtis as Lee Tobey | Charles Hayes as Eddie Sloan | Nancy Hale as Kathleen Scott | Stanley Andrews as Dan Peddicord

65 :03x19 - The Reckless Press

Annie and Lofty go after outlaws who robbed a bank and killed a sheriff while a wedding was taking place.
Guest Stars: Harry Lauter as guest star | Bob Woodward (2) as Westerner | Frank Fenton as Dave Carey | Eve Miller as Kathy Stokes | Henry Rowland as McAndrews | Pierre Watkin as Rev. Mills | Gregg Barton as Lee Prentice | Baynes Barron as John Robbins

66 :03x20 - Flint and Steel

Annie and her pals come to the aid of homesteaders who are being pressured to sell their land for far less than its fair market value.
Guest Stars: Jim Bannon as Frank Jessup | Mike Taylor (2) as Roary Wiggins | Monte Blue as Tom Wheeler | Virginia Dale as Ma Wiggins | Terry Frost as Butler | Gregg Barton as Boyd Spencer | Helen Brown as Mrs. Wheeler | Frank Richards as Creede | Lyle Talbot as Pa Wiggins
Writer: Norman Hall

67 :03x21 - Tagg Oakley, Sheriff

The you know what hits the fan when Tagg is named as temporary sheriff of Diablo.
Guest Stars: Mike Taylor (2) as Horace Peabody Jr. | Monte Blue as Mr. Peabody | Frank Richards as Geronimo | Lyle Talbot as Colonel Dawson

68 :03x22 - The Waco Kid

Annie goes after a childhood sweetie who's now an outlaw.
Guest Stars: Ron Hagerthy as Chuck Hutchins | Lizz Slifer as Jenny Hutchins | Roy Barcroft as Deacon McCanles | Slim Pickens as Slim | Richard Reeves as Dixie
Director: Ray Nazarro

69 :03x23 - The Saga of Clement O'Toole

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Guest Stars: Tyler MacDuff as Clement O'Toole | Bob Woodward (2) as Stagecoach Driver | Edgar Dearing as Jonathan Meriwether | Frank Fenton as Bragan | Kenne Duncan as Rick | Rick Vallin as Al | Sally Fraser as Susan Meriwether
Director: Ray Nazarro

70 :03x24 - The Front Trail

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Guest Stars: Tyler MacDuff as Little Jim Baldwin | Bob Woodward (2) as Woody | Hal K. Dawson as Ben | Edgar Dearing as Big Jim Baldwin | Frank Fenton as Duke Simpson | Kenne Duncan as Frank | Rick Vallin as Al | Harry Mackin as Ed | Sally Fraser as Nancy Cooper
Director: Ray Nazarro

71 :03x25 - Annie Rides the Navajo Trail

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Guest Stars: Victor Millan as Brave Rider | Tita Aragon as Little Rider | William Henry as Stevens | George J. Lewis as Chief Angry Owl | John Beradino as Gorman | Walter Reed as Henry Hayden | Holly Bane as Sgt. Yorkton

72 :03x26 - Annie Rings the Bell

Annie and Lofty stage a charity prizefight to raise money for Diablo's new school but robbers target the box office receipts.
Guest Stars: Roy Barcroft as Steve Stryker | Edgar Dearing as Sheriff Santee | X Brands as Peter Maher | Ron Hagerthy as Billy Stryker | Tom Steele as Bob Fitzsimmons | Slim Pickens as Ed Morgan | Richard Reeves as Tomahawk Tommy
Director: Ray Nazarro

73 :03x27 - Santa Claus Wears a Gun

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Guest Stars: Stanley Andrews as Snowy Kringle | Bob Woodward (2) as Mr. Thornwald | Ewing Mitchell as Major Paley | Keith Richards (1) as D.K. Rodney | Duane Grey as Jackson | Paul E. Burns as Clem Lacey
Director: Ray Nazarro
Teleplay: John K. Butler

74 :03x28 - Amateur Outlaw

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Guest Stars: George J. Lewis as Hopi Bill | Bob Woodward (2) as Townsman | William Henry as Brick Mason | Dick Elliott as George Sykes | Tom London as Pop Leeds | Victor Millan as Desert Fox | John Beradino as Roscoe Barnes | Walter Reed as Jim Miller | Holly Bane as Henchman

75 :03x29 - Grubstake Bank

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Guest Stars: Jose Gonzales-Gonzales as Hernando | Grace Field as Felicity Middleton | Raymond Hatton as Scissorbill Childers | Terry Frost as Logan | Frank Scannell as Mack Darrell | Slim Pickens as Garner | Walter Reed as Arthur Berleley

76 :03x30 - Treasure Map

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Guest Stars: Leonard Penn as Jeff Warren | Bob Woodward (2) as Bill Edwards | Glenn Strange as Ernie Barker | House Peters, Jr. as Sully Martin | Shelley Fabares as Prudy Warren | Lane Bradford as Hardy Peel

77 :03x31 - Annie and the Miser

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Guest Stars: Lane Bradford as Silent Joe | Stanley Andrews as Fred Agnew | William Henry as Monks | Roscoe Ates as Walsh

78 :03x32 - Tuffy

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Guest Stars: Douglas George as Bill Yorty | Joe Cranston as Jake | Barry Froner as Tuffy Yorty | Sam Flint as Digger Bagley

79 :03x33 - Dude's Decision

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Guest Stars: William Phipps as Earl Wallace | Jock C. Watt as Land Company Buyer | Robert Hinkle as Reno | Ewing Mitchell as Colonel Granger | Carolyn Craig (1) as Penny Granger | Myron Healey as Link

80 :03x34 - The Dutch Gunmaker

A Dutch immigrant claims to have invented a new type of rifle and he wants Annie to test it.
Guest Stars: Gabriel Curtiz as Hans van Bergen | Bob Woodward (2) as Stagecoach Driver | Baynes Barron as Al Jensen | Joel Ashley as John Reed | Carleton G. Young as Colonel Jensen | Barry Curtis (1) as Billy Nelson | Helene Marshall as Mary Farnsworth | Walter Reed as Steve Scribner
Director: Earl Bellamy

81 :03x35 - Desperate Men

Annie and Lofty pursue a sheriff's killer while Tagg plays matchmaker for his shy teacher.
Guest Stars: William Henry as Buck Kirby | Nancy Hale as Deborah Scott | Donald Curtis as Rush Harper | Stanley Andrews as Chet Osgood | Hank Patterson as Jake Wilkin | Charles Hayes as Sid Muncy
Teleplay: Dwight Cummins
Warning: Annie Oakley guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: 1954
Ended: 1957
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