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Episode 794 - Recap

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Preston tells Charles that the missing executives now work for him and if the Sumner family sell their shares in Carpenter Shipping Charles and the company could be bankrupt by the end of the year. Preston also tells Charles he does not feel sorry for him at all.

A drunken Gil shows up to see Peter. Tina sees Vaughn in a restuarant eating alone and goes to join him.

Preston asks Charles to leave. Tina enjoys Vaughn's company. Ben and Lori return home and Ben is pleased Lori has offered to be on one of the Bedford Institute's charity commitees. Gil falls asleep on the Davidson's sofa.

Tina asks Vaughn if she can do a college asignment on his company to which he agrees. Ben and Lori share a tender kiss. Peter tells Dave he is glad Dave is to become his step father.

Peter goes to see Gil at Prescott Developments. Gil tells him the company is in as bad a state as his personnal life.

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