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Episode 828 - Recap

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Gene tries to convince Ben again that there is a connection to DOMI and the suicides at the Bedford Institute but Ben wont listen. Tina gets upset when she remembers the phone call from the doctor.

Gene asks Ben not to blow his cover to Vanessa as she walks into the room. Dan interrupts Preston's meeting with Lee looking for Courtney. Vaughn arrives to see Tina and asks her what is wrong.

Lee over hears Dan bad mouthing him to Preston. Ben covers for Gene with Vanessa. Tina says she is just upset as she is behind with her college work. Ben and Vanessa reschedule their lunch date for another day.

Tina tells Vaughn that Courtney is considering getting together with Dan and that she is convinced Courtney will never take Vaughn back. Lee is impressed with the way Dan is able to back track on what he has said and after he leaves Lee asks Preston more questions about him.

Tina tells Vaughn he will love again and what he could be looking for could be right under his nose. Vanessa shocks Gene by calling him by his real name.

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