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Episode 837 - Recap

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Courtney waits for Dan at the Castaway bar awaiting to hear the annulment hearing result when she bumps into Gil. Alex takes Lucille out on another date. Terry urges Dave to ask Ben to be his best man at the wedding.

Gil warns how dangerous Dan can be but Courtney tells him she can handle him. Babs and Nancy discuss the lack of romance in thier lives and Nancy bets Babs that she can will Brian to contact her within 15 minutes.

Hugh goes to see Dave and Terry and tells them about his u-turn on the Rape Crisis Centre. Hugh tells Dave he was shocked to hear that Dave was working on the same commitee as Lee Carothers. Babs is shocked when Brian shows up at the door. Dan shows up with the bad news Courtney was not expecting.

Brian asks Nancy to help him save Ben and Lori's marriage as he is convinced Vanessa is after Ben. Dan tells a furious Courtney about Tina being the shock other woman in Vaughn's life and her claims that she is pregnant.

Nancy tells Brian she is unsure she should work against Vanessa and that she would need some insentive from him to help.

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