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Episode 854 - Recap

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Hugh accuses Dave of being in cahoots with Lee. Tina goes to see Vaughn but runs into Preston instead.

Terry tells Harold she is concerned about the amount of commitments she is expected to attend. Tina tells Preston there is no chance Gil is the father of her baby and that it’s defiantly Vaughn’s. Preston accuses her of being a gold digger. Harold tries to convince Terry that she is a key figure in Dave’s chances of winning the election. Vaughn goes to see Dave and tells him that after reading the bible for the first time he prayed. Dan tells Lee he is convinced he will win Courtney back. Courtney interrupts Tina and Preston’s meeting. Courtney tells Tina she will never have Vaughn.

Vaughn tells Dave he thinks Gil is the father of Tina’s baby but Dave is not convinced. Harold meets with a contributor who is willing to support Dave but it would mean Dave having to cancel his honeymoon to attend a meeting in Washington with them. Courtney tells Tina its nice having Dan and Vaughn both wanting her. Tina tells Courtney she sees her for what she is and that she feels sorry for her.

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