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Episode 855 - Recap

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Stacey goes to see Gene at his house and tells him about finding information about Beverley and Barbara in the DOMI records. Ben goes to see Dave.

Terry checks out the arrangements for the wedding reception with Ione. Ione tells Terry about where Nancy is living. Terry tells her that she is worried about the amount of time Dave will have to spend in Washington if he wins the election. Stacey tells Gene she has reservations about Dave and Terry’s wedding and that Vanessa has made the reservations greater. Stacey also tells him that Vanessa scares her.

Ben tells Dave he thinks he made a mistake going to work at the Bedford Institute and also tells him about his theories about Vanessa and DOMI. Tina visits Harold at his office and tries to convince him she did not lie in court. Tina asks him about paternity tests for her unborn baby.

Dave and Terry have their wedding rehearsal. Harold tells Tina a test can only be carried out after the baby is born. Harold advises Tina to give Vaughn some breathing space.

Harold shows up at the wedding rehearsal and tells Dave and Terry about the new contributor willing to back Dave. Terry is upset when Dave agrees to delay their honeymoon to attend the meeting in Washington.

Terry tells Lori she can’t go through with the wedding.

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