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Episode 865 - Recap

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Tina tells John that she has some important things that she must do straight away. Brian goes to see Vanessa at her office.

Gene discusses the newspaper article about Hugh with Carla, Ione and Lucille. Gene doubts how much effect the article will have. Babs tells Ione about Nancy’s visit. Tina asks John not to ask any questions and to trust her judgement. Tina tells John about Vaughn’s visit.

Stacey meets with Judge Timothy Sawyer. Brian tells Vanessa that she is finished in Kingsley. Vanessa replies that she has unfinished plans still in Kingsley. Brian warns Vanessa to leave Ben alone.

Dan is happy with Preston’s contribution to Lee’s campaign and is surprised when Tina shows up to see him. Stacey tries to find out more about the evidence about Hugh Wainwright given to Gene from Judge Sawyer.

Brian has lunch with Ben where Brian tells him about seeing Vanessa. Brian thinks Lori’s theories about Vanessa could be right. Tina tells Dan he is the real father of her baby.

Dan refuses to believe he is the father and Tina tells him she will stay quiet about it if he agrees to represent her for free in a paternity suit against Vaughn.

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