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Episode 868 - Recap

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Lori meets Tina for lunch and Tina sees Vaughn there. Ione shows up to take Nancy back home and helps her pack her belongings.

Preston tells Gil he wants the docks built before the warehouses. Tina tells Lori about filing a paternity suit against Vaughn. Lori tells Tina that it won’t make Vaughn love her and that it won’t stop him loving Courtney. Lori urges Tina to think about it some more before she goes ahead with it.

Whilst Ione goes to get her car Vanessa shows up. Lori is surprised to find Ben home early and he tells her about Vanessa’s visit to his office. Ben still refuses to believe that Vanessa works with satanic forces. Gil tells Vaughn about Preston’s change in plans. Gil also tells him about talking to Courtney.

Nancy tells Vanessa she wants nothing more to do with DOMI and Vanessa drugs her drink. Vanessa takes a dazed Nancy away. Ben tells Lori about Vanessa’s threats to Nancy. Ione returns to Nancy’s room and finds her gone.

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