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Episode 874 - Recap

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Lori is relieved when Ben comes home. Dan tries to avoid answering Courtney’s questions.

Harold tells Dave that some people will never believe that he is innocent. Babs shows up and tells Dave and Harold that Hugh has had a stroke and wants to see Dave. Ben apologises to Lori for all he has put her through and that he is glad that he has found his faith in God again.

Courtney tells Dan that Gil heard him admit he is the father of Tina’s baby. Courtney tells Dan they are through for good and leaves. Harold and Babs get back together. Brian comes to see Ben and Lori and tells them that he is leaving Kingsley for a new life in Los Angeles.

Preston tells Lee that he is ending their partnership and that he is going to support Dave in his campaign. Ben is sad to see Brian leave. Ben tells Lori how much he loves her.

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