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The Bitter End - Recap

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The finale of Spartacus Gods of the Arena opens with Batiatus looking at his dead father, Titus. The magistrate comes in and gives his condolences. Lucretia walks up to him and tells that it is an honor to have condolence from the magistrate. Solonius comes up and tells that they have an unexpected guest. It is Vettius. He comes and is civil for a moment and tells that Tullius had a contract of sale for Gannicus. Batiatus tells that Gannicus is not going to be sold to him. Gannicus goes into the cell of Oenomaus and sees him praying. He tells that Melitta’s body is to be buried in the ground as is custom. Gannicus tells that Melitta was above everyone around her and tells that he is nothing to her. Oenomaus tells that Melitta loved Gannicus like a brother. He walks away.

Batiatus and the gladiators watch the funeral of Titus and Batiatus speaks to the crowd. Dego comes out blinded in one eye and Ashur gets scared. As Titus’s body burns, the gladiators fight as is custom. Later, Gannicus meets with Batiatus and he tells that he is to be sold to Tullius. Batiatus feels that it was Tullius’s wine that poisoned Titus and Gannicus feels that is who poisoned Melitta too and tells that he will have vengeance. Batiatus tells that he has a different plan because if Gannicus would go to Tullius, he would only see Vettius. Gannicus tries to say that he will kill them both and Batiatus tells that he will handle things between them. Solonius approaches Lucretia and tells that whatever happens, they are always welcome in his house. Batiatus comes up and tells that they are going to trap Vettius and Tullius and get their revenge. Solonius cautions to this, but the mind is set on Batiatus’s mind. Meanwhile, Naevia gets appointed to Melitta’s position in the house.

Solonius visits Tullius and Vettius and tells that Gannicus is on his way out of the city to avoid Tullius from getting the sale. He is outraged and threatens Solonius’s life. He tells that there is a chance for them to get him still because he is only being escorted by Batiatus. He laughs and tells that they are going to get him no matter what. Later, Batiatus has Barca and Oenomaus as bodyguards. Tullius appears with a few slaves and Vettius. Suddenly more of Batiatus’s men appear and it is an ambush. The fight begins and it is Batiatus who gets Tullius’s men killed and Vettius gets knocked unconscious. In the process, Barca is stabbed in the side. Tullius is about to be killed, but Batiatus tells that the death is too quick. He has him bound and gagged and carried off with him.

Vettius wakes up in Solonius’s cells and Solonius tells that Vettius is to be kept alive so that he can relay the message that Tullius went away on business and Batiatus will make sure that Tullius is never found. Meanwhile at the house, Lucretia meets with Crixus again and tells that he is to be shaven and have his hair cut so that he will resemble a man. They go off and get “busy” again. Batiatus and his gladiators drag Tullius to the new arena and he tells that he wanted to bring him to the arena that he built. Tullius tells that Titus was a great man and this upsets Batiatus and he pulls out ashes of Titus and makes Tullius eat them and tells that is what he gets for poisoning him. Tullius tries to say that he didn’t poison him, but Batiatus doesn’t want to hear it. He stabs Tullius and Gannicus and Oenomaus take turns stabbing him too. They end up walling him up in the arena there to die.

The next day is the opening of the arena. Vettius shows up and tells that Tullius went abroad and that he is giving up the life as someone who owns gladiators and tells that he is giving all of his gladiators to Solonius. Batiatus is upset with this and gives Solonius the look of death. Vargas and the Magistrate each think it is alright. Batiatus goes up to Solonius and tells that he was supposed to have them separated equally. He tells that he wants a chance to succeed. They have public executions at the beginning and Naevia sees Deona is among them. The magistrate offers Batiatus to take her back, but Batiatus tells that it will be an example for those who ever want to rival against him. All the criminals are executed. The gladiators await for their turn and Barca tells Oenomaus that he can fight. He tells that he is to rest and not fight this time. Oenomaus tells Gannicus to fight for Melitta’s honor if he is not to fight for the House of Batiatus. He tells that he will. The battles begin and one by one, the Gladiators fight and each on falls and lives. Later, Crixus tells that they will have their chance to battle in the arena again. After all the men are dead or kicked out of the arena, they are going to have to fight each other to find a champion.

Batiatus comes in and tells that they are going to fight for honor and to elevate the House of Batiatus further. The gates open and the gladiators exit. The fight is on and they are to fight in a ring of fire. One by one the men fall. Dego attacks Ashur and Solonius laughs that they are not trained hard enough not to attack their own men. Ashur gets the upper hand on Dego and kills him. Crixus, Ashur, Gannicus and one of Solonius’s men remain. Ashur tells that he is going to kill Gannicus with a spear and then he and Crixus will fight. Crixus cuts Ashur’s leg to the bone and tosses him out of the ring of fire. Crixus and Gannicus fight Solonius’s man and Crixus is knocked out of the ring and any chance of becoming Champion. Gannicus is close to losing, but then stabs the man’s mouth and rips off his jaw. Victory is his. Solonius suggests that they free Gannicus and Batiatus is outraged silently. The magistrate grants Gannicus’s freedom.

The next day at the house, the gladiators cheer Gannicus and Crixus tells that they didn’t get to have their match. Gannicus tells Crixus to win his freedom and find him. Gannicus gives the necklace of Champions to Crixus and tells him to wear it with honor. Ashur comes out in a make-shift cast and glares at Crixus. Batiatus is upset of losing Gannicus either way, but Lucretia tells that they can look to Crixus as the new champion. Gannicus leaves with a wooden sword that shows that he is a freed slave. He walks off and training resumes. Batiatus tells that they are going to have to fight for their spot and that they will be rewarded someday for all they have done. The scene fast-forwards to where Lucretia and Batiatus lay dead in a pool of blood. The voice of Spartacus tells that he has done this for a reason. And tells that they will see Rome tremble.

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