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Take Us Out to the Ballgame / Clues Encounters of the Tweety Kind - Recap

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Take Us Out to the Ballgame The whole gang is estatic that they will be going to the ball game! Lola shows the gang statistics of all the players on the team. Lola's favorite player is Red Rooster and she thinks that he is about due for a home-run. When they first enter the parking-lot Floyd has everything planned out to the last second. One calucation he was incorrect in is the fact that getting from the car to the ball park would take much longer then thought. Once the game starts the babies (now toddlers mind you) are so astonished by the excitement throughout the ball field. Lola was dissapointed that Red Rooster was not in the line-up. Throughout the game Lola repeadtly yells for the coach to put him in. After hours of Lola's yelling he put Red Rooster in to keep Lola quiet. Red Rooster then scores a home-run and Lola is named his honorable manager. In the end all the babies had a great time at the ball game.

Clues Encounters of the Tweety Kind Floyd is taking the whole gan to a museum. The babies can't wait to get to the museum. Tweety is amazed at it being "Isn't it the prettyiest thing you ever saw?!" Soon the babies learn that htey will be in a scavenger hunt and competing againts eachother. As uasual Daffy think he will beat everyone. The children then partner off with different member of the gang. Daffy gets so into it that he will stop at nothing to win. Tweety only wants to have fun while veryone else wants to compete againts each other. Things don't work out well be tweent Tweety and Daffy and Daffy soon abandons Tweety by him self. In his lonseome he meets a security guiard. Since he was so polite and helped the guard clean up the guard gives him have a free toy from the gift store. Tweety then wonders around the museum alone. When no one wants to be with him Tweety finds the guard again. He asks Tweety what is bother him and Tweety shares that none of his friends want to be with him. In his compassion the guard lets Tweety have a ride on the T-Rex hoping it will brighten his mood. Tweetys laughs of joy are soon heard throughout the museum and the gang returns and soon enough everyone is friends again. When the scavenger hunt is over Floyd sees who had the most items on their list and it was Tweety. Once everyone gets home they all want to be with Tweety. Being the "gold hearted" person he is Tweety says I love you all and I want to be partners with all of you.

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