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A Bully for Bugs / The Wheel Deal - Recap

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A Bully for Bugs Floyd gives each child a quarter to buy some candy. As the kids enter the store they pass Elmer Fudd and in their excitement they ignore Elmer Fudd causing him to be frustrated. When Elmer Fudd asks Bugs for candy he refuses so he takes his candy. Bugs feels left out and with his left over change he buts some more candy. Soon Elmer Fudd takes that candy and eats it again. When Floyd asks Bugs where his candy went he tries to explain that he ate it all, but Floyd knows something is off. When Bugs tells Daffy to come with him Elmer Fudd tries to take Daffy's candy. Soon Daffy and Bugs are arguing over whose candy Elmer should eat. The candies are a chocolate Rabbit and Duck. The two soon are bickering to each other saying Duck! Rabbit! Duck Rabbit! etc until Bugs says Rabbit to trick Daffy into saying Duck and that's final. So Elmer eats both candies. Bugs and Daffy then tell the rest of the kids what happened and they say that they have all had similar incidents with him. Bugs then conceives a plan to give him all their candy so he won't have any thing else to take and they won't be afraid of him anymore. Elmer is so touched by their generosity that he starts crying. Soon Floyd hears the crying and asks what is wrong. The kids then explain what happened and Elmer Fudd apologizes. Floyd said that he will have to tell his parents that he was naughty, but all is forgiven. In the end the children want to set a play date so they can all play with each other.

The Wheel Deal Floyd is taking the kids on their first bike ride! At first all the kids are excited about the adventures that wil happen. The kids are doing great on their first bike ride. Tweety is sitting on the same bike as Floyd in a little seat. He starts to feel left out though because he wants to get involved with the other kids. When he is asked what is wrong he exclaims, "I'm too short to ride a bike!" Floyd says that someday he can ride a bike when he gets bigger. Tweety then gets into Floyd's face and says, "This is as tall as a Tweety bird will ever get!" Floyd and the rest of the children soon realize that and try to figure out a way to help him. Taz then destroys all the bikes to make Tweety the best bike possible. After a series' of different bike designs they come up with one that is just fine for Tweety. Soon Tweetys is riding his bike with the rest of the kids. In the last scene of the episode the kids are running away from Floyd on their bikes when Floyd yells, "Wait for your uncle Floyd!"

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