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Oh Brother, Warehouse Art Thou? / Flu the Coop - Recap

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Oh Brother, Warehouse Art Thou? The kids are pretending that they are out at sea on a boat in rough waters. Suddenly Daffy falls of the "boat" and on to the chair. When he lands he puts a whole in the chair. Meanwhile Floyd is on his way up the stairs and when he goes to sit on the chair he is shot up the spring. Daffy then admits to breaking the chair. As punishment he can't watch any TV for two weeks. After the whole gang goes to the store to but a new chair. Floyd tries to get an exact replica of the chair, but they had not been made for years. So the kids are searching for a chair for Granny. Each one finds on that they likely. Sylvester does not like any of them so Lola and Bugs try to make a time machine so they could find the man who made the chair to fix it. After many attempts on going back to the future they are almost near giving up. When Daffy is nearby and is looking at the salesmen with a big sandwich he pretends that the man is a whale and is going to eat a submarine. To save the "submarine" he pushes Sylvester on the cart A.k.A Read Wagon into the man. The sandwich then goes flying in the air and it completely covers the chair with menace. Floyd then has to buy the chair. Later that day he is bringing the chair up to the room when Granny is sitting on a giant red bean bag and says how comfortable. She then says, "Floyd look what I got at the market today."

Flu the Coop The whole gang is going to get their yearly flu shots. Once they arrive in the doctor's office Bugs and Daffy decide to go first. They were both scared of getting a shot so they try to figure out a way out of it. Daffy and Bugs then go to the doctor's room where they will get their shots and knock the list of kids who need the shot. They then go to the nurse and say, "Wow! I hardly felt that shot. It just felt like a bug bit me." The nurse then thought they got the shot and marked them off the list. Once they return the rest of the kids leave the waiting room to get their shots. Previously they had decided that they will make each other laugh during the shot to they won't be scared. All the kids get their shots except Bugs and Daffy. The next day the whole gang is having a picnic. Only Daffy and Bugs can't go because they are sick.

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