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Blast Off Bugs/ Baby Brouhaha - Recap

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Blast Off Bugs Bugs is going to the moon! Or at least attempting it. He will be flying on the Super duper moon zuper. Bugs says he can fly the rocket with his eyes shut. Sadly, when he gets into the rocket and "blasts-off" the rocket falls apart! Later that night he asks Granny if he will ever be able to fly to the moon and she says, "Your dreams will take you as far as possible." Bugs promises himself that he will fly to the moon. Meanwhile Granny calls Floyd to arrange Floyd taking them out to a space museum. All the babies want to see different things, but Bugs is set on seeing the rocket ship. Lola is driving a "car" with Sylvester and then they all board a ship where Daffy is the captain. Floyd tells them that they must stay together. Bugs, Floyd, Daffy, Sylvester, and Tweety all board a "space ship". Floyd says that, "Bugs your a kid. You can't go into outer space." A security guard gives Bugs the inspiration he needs to go to the moon. He said that many other people like him had dreams that everyone thought was crazy, but they never listened and now they are in this museum. After Bugs boards the ship. Soon the rest of the gang boards the ship including Floyd. They then take off with Bugs as the captain. Bugs has the maneuver around various obstacles such as asteroids, but the gang comes out alive. Floyd later learns that it was part of the exhibit and they were attached to the ground by long cords. He then apologizes to Bugs for saying he will never be able to fly to the moon.

Baby Brouhaha One day Granny gets a phone call from a lady about babysitting a baby. The kids overhear this conversation and think that Granny is going to have a baby! The kids soon learn as much about babies as possible so that way they will know how to take care of it. The kids then act as if Tweety is a baby and Sylvester feeds it like a baby with the air plane treatment. Later Lola burps the baby (Tweety) and gives him a bath. All in preperation for the arrival of the new baby. The biggest job is for Daffy to try to help Tweety to stop crying. He tries many attempts, but finally after Daffy accidentally goes too fast in the rocking chair he flips over and Tweety starts laughing. Later the baby finally comes! The babies are shocked to learn that the baby is actually a baby hamster! Also they will only be taking care of it for a few days.

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Warning: Baby Looney Tunes season 2 episode 5 guide may contain spoilers
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