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Are We There, Yet / Save Our Cinnamon - Recap

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Save Our Cinnamon: The kids are off to Granny's sisters bake ship. Floyd as well as the kids can't wait to eat her cinnamon rolls. Once the kids arrive to the shop Auntie greets them with a giant cake. The kids are disappointed because they wanted cinnamon rolls. Auntie tells them that landlord has raised the rents and she can't afford to stay in business any more. The kids finally think of the perfect plan. They will make the world's largest cinnamon rolls and enter it in the Skinnies Book of World Records. Granny then comes down to the ship to lend a hand. The kids then learn how to "need" the dough. Auntie has to explain to the kids what that means because they all have incorrect assumptions. Sylvester later enjoys skating over a giant pan with butter bars strapped to his feet. The kids are disappointed when Taz eats all the dough, but the kids remake it with the left over dough. A representative for Skinnie's Book of World Records arrives and takes pictures of the rolls. When this is happening the landlord arrives and asks for Auntie. He states that they only have until morning before the shop turns into a parking lot. He is accompanied with a police officer who disagrees with him, but by law he has to inform Auntie that she has to pay her rent. The kids then get a giant fan and put it up to the roll and the fragrance blows through town attracting all townsfolk. They pay admission causing Auntie to be able to stay in business.

Are We There, Yet The kids are off to the annual Garlic Festival. At first the kids don't know what Garlic is, but Granny explains that it is that "stuff" that I put in my spaghetti sauce. Floyd can't wait to see Elephant Garlic because it is the biggest. He then tells the kids all the garlic food products they will be able to eat. Floyd gives each kid Fun Bag (F.B) to pass the time away. The kids enjoy the car game in which they find a car a certain color and who ever has the most wins. Each baby chooses the color of themselves. Tweety ends up winning with the color yellow. Soon the kids grow restless and Floyd decides to make a pit-stop at the ice-shave. The kids think that means that their ice is shaved. Sylvester then states, "I need to be more careful with ice then. I don't want any hair in my mouth." Floyd then explains that shaved ice is a fancy word for crushed ice. The kids try many different flavors of shaved ice. Each one has their own favorite. Taz then causes the machine to run out of ice because he eats so many shaved ice cones! The manage states that it is okay. She was going to make some new flavors once that batch ran out. Later that day the kids are getting back on the road. Shockingly the car won't starts! Floyd then gets out to see what is wrong. He is stumped. For hours he tries to fix it until it is dark out and the festival is over. The kids then try to lighten the mood by singing to Floyd, "For he is a jolly good fellow!" Many people from far away distances are lead to them because the upside down garlic flag signals trouble. A man gives Tweety a whole basket of garlic products. Tweety then sees the Elephant Garlic and is astonished at its size. Soon the car is repaired and the kids and Floyd are back on the road.

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Warning: Baby Looney Tunes season 2 episode 7 guide may contain spoilers
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