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Lights! Camera! Tweety! / Backstage Bugs - Recap

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Lights! Camera! Tweety!: Floyd is taking the kids to the set of a real life television show! The kids can't wait because it will be for their favorite T.V show called Tessia's Tree House. Tessia is very nice to the kids and gives them a tour of the whole studio. They meet many people who put the show together such as the director. When Sylvester is in the control rooms he is fascinated by the many brightly colored buttons. One of which that he was going to push is the button that turns on the cameras! Before he does Tessia stops him because that would interrupt the current show airing. Tessia also tells the kids many stories such as the time when Floyd accidentally locked their whole class out of the room. Once again Floyd accidentally locks the whole crew, Tessia, and himself out of the studio! Worst of all the show will be starting in a few minutes. Since the kids knew how to operate the studio they decide to make the show! Tweety turns the cameras on while Lola directs and Bugs and Daffy star in the show. Once the show starts Bugs blanks out and his blinking at the camera saying, "a-hun-unm, a hun-unm." Until Daffy comes to save the show, but the same thing happens to them. Then Taz jumped on stage and attempted a knock-knock joke. Finally it is up to Tweety to save the show! While the rest of the gang is camera shy on stage Tweety hosts the show. Tweety did very well at hosting according to his friends. Right after the show ends the crew, Floyd, and Tessia are able to get back in the studio. They saw the great job Tweety did and Tessia decides to let him be her co-host for the rest of the week!

Backstage Bugs: The kids are going off to see their first concert. It is for most of their favorite band, The Wormies. Straight from the gecko Bugs wants to get back stage to meet the band. The kids love singing a long to their favorite song by The Wormies that has the tune to, "If Your Happy and You Know It". At first Sylvester is petrified of the band. Sylvester climbs up on Floyd for safety. After a few moments of hearing one of their songs, Sylvester is a huge fan of the band! Meanwhile Bugs is attempting to sneak out of the row to meet the band. Floyd catches him though so he is unable to sneak "out". A few moments later Tweety has to go the bathroom and then the rest of the gang does. Floyd then takes them to the restroom. Lola decides to stay with Floyd's friend because she did not want to go into the boy's bathroom. After the Bugs leads the gang to a door where he will meet the band. Sadly, the guard informs then that they have get in back of the line like everyone else. Obeying him they do. Bugs asks Floyd if he thinks that they will be able to meet the band. Floyd states, "We'll see." That is not good enough for Bugs so he exiles himself from the group when they are not looking. He then sneaks behind the stage to find the band. He then is almost trampled over by all the crew workers and extras. Bugs then gets exits backstage to find out that the gang met the band while he went off on his own to find then. Feeling very low Will Wormy approaches them! It seems they had left their pen and he was returning him. Bugs then tells him that he is their number one fan. Will Wormy then gives him his favorite hat since Bugs is their favorite fan and the band is Bug's favorite. Bugs is then informed that next week his other favorite band will be playing, Rub-A-Dub-Dubies!

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