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Bend it Like Petunia / Cock-A-Doodle-Doo-It! - Recap

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Bend it Like Petunia The kids play soccer for the first time. Throughout the game Daffy says that girls will never be as good as boys because boys are better. Petunia ignores him because she knows that with hard work girls can be as good as anyone. The boys get the first score, but soon Petunia scores the next one. When the team was down Petunia would cheer them up. Floyd was also part of the girls team since there were more boys then girls. When Petunia scored in the net she said that it didn't count because he accidentally hit if with her hand. Floyd was very impressed by that sense of judgment. At the end of the game the boys one from 2-1, but Daffy admitted that girls can be as good as boys...maybe even better. Floyd then gives all the kids awards for different things. Petunia ended up winning every award ranging from most leadership to best attitude. In the end the lesson to be learned is that no matter what differences you have from someone you can always improve and suppress.

Cock-A-Doodle-Doo-It! The gang goes to a farm. At first Tweety did not know what a farm was until Floyd explained that it is a place were food is grown from the ground. Daffy is disguised by that thinking that he will never eat stuff from the ground again. Floyd tells the kids to wait for a few minutes while he asks the farmer a question. Soon Bugs says that he never said to wait in the car so they wonder around the farm. Bugs finds a whole field of carrots and gathers them while Sylvester is chased by a bull. Tweety then find's a young rooster named Foghorn. It seems he was kicking the air. Tweety ask a chick why and he cheeps he is just weird. Foghorn is sad so Tweety asks him why. He states that he is different from all the other roosters because he does not look like them. Suddenly some other roosters come and start bullying him making fun of his name by calling him Foghead or Foghorn. Right when Foghorn is about to leave for good Tweety decides to train him. After running, swimming, and lifting weights he is one muscular rooster. The other roosters come back and say how different he looks and that they would never believe it if they never saw it with their own eyes. Foghorn then asks to be friend, but they refuse saying just because you look good does not mean we will like you. Lola then says that he just needs to be himself and it does not matter if they don't because at least he will like himself. When the other roosters are cornered by a barking dog Foghorn yells as the dog and tells him to sit. The dog then obeyed him and soon the other roosters are sorry for treating him so lousy. They then all become friends. The kids then run back to the car so Floyd will not know that they left it. When Floyd comes back and asks the kids if they want to come and look around the farm the kids are too tired and then fall asleep.

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