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The Dolly Vanishes / Duck Reflucks - Recap

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The Dolly Vanishes The kids are one their first train ride! Their destination is to Floyd at college. They can't wait to experience the fun of being on a train. Bugs does not want to fall asleep because he has always wanted to ride a train. When Daffy goes to the kitchen to get food he comes out and the food spills on Lola's doll. Bugs then attempted to figure out what happened like Sherlock Holmes. The next day the kids wake up along with Granny. Suddenly it is noticed that Lola's doll is missing! Bugs interrogates all the other kids to find out what happened to the doll. He came up with nothing. It was unknown what happened to the doll except Sylvester had washed her up so she would be not sticky. When the kids finally reach their final destination, Floyd at college they tell him what happened. Floyd then thinks what could have happened. His hypothesis was correct! It was that during the night Bugs awoke from teh coolness of the open window and that right before he closed it the doll was sucked out by the air! Thus she was hanging out the window which was correct!

Duck Reflucks The whole gang is going to get a portrait taken. They will be using Hollywood's newest technology. Instead of having the "old-fashioned" portraits taken it will be in front of a green screen. The kids vote on what they want the screen to be. The majority votes for a farm because Granny likes gardens. Daffy wants alien invasion because he think that would be cool. When Bugs and Daffy are left alone they start arguing. Daffy is using the computer to change the screen to how he wants it. When Bugs sees that the tells him to stop. Daffy is too ignorant to listen to Bugs and when Bugs is in front of the screen he changes everything from Bugs's portions of size to his color and even his location! One second he is near drowning in the ocean and the next inside of Daffy's eye ball! When the photographer comes back he says that Daffy reminds him a lot of himself from when he was a kid. The kids then gather up again for a photo in front of a garden screen. When the flash goes of all the kids fall and it is a real mess. When the photographer says, "Okay, now let's take another one." Floyd tells him to keep it that way because that is what Granny would really want. Her true family.

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Warning: Baby Looney Tunes season 2 episode 12 guide may contain spoilers
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