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Roadkill - Recap

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Molly and her husband David are driving through the winter forest at night on Route 41 and pass by an old house. David admits that he’s lost but says that it’s their anniversary and she should relax. He tries to kiss her and, distracted, she goes off the road when she sees a man on the road up ahead. The car screeches down an embankment and crashes.

Molly wakes up in the car and finds no sign of David. Opening the door, she yells for her husband but gets no response. Molly finds her way to the old house they saw earlier and calls for help, but no one answers. As she opens the door, Molly sees a figure waiting inside.

Sam and Dean are driving along Route 41, trying to track down the creature responsible for the murder of fourteen people. Dean insists that they have to keep going, doing what their father would do, much to Sam’s disgust. Molly runs out in front of them and Dean just manages to skid the car around her. She begs them to help her husband and the brothers agree. They go with her to the crash site but she’s astonished that it’s disappeared and left no sign of its presence. Sam assures Molly that they believe her and asks her to describe what happened. Molly says that she saw a man at the house and he didn’t look human. Dean finds a fresh smudge on a nearby pylon.

As the brothers take Molly to the old house, Sam explains that the house is reputed to be haunted by Jonah Greeley, who died on Route 41 fifteen years ago. His soul is consumed with vengeance against the person who killed him, so he attacks anyone traveling the road so that he can get his revenge. They go inside and Dean explores the house, finding a trapdoor to the attic. Meanwhile, Sam tries to calm Molly down and assures her that David is safe. He asks her to trust them to deal with the situation and promises her that her husband is all right.

Dean opens the trapdoor and the ladder drops down. He calls to Sam and they go up into the attic. The body of Jonah’s wife, Marion, is suspended from the rafters, the victim of a planned suicide. They find letters from Jonah declaring his love to Marion. Sam notices some photos, including one that seems to be a tree that Marion planted in honor of Jonah’s memory as a token of her love. It’s a common custom for people in the area to plant a tree to mark the graves of their loved ones.

A grandfather clock behind Molly suddenly starts up on its own. Spectral hands emerge and grab Molly, and Sam pulls her away while Dean fires into the clock using salt rounds. Dean then swings out of the window on a rope and Sam grabs Molly and swings down with her. They run into the woods and the brothers find the tree marking Jonah’s grave. They dig up Jonah’s corpse, salt the bones, and burn them. Sam figures that some ghosts are attached to the world because they don’t know that they’re supposed to die.

The brothers head back to the car with Molly and Sam promises her that she won’t see Jonah again. Molly wonders where David is and refuses to leave without him, and Sam finally apologizes and says he has to tell her the truth about David. Crying, Molly runs off into the woods before Sam can finish. As it starts to rain, she falls beneath a tree, sobbing. Sam and Dean run after her and Dean says that they should give her some space. Molly figures that Sam used her and David to get to the ghost. Before they can respond, another spirit grabs Molly and leaps off a cliff with her as the brothers stare in surprise. As they run down, they try to work out what happened. Dean figures that Marion’s ghost may be on a vengeful rampage.

Molly wakes up and finds Marion’s spirit holding her under the water. The spirit promises to make Molly feel what it’s like to have a loved one taken away.

Dean runs back to the house and salt and burns Marion’s corpse. He’s low on lighter fluid but manages to set the corpse on fire. As it smolders, Marion’s spirit disappears and Sam pulls Molly out of the river. However, when he tries to swim up, Marion grabs him and holds him under.

In the attic, Dean tries to find something to burn. He finally takes off his jacket.

In the river, Marion’s spirit suddenly bursts into flames and then vanishes. Sam gets Molly to the surface and wakes her up. Meanwhile, Dean is in the attic trying to keep warm over the fire because he burned his clothing.

Later, Sam and Dean drive Molly to a house. She looks through the window and sees David... with another woman. Sam explains that David remarried, but Molly insists that they left the house a day ago. However, Sam tells her that the car crash was fifteen years ago. She died in the crash and has haunted the stretch of Route 41 ever since. The brothers talked to David, who informed them that he had Molly’s body cremated and released into the river. All of the accident victims saw a young woman jump in front of them, and the brothers figured they could use Molly as bait to lure out Jonah, but Sam wasn’t happy.

Molly tries to cope with the fact that she has been dead for fifteen years, and Sam explains that time has stood still for her. David finally was able to say goodbye to Molly’s memories, and Sam tells Molly that now she has to say goodbye to him. He says that he understands what it means to lose a loved one, but he believes that eventually they go to a better place. Molly thanks him, crying, and Sam takes her hand. After a long moment, Sam tells Molly that she has to go and that there’s another world waiting for her. She says goodbye to David and then disappears in a flare of white light.

Sam returns to the car and Dean jokingly asks how it felt to hug a ghost. As they leave, Sam wonders what happened to his clothes and Dean admits that he burned them. As the brothers head down the road, Sam looks out the window and Dean asks him if he believed what he said about going onto a better world. His brother says that it is too much to bear if it’s not true, and Dean tells him to roll up the window. However, Sam is hit by visions of a fire and a woman screaming for help.

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