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Ghost on the Highway - Recap

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A woman is driving through the night, listening to a radio broadcast about a recent series of hit-and-run incidents. Her radio suddenly dies out and a black Impala pulls up behind her. It slams into the rear of the woman’s car and then sideswipes her off the road and down the mountainside. The driver of the Impala parks at the side of the road and looks down on the remains of the victim.

Dean and Sam are on the road and Sam is checking over two possible cases. However, neither one of them seem to involve the supernatural. Sam also hasn’t found anything on John’s whereabouts. As Sam eats, Dean grabs his breakfast burrito and throws it out the window because his brother is getting crumbs all over their Impala. A police car pulls up behind them and orders them to pull over. Once they do, the officers put them under arrest and read them their rights.

At the station, the police chief, Rod, interrogates Dean and explains that a number of the town’s residents have been killed by a black Impala over the last twelve months. Dean denies even having been in the town before but Rod doesn’t believe him and has his men lock him up with Sam. Sam is confident they can prove their innocence but Dean doesn’t want to wait.

The deputy chief, Michael, comes into the officer of the watch’s room, flirts with him briefly, straightens his tie, and then leaves with his cell keys. He then goes to the brother’s cell where Dean is trying to cut his way out with a blowtorch, and offers to release them. Michael lets them out and introduces himself, explaining that he’s Rod’s brother. As they go to the car, Michael apologizes for Rod’s behavior and explains that they lost their parents when they were young. As the brothers leave, Sam asks why Michael is helping them and he says that the killer may not even be human anymore. When they ask what he means, Michael claims that he’s kidding and admits that they’re his type, and tells them never to come back.

Michael returns home and finds Rod waiting for him. The police chief says that he got a call from the station about the escape and knows that Michael did it. Michael angrily defends his actions, saying that they both know that the Winchesters had nothing to do with the killings. He accuses Rod of knowing the truth and trying to blame the brothers, and Rod asks if Michael told them about it. Michael angrily insists that he didn’t and wonders what his brother took him for to even think of it.

As the Winchesters drive away, Sam and Dean wonder what Michael meant about the killer not being human. Dean doesn’t want to go back and risk being recaptured, but Sam isn’t happy that innocents are being killed. His brother pulls the Impala over and says that they’ll go back, but he has his own reasons for doing it. When Dean wonders what they’ll do with the Impala, Sam tells him that he’s got a plan.

The next morning, the brothers paint the Impala white with a water-based paint and drive back into town. Sam sends an email to Michael and arranges a meeting at the town diner. They ask what Michael knows about the Impala murders and what he meant earlier. Dean starts to explain that they deal with non-human killers, but Rod and two policemen come in for coffee. Michael tells them that they have to get out before his brother spots them. As they arrive, Rod notices the white-painted Impala and runs in to find the brothers, but they’ve already slipped out the back with Michael.

Michael drives the brothers away in his police car and the brothers explain that they’re monster hunters. He doesn’t believe them at first but he finally agrees to tell them. Michael explains that two summers ago, Rod and his man set up roadblocks to capture a bank robber from New Orleans who drove a black Impala. The driver kept driving and the police pursued him, and he lost control and drove off a cliff to his death. Later, Rod got news that the real robber was caught in another town and the man whose death they caused was an innocent man passing through town. The police covered it up and everyone in town went along with it. Since then, the killer Impala has been targeting the town’s residents. The Winchesters assure Michael that they can take care of it and have him take them to the point where the dead man went off the cliff.

As Michael drives them there, Sam and Dean explain that they have to salt and burn the corpse’s bones to put the ghost to rest. Dean asks Michael to take them to their Impala, but Michael warns that it’s too risky. Sam agrees and tells his brother to wait to rescue the Impala, and they start fighting. Michael tells them that he and his brother fight all the time, but they love each other in the end. Rod pulls them over and aims a shotgun at them, and Michael tries to explain that the Winchesters can help them. The police chief knocks his brother to the ground and tells the Winchesters to get out. Sam and Dean reluctantly get out, but Michael grabs the shotgun and knocks his brother down.

Before Michael can do anything further, the black Impala pulls up behind them and revs its engine. Dean grabs the shotgun and fires at the Impala as it pulls forward but the buckshot has no effect. Michael gets in his brother’s police car and yells that the Winchesters are innocent, and then drives off. The Impala chases after him while Rod wakes up and grabs the shotgun from Dean. He accuses the Winchesters of playing a prank and demands to know what they really want. Before the brothers can respond, they hear a crash from down the road. They go to the crash site and find the remains of the police car and Michael.

Rod throws the brothers in jail again, and they insist that they can help him. The police chief plans to blow up the Impala and says that he can’t trust them, but Dean says that they’re doing it for Michael because he trusted them. Rod releases them and they take off in the Impala as the police chief directs them to the original crash site. They climb down, salt the body, and burn it. However, as they climb back up to the road, the ghost Impala arrives. It sideswipes the Winchester Impala, causing a gas leak. Dean realizes that the Impala left skid marks when it went off the road, creating a portal to the other side, and they have to burn those as well.

The brothers salt the skid marks but don’t have enough time as the ghost Impala comes back for another pass. They drive off, leaving a trail of gas from their tank behind. The ghost Impala gains on them, rear-ending them, and Rod warns that they have to slow down because they’re coming up on the curve where Michael died. As they hit the curve, Michael’s ghost drives up in the police car that he died in. He rams the ghost Impala off the road and both spectral vehicles explode in a burst of light. The brothers and Rod go back and see Michael’s ghost standing at the spot where he was killed. Rod offers to listen to whatever his brother wants to talk about and says that he doesn’t know what he’ll do without him. Michael brushes the tears from Rod’s face, smiling, and fades away. Dean kicks a piece of burning wreckage onto the gas trail and it ignites the salt on the skid marks, burning them up.

Later, Rod releases the brothers and tells them that he’s resigning and turning himself in. Dean tells him that Michael would be proud and Rod thanks them for their help as they drive off.

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