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Till Death Do Us Part - Recap

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Sam goes to visit the grave of his girlfriend Jessica. Meanwhile, Dean waits at the car and tries to call John again only to get his voicemail.

At the grave, Sam remembers being with Jessica and the two of them swearing their love to each other.

Three Years Ago

John and Dean are on the road and John finds an article about Evelyn Summers, a co-ed killed in Stanford by the legendary Blood Mary. Dean dismisses it as a rumor until John points out that the victim’s eyes were scratched out and everything in the bathroom were covered over with towels and tape. The police believe that the victim died of a heart attack, and Dean doesn’t see the point of investigating further. However, John thinks that it’s worth an investigation. When Dean points out that Sam can show them around Stanford, John refuses, saying that his younger son has his own life and needs to concentrate on school.

At Stanford, Sam is sitting at his table and studying when newcomer Jessica comes over. She sits down with him and points out that he always seems to be alone. Sam doesn’t remember her and Jessica points out that they’re in several classes together. She introduces herself and they go walking, and Jessica asks if he has friends. Sam admits that he’s not used to getting close to people and snaps at her, wondering why she’s asking so many questions. He apologizes and admits that he’s always been like that and that his family has never stayed in one place so that he could learn to make friends. Sam explains that John told him never to let anyone get close because he’d make them sad one day, and Jessica asks if he could be friends with her. As they walk, Sam overhears a reporter talking to a student about Evelyn’s death.

Dean and John go to Evelyn’s house and discover that she taped everything over. John figures that she tried to cover over anything with a reflection and explains that mirrors have spiritual powers. In the East, people use mirrors to summon spirits. John believes that the spirit of Bloody Mary possessed Evelyn. As they talk, Dean notices a message on Evelyn’s phone and plays it back. A woman named Risa tells Evelyn to stop calling about Bloody Mary, saying they were kids and they just imagined her. Dean writes down the phone number while John tries to piece together what it all means.

Jessica explains to Sam that she didn’t want to listen to the reporter asking about Evelyn, and explains that they were close when they were kids. She says that before Evelyn died, she called Jessica and wanted to talk about Bloody Mary, but Jessica didn’t take her seriously because she thought it was a joke. Now Jessica isn’t so sure that it was a joke and blames herself for not listening to her friend.

John and Dean talk to Risa at the college gym, and she explains that Evelyn kept calling her about Bloody Mary. Dean asks what she meant about when they were kids and the woman explains that they had a slumber party and jokingly tried to summon Bloody Mary.

Just before midnight, the girls say Bloody Mary’s name repeatedly in an attempt to summon her. Nothing happens immediately, but when the clock strikes midnight, the objects in the room start to move on their own. The image of Bloody Mary appears in the mirror.

Risa dismisses the incident as childhood imagination and figures that Evelyn was emotionally unstable because she had just broken up with her boyfriend. As Risa drinks a cup of coffee, she suddenly gasps in horror as she sees Bloody Mary in the liquid’s reflection. She checks behind her but doesn’t see anything, and Dean asks her who the third girl was. Risa gives them Jessica’s name and says she’s studying law at Stanford As John and Dean leave, John figures they should go to Risa’s dorm because he figures she’ll be the next target.

As John and Dean pull away, Sam walks Jessica past on the way to her dorm. She thanks him for cheering her up and Sam assures her that she’s not to blame for Evelyn’s death. As he goes, Jessica asks if they could talk again sometime and he hesitantly agrees.

Risa is at her dormitory brushing her teeth in the bathroom, unaware that Bloody Mary is in the mirrors around her. As midnight approaches, Risa starts to catch glimpse of the spirit and locks herself in her bedroom. The house starts to shake and Bloody Mary appears behind Risa as the woman’s eyes start to bleed. John and Dean pull up outside and hear her scream. They break in and find her dead, her eyes scratched out.

The next day, the police take the body away while John and Dean watch. John figures that the spirit the girls summoned ten years ago is responsible and tells his son that they have to figure out why it’s striking now. As they talk, John notices Sam nearby, talking to Jessica. She runs into his arms for comfort and John notices, but drives away. Meanwhile, Sam confirms that Evelyn called Risa as well and gets the story of the slumber party from Jessica. Jessica didn’t see anything but her friends say they saw Bloody Mary, and worries that she’s next. Sam tells her not to talk like that and dismisses it as coincidence, but Jessica isn't so sure.

John and Dean go to the library and find a story on the suicide of a 42-year-old Linda Emerson. She was suffering from emotional distress while raising three children and shot them and then herself. Her blood splattered across the bathroom mirror and she died on the same day ten years ago that the three girls were trying to summon Bloody Mary. Dean figures that Linda mistook the three girls for her children and tried to take them with her.

Sam goes to the library and checks the newspapers for ten years ago, and the librarian says that they were just returned. When he checks the records, Sam discovers that the page with Linda Emerson is tagged. He goes into the rows, unaware that Dean and John are a few rows over checking the real estate records. They’ve discovered that developers have dug up Linda’s grave to move her elsewhere. John figures that they have to find the body and burn it before midnight when she’ll come after Jessica. Meanwhile, Sam checks his watch and realizes that he’s running out of time.

John and Dean go to the cemetery where Linda was reburied. Dean assures his father that he’s sure but John snaps at him. He finally explains that the third girl knows Sam.

After finding where Linda is buried, Sam runs to Jessica’s dorm room.

Jessica is in her dorm room sleeping as the clock strikes midnight. The room starts to vibrate, waking her up, and she sees Bloody Mary reaching for her out of the reflection in the window. Sam breaks in and throws salt at Mary’s arm, burning her.

As they search for Linda’s grave, Dean wonders why John didn’t tell him about Jessica. His father says that if he had, Dean would have gone to Sam.

Sam gets Jessica outside and tells her that they have to find somewhere that has no mirrors. The sprinkler system starts up and puddles form, and Bloody Mary emerges from one of them. They continue running and get to a courtyard. Jessica wonders how Sam knows about evil spirits and he says that she wouldn’t believe him. When she wonders what they can do, Sam tells her that they just have to get through the night and promises that he won’t let anything happen to her. As they start to kiss, the moon comes out and Jessica sees Bloody Mary reflected in Sam’s eye. She backs away from him and the spirit emerges from h is eyes and materializes. She grabs Jessica and forces her eyes to start bleeding.

John finds the grave.

Sam manages to dissipate Linda’s spirit but she turns on him, forcing his eyes to bleed. As he collapses, Linda’s spirit suddenly bursts into flames and then vanishes.

Dean and John finish salting and burning the bones.

Sam goes to Jessica and confirms that she’s still breathing, and then collapses next to her.

The next day, Jessica assumes that everything that happened was a dream and makes Sam promise not to tell anyone. As they walk across the campus, John and Dean watch from the Impala. Dean agrees not to get mixed up with Sam’s life and they take off. Sam catches a glimpse of the Impala but Jessica interrupts him and asks if he thinks he can make friends.


Dean comes up to the grave and tells Sam that Bobby has some information about John’s whereabouts.

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Warning: Supernatural: The Animation season 1 episode 6 guide may contain spoilers
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