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I Have My Reasons - Recap

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Sister Carmel comes to the diner and tells The Man that she has met someone, explaining that despite saying earlier that she wouldn’t, she had to keep going. The nun met the man at Mass who caught her eye because she was praying, and she recognized him from a museum she went to. The man remembered her and Sister Carmel left so he wouldn’t give away what she had done. He caught up to her and introduced himself, and said that he wanted to paint a portrait of her. The painter gave her his card and the nuns aid that she’d think about it.

Detective Allen returns to see The Man and explains that his son broke into his house to steal guns, accompanied by a whore. He asks The Man for something, but The Man says that Allen has to find the dirty cop and protect him. The Man refuses to give him any clues and Allen insists that he wants his son home, now. When he asks again, The Man asks him to explain what happened to Allen’s wife. The detective says that things just didn’t work out, and The Man tells him again to find a dirty cop.

As The Man has coffee, Jenny brings in her new boyfriend, Richard. She’s tried to explain what The Man does but Richard doesn’t believe it. Jenny suggests that Richard asks for something he wants, and The Man points out that people normally come to him on their own. Richard says that he’s there on his own and asks for a demonstration, and The Man says that he does give proof on occasion when someone wants something simple. When Richard says that he wants his father to leave him alone, The Man says something simple. He asks for security codes at a bank but The Man again says it has to be something simple. Richard finally asks for flowers for Jenny, and The Man takes out his ledger and reads it. He then tells Richard to help ten women across the street. Richard is skeptical but says he’ll do it for Jenny.

James comes to the diner later and shows The Man a newspaper article about Elizabeth’s kidnapping. He wonders if The Man had something to do with it, but The Man insists that he didn’t. When James becomes angry and wonders if he’s messing with his life, The Man admits that he did make another deal with someone to protect the girl, and that his ledger told him to assign that task. He insists that he didn’t tell Willem anything about James and just told him to protect the girl. James threatens to call the cops but The Man knows that he won’t and James reluctantly agrees.

Sister Carmel meets with The Man again and admits that she modeled for the painter. She looks happy and The Man wonders if she procreated, and Sister Carmel assures him that she didn’t. The painter wanted her to come back and she didn’t know if she would or wouldn’t, but she did go back eventually night after night, sneaking out of the convent. The Man asks if she’s hearing God, pointing out that she seems very happy, and Sister Carmel wonders how that can happen if she hasn’t had a child yet. He says that there are different resolutions to any situation and he only offers one. Sister Carmel talks about how when she was a child, she liked to go to church to admire the statues and stained glass windows. She asks The Man if he believes in God and he says that he believes in the details.

Willem comes to the diner and tells The Man that he kidnapped Elizabeth to keep her safe. He insists that he has it all worked out and The Man asks for details, but Willem doesn’t trust him. The Man points out that she’s alone right now and Willem admits that he hasn’t told her anything and wears a mask when he gives her food. He also admits that Elizabeth is scared but he figures that it’s all okay because someone is trying to kill her. When The Man suggests that he could have gone to the police, Willem points out that letting them protect Elizabeth would break his deal. The Man asks why he really kidnapped the girl and Willem says that he did it to be the hero just once, get what he wants, and never have to make deals with people like The Man again.

The next day, Richard and Jenny come back and show him the flowers. After he helped ten women across the street, a man gave Richard flowers. The Man says that Richard is the one who did it by doing what he was supposed to. Richard wants to make a new deal and The Man says that he gives a task and Richard gets what he wants. The Man asks what he wants and Richard says he wants his father to leave him alone, and Jenny says that she wants to help him. When The Man asks if she wants to give up what she wants, Jenny says that she just wants to help her boyfriend. After consulting his ledger, The Man tells Richard that he has to help Jenny rob $101,043 from banks. Once he does that, he’ll get what he wants.

Allen meets with The Man and tells him that he found a dirty cop in his precinct. He made small talk at the precinct about Internal Affairs and noticed that two of the detectives were nervous about a possible investigation. Allen has confirmed that one of the detectives, Terrence, steals valuables off of the dead. He checked Terrence’s desk and confirmed that he had stolen goods. Allen says that Terrence shouldn’t have stolen from the dead, and then admits that he shouldn’t have killed Sharkey. He explains that he killed Sharkey for his own reasons, not because Sharkey killed his girlfriend and mother. The Man tells Allen that he has to protect Terrence for three weeks and make sure that he doesn’t get caught. Allen hesitates and then says that he feels like everything he’s done wrong, he’s passed onto his son. He wonders if it’s possible to fix things with his son if he can find him, and The Man says that it’s possible.

Later, Mrs. Tyler comes to the diner and tells The Man that her husband came home even though she didn’t set off the bomb. He was misdiagnosed with Alzheimer’s two years ago and simply had hydrocephalus. The treatment made it seem like he had Alzheimer’s. The old woman is guilt-stricken that she almost killed over a hundred people and starts to blame The Man, but then admits that it was all her decision. The Man tells her to go home to her husband, but she wonders if she deserves to have him back.

The next day, James tells The Man that he visited his dying son at the hospital. Then he tried to find Willem, reading the newspapers looking for clues. James figures that it’s someone who had access, probably the gardener. The Man agrees that it’s possible and finally admits that it was the man he sent to protect Elizabeth. James asks where Willem is keeping Elizabeth but The Man says that he doesn’t know. Satisfied The Man is telling the truth, James says that he broke into Willem’s house but he hadn’t been there for days. He found receipts for toys for Elizabeth and a gas receipt on the west side on the day that the girl was abducted. The Man asks him how he felt about breaking in and James says that it felt purposeful, like he was making an important choice. He admits that he’s always done what is directly in front of him and never really chose before. Being able to choose for once felt good.

Melody tells The Man that Ron told her that his photos came from his son, but she checked and confirmed that the shut-in doesn’t have a son. However, she did find a boy with the son’s name that vanished in Alabama 45 years ago along with his mother and father. The bones of the mother and son were found years later, dissolved by acid, but not the father’s. Melody checked some of the people in the photos and confirmed that they were missing people, and that there was a rash of five serial killings with bodies dissolved using acid. She wonders what happens if she tells the police and they drag Ron out instead of her, and The Man tells her that she’s still responsible for getting Ron out to fulfill her deal.

Later, Doris pours hot water for The Man and starts to walk away, but he asks her to tell her something she wants to tell him. She tells him that she’s been waiting for love a long time, and he points out that’s not something she normally tells someone. Doris admits that she has no one else to tell. The Man asks why she’s so alone and Doris asks him the same question. He says he has his reasons and she points out that he’s no different than anyone else before leaving.

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