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Series 1 - Blind Auditions 1 - Recap

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The Voice kicks off with the first round of Blind Auditions where coaches Danny O’Donoghue, Jessie J, Tom Jones and Will.I.Am are going to have to decide who will make it into the next round. The rules are that if one coach turns around, the singer gets to go with them. If the singer gets two chairs to turn around, then the singer gets to choose who they want to be mentored by. However, if no one turns their chair around, then they are out of the competition and have to leave. These are the Blind Audition and thus the artists are not going to be able to see the judges until they turn around.

The coaches opened the show performing “I’ve Got A Feeling”. Hosts Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates come out and kick off the night with the first contestant.

Up first is 17-year-old Jessica Hammond from Belfast. She says that music has been her outlet and she says that she doesn’t feel alone. She comes out and sings “Price Tag”. Will.I.Am. turns around first. Jessie turns around next. Danny turns around as well. Tom turns around at the end. Will.I.Am. says that he wants to work with her and starts to name drop. He runs up and holds her guitar. Jessie says that she was amazed with her and says that music is where it stems from. Tom says that they are going to pick the right songs to be able to win this. Danny says that he understands guitars and singing. Jessica decides to go with Jessie J.

Next up is 30-year-old Sean Conlon. He had his time in the limelight when he was in the boy band “5ive” and now wants to go out on his own. He comes out and sings “Trouble”. He tries his hardest, but does not get anyone to turn around. After his performance the judges turn around and remember the group he was once part of. Will.I.Am says that he understands that he wants to go out on his own. Jessie says that she didn’t want to change his tune.

Up next is 20-year-old Samuel Buttery from Birmingham. He says that he is a jolly person He says that he used to sing Tom Jones’ songs and he wants to impress him the most. He comes out and sings “Set Fire to the Rain”. Tom likes what he hears and turns around. It is clear that Samuel is ecstatic. Will.I.Am asks him what brought him to the Voice and Samuel says that he wants to show his voice. Jessie and Danny say that they thought he was a female, but says that it was great. Tom says that they will work really well with one another.

Next is 34-year-old Toni Warne from Gt. Yarmouth. She says that she lost her hair at 21 and she was devastated. She wants to sing and show off her voice. She is looking forward to being herself. She comes out and sings “Leave Right Now”. Jessie, Danny and Tom turn around at the end. Jessie asks what her inspiration is and she makes Jessie. Danny says that he would fight to the death for her. Jessie says that she felt like Toni can teach her something. Tom says that she is a real singer and says that she sounded fantastic. Toni says that she wants to go with Jessie.

36-year-old Aundrea Nyle from London is next and she has performed as a backup singer for years for artists such as Puff Daddy. She then had kids and stopped singing. She comes out and sings “Crazy”. She tries her hardest and Tom pushes his button at the end of it. Will.I.Am says that her voice splinters a bit. Jessie says that she can tone down the vibrato. Tom says that he loves it and says that it is going to be fun to work with her.

Up next is 28-year-old Adam Isaac from Exeter. He says that for 10 years, he has been singing and this is the first time he has put himself out there. He says that this is a big thing for him and he fears that he will get a no. He comes out and sings “Maybe Tomorrow”. Tom turns around and so does Will.I.Am. Danny says that was a great performance. Will.I.Am says that he has a warm voice and says that it was great. Tom says that he needs someone with a strong voice and will have a lot to do when they win. Jessie says that she didn’t turn around because she can’t compete with it. Adam goes with Tom after tricking Will.I.Am.

Next are 20-year-old Max Milner and 24-year-old Twinnie Lee Moore from London. They are separate performers. Max is up first and he sings a mashup of “Come Together" and "Lose Yourself”. Will.I.Am and Danny turn around. Jessie pushes her button at the end. Tom says that was great. Danny says that he was shocked at what he did with the mash-up. Jessie says that what he did was interesting and wants him on her team. Will.I.Am. says that he is an artist and drops another name. He says that he knows artists. Jessie says that she is a current artist. Max goes with Danny.

Next is 22-year-old Ben Kelly from Derry. He says that he did covers on YouTube and has gotten a lot of views, but he wants a recording contract and he wants to prove that he has it. He comes out and sings “Rocket Man”. Will.I.Am and Danny both turn around at the same time. Jessie pushes her button and so does Tom. Will.I.Am. says that he turned around because he can tell that there is passion. Jessie says that his tone is there and that his lips are mad clean. Danny says that they don’t need to do anything. Jessie says that she can teach him how to release a record. Tom says that he is known as “The Voice” and says that they can win this. Ben goes with Jessie.

Now it is Twinnie Lee’s turn to take to the stage. She is excited that they are going to only hear her voice. She comes out and sings “The Climb”. Danny almost pushes his button, but catches her pitchy notes. No one turns around for her. Danny says that he was almost with her, but the pitch wasn’t perfect. Jessie says that she agrees with Danny. Tom says that she needed to own it and says that he didn’t feel it with her.

Next is 27-year-old Phil Poole from Leicester. He is a delivery driver who wants to be a singer. His Nan says that he is really good and says that she is proud of him. He says that he has never auditioned for anything before. He comes out and sings “Drops of Jupiter”. He tries, but no one turns around. Will.I.Am says that he wanted Danny to push it. Danny says that he was looking for the fire in his belly to turn around. Tom says that he needed to take the song somewhere else and he never did that.

Last up for the night is 27-year-old J. Marie Cooper from London. She says that music has always been in her life. She says that she stood in as one of the singers on “Strictly Come Dancing”. She comes out and sings “Mama Knows Best”. Will.I.Am. is the first to turn around. Jessie and Danny turn around too. Tom turns around too. Jessie says that was insane and says that her voice is “ridoncilosos”. Will.I.Am. says that he turned around because he heard the love of the craft. Tom says that it was great. Danny says that if she would go with him, they would work well together. J. Marie goes with Will.I.Am because he turned around first.

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