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Series 1 - Blind Auditions 2 - Recap

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The Blind Auditions continue with hosts Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates. Along with coaches Danny O’Donoghue, Jessie J, Tom Jones and Will.I.Am who are trying to find the right voice to win the recording contract with Universal. They get in and take their seat as the contestants are coming in.

First up is 25-year-old Heshima Thompson from London. He says that his passion is entertaining. He says that he has been on TV and wants to be mentored by a great coach. He says that he doesn’t think that he has this in the bag. He comes out and sings “Dynamite”. Jessie and the rest of the judges turn around during his performance. Danny says that he killed it and says that he was straight in it. He says that he would kill to have him on his team. Will.I.Am says that they can move and sing and it will be great. Jessie says that he needs to go with her. Tom says that if he wants longevity, then he needs to be with him. Heshima eventually goes with Will.I.Am.

47-year-old Barbara Bryceland from Glasgow is up next. She says that she loves to sing and been a grandmother. She comes out and sings “Wild Horses”. Tom turns around. She is pleased that he is going to be her mentor. Will.I.Am says that he didn’t push his button because he knew that she belonged with Tom. She laughs and Tom says that they are going to destroy the other teams with her voice.

Up next is 23-year-old David Julien from Lee. He says that he is unemployed and that this is his shot. He comes out and sings “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”. Danny recognizes his own song and Will.I.Am and Danny turn around. Danny says that he has the same heart and emotion as what he does in him. Tom says that he thought that he was a girl and if he would have known he would have pushed his button. Will.I.Am tries to convince him to join his team, but he joins Danny's.

Next up is 31-year-old Kerry Ellis from Hitchin. She says that she has been in Musicals for 10 years. She says that she has had a great career and wants to start a solo career. She doesn’t want to be rejected. She comes out and sings “Son of Preacher Man”. However, no one tells around. Jessie says that she sounded good, but it wasn’t good enough. Danny says that she was good, but he is looking for a certain caliber. Tom says that she is already in Musicals and that is good.

Up next is Vince Kidd from London. He says that he has always been turned away because of his image and with the auditions been blind, he has more of a chance. He comes out and sings “Like A Virgin”, Danny turns around. Jessie turns around and Will.I.Am turns around as well. Tom turns around at the last moment. Tom says that he thought that there were two people, he says that it was great. Danny says that he did a fantastic job. Will.I.Am says that it was awesome how he put in some 'Soul Sauce'. Vince goes with Jessie.

Next up is 17-year-old Shansel Huseyin. She says that her style is great and that people say that she has a old voice for what people have told her. She comes out and sings “Nessun Dorma”. She doesn’t get anyone to turn around. Tom says that she was good. Will.I.Am says that he is kicking himself and says that he missed out on an opportunity.

Not everyone gets their chance at going through to the next round as Ross Wild, Sam Thornton and Siobhan Stott find out when the judges miss out and don’t choose to turn around for them.

34-year-old Vince Freeman from Cheltenham is next. He says that he is trying to get work as he can. He says that it is about the moments that will be able to change his whole life. He comes on stage and sings “Sex On Fire”. Danny pushes his button. Will.I.Am says that he belongs with Danny and that is why he didn’t push his button. Danny says that he has what it takes to get through.

Next up is 17-year-old Aleks Josh from Stevenage. He is a lifeguard and says that he wants to make people happy with his singing. He says that he is just Aleks. He comes out on stage and sings “I’m Yours”. Will.I.Am turns around right away. Danny follows right behind. Jessie says that she was always pretending to drown because she loves lifeguards. Will.I.Am says that the character of his voice is star quality. Jessie says that there were tuning problems and that is why she didn’t turn around. Aleks sits down while he makes up his mind and Jessie sits next to him. Aleks says that he has to go with Danny.

Up next is 18-year-old Frances Wood from Wakefield. She says that she is not scared to work hard and says that she wants to showcase her voice. She says that this is a great opportunity and wants to impress. She comes out and sings “Where Is The Love”. At the very end, Will.I.Am pushes his button. Danny says that when Frances yelled out Will’s name, he lost interest. Will.I.Am says that he turned around because of the way she interpreted the song.

Next is Matt & Sueleen. They are the first duo that has been on the Voice and they are excited for the chance. They come out and sing “A Little Time”. Tom turns around for them. Jessie turns around at the last second and says that she loved how the voices blended. Tom says that he loved the blend. Matt & Sueleen decide to flip a coin to decide and get Tom.

Up next is 16-year-old Holly Cosgrove from Paignton. Her image always turns people off to her so she started doing contests and has worked her way up. She says that she wants to showcase herself. She says that she is going to have to be judged only on her voice. She comes out and sings “You Need Me I Don’t Need You”. No-one turns around for her. Jessie says that she didn’t hear control, but loved the version. Danny says that she didn’t hit the high notes. Will.I.Am says that he didn’t hear any confidence in her voice.

Next up for the night is 43-year-old Deniece Pearson from Sunningdale. She was in “Five Star” when she was young. She wants to be bigger then what the band was beforehand. She comes out and sings “Fighter”. Tom pushes his button at the last moment. Danny asks what her story is and she says that she was in a 80’s group. Tom says that he loved her tone and says that he will help her get the right tone that she wants.

Last performance of the night comes from David Faulkner. He says that he has been singing for a while and wants to be able to sing as his day job. He comes out and sings “Superstition”. Danny turns around. The other coaches all turn around as well. At the end, Danny says that was incredible. Tom says that he has a great voice and says that they need to stick together. Will.I.Am. says that he knows what to do with him. Jessie says that she needs people who can “sang” and says that she will work his voice. David decides to go with Jessie.

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