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Series 1 - Blind Auditions 3 - Recap

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The Blind Auditions are still going strong as Danny O’Donoghue, Jessie J, Tom Jones and Will.I.Am continue to look for The Voice. Hosts Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates join them. The coaches take their seats as the contestants come to the auditorium.

First up for the night is 21-year-old Joelle Moses from London. She has done backup singing before, but wants to step out from that and show everyone that she can sing and that she can be out front. She comes out on stage and sings “Rolling In The Deep”. Will.I.Am and Danny turn around. Tom pushes his button followed by Jessie. Afterwards, she gets a standing ovation. Jessie gives her a hug. Danny says that he was sold and says that they could have a great chemistry, Jessie says that she would love to write a song for her. She says that she would love to have her on her team. Danny says that too much of her would be bad. Will.I.Am. says that he knows how to work with artists and she would be great on his team. Tom says that her song comes from the heart. Joelle goes with Will.I.Am.

24-year-old Jay Norton from Liverpool is next and he says that he is a waiter. He says that progressing onto the next round, would show people who he is and hopes that he will be able to change his future. He comes out and sings “I Need a Dollar”. Will.I.Am turns around. At the last moment, Tom turns around. Tom says that he loved the whole thing and says that he needs a man with a strong voice for his team. Will.I.Am says that he was positive that he was into it and says that he was the bomb. Jay chooses to go with Will.I.Am.

Next up is 29-year-old Allyson Brown from London. She reveals the award that she won when she was younger, but nothing further came from it. She says that this is great because the judges don’t know what she looks like. She comes out and sings “Somebody Else’s Guy”. None of the judges turn around after her performance. They all say that she has a good voice. The coaches wind Jessie up and she says how sad she was that she hadn't pressed her button.

Up next is 28-year-old Leanne Mitchell from Lowestoft. She works at an Holiday park and says that she wants to show what she can do alone and how this would be everything. She comes out and sings “If I Were A Boy”. Tom and Danny turn around. Danny says that he loved it and says that it was great. Leanne asks Tom what he wants to do with her and Danny says that Tom is the creator of “Sex Pump”. She says that she is married and Tom is too. Tom says that he would love her to be on his team and says that she is going places. Danny says that he can help her. Leanne decides to go to with Tom.

Next is 32-year-old Cassius Henry from London. He says that he had a career before, but nothing big became of it. He says that there is a lot riding on today for him. He comes out and sings “Closer”. Jessie and Danny turn around for him. Will.I.Am asks what he has done before and Cassius says that he was in a group before. Danny says that he was in a group too and he can help him. However, Cassius goes with Jessie.

More acts are joining teams as Denise Morgan joins Tom’s team and Murray Hockridge joins Danny’s team. They both get comments on their tone of voice and the delivery of the songs they sang.

Next is 20-year-old Hannah Berney from Chepstow. She is a cheerleader and loves to sing. She hopes that everything goes according to plan and this is the most important thing that she could do. She comes out and sings “You And I”. Danny and Tom turn around. Tom says that he loves the control that she has and is glad that he turned around. Danny says that he could hear the emotion and says that he would love to have her. Hannah decides to go with Danny.

Up next is 31-year-old Chris Grixti from Manchester. He says that his looks have held him back in his music career and this will help him. He comes out and sings “Forget You”. He tries his hardest, but he doesn’t make the cut and none of the judges choose him. Jessie says that she liked his voice. Tom says that there were some pitch problems.

Next up is 23-year-old Bill Downs from Norwich. He is in a band and wants to branch out. He says that he is engaged and that he wants a better life. He comes out and sings “She Said”. Danny turns around. His fiancé in the back screams. Jessie says that she thinks that Danny would be great with him. Danny says that he could work with him to get the great voice out of him.

19-year-old Kate Reed from Leicester is up next and has taught herself to sing for a year now. She says that the song she is singing means a lot to her. She comes out and sings “True Colors”. Tom and Will.I.Am. turn around. Will.I.Am. says that he loves the tone of her voice and says that his mum is his driving force and wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for his mom. Tom says that he likes the vulnerability in her voice and says that he knows better then Will. Kate decides to go with Will.I.Am.

Also moving onto the next round and joining up with a team are: Kirsten Joy and Ruth-Ann St. Luce who join Jessie's team.

Next up is 24-year-old Alys Williams. She is a mum of twins. She has a full on life and she would like to have a bit of glamour. She comes on stage and sings “Someone Like You”. She tries to sing her hardest, but no one turns around. Will.I.Am says that she is good, but he already has someone on his team who sounds like her. Tom says that the nerves got the best of her, but it was good.

Next up is 23-year-old Nathan James from Reading. He is a Rock and Roll singer and was a choir boy when he was younger. He says that this audition is so important to him and he wants to show off his talent. He comes out and sings “Living On a Prayer”. He tries his hardest, but no one turns around. Danny says that he loved the range. Jessie says that she was shocked with the note, but she only heard one layer of what he could sing.

Up next is 30-year-old Tyler James from London. He talks about his friendship with the late Amy Winehouse who was his best friend, he talks about how his whole life changed when she died. He says that this is his time to move on for himself. He comes out and sings “Sitting On the Dock of the Bay”. Will.I.Am turns around. He says that he loved the range. Jessie says that she enjoyed it and is happy that he and Danny go to the same hairdresser. Tom says that he knew Otis Redding and says that it is hard for him to judge the song.

Last up for the night is 27-year-old Bo Bruce from Wiltshire. She says that this is a great opportunity because her bringing up. She comes out and sings “Without You”. Danny turns around. Will.I.Am turns around at the last moment. Will.I.Am says that he turned around that she was unique and refreshing. Jessie says that she would have loved to hear the acoustic and with more power. Tom says that he needed something else. Danny says that he loves her voice and says that her voice stands out. Bo decides to go with Danny.

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Warning: The Voice season 1 episode 3 guide may contain spoilers
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