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Series 1 - Battles 1 - Recap

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With the Blind Auditions over, it is now time for the Battle rounds as Team Danny: Bill Downs, Max Milner, Bo Bruce and Vince Freeman, Team Jesse J: Kirsten Joy, Toni Warne, Vince Kidd and Jessica Hammond, Team Sir Tom: Andrea Nyle, Sam Buttery, Deniece Pearson and Ruth Brown and Team Will.I.Am: Joelle Moses, Jenny Jones, Tyler James, Heshima Thompson, Jay Norton and Jaz Ellington battle it out tonight in pairs picked by their coaches. The Battle Rounds works by the coaches pairing up two people in their team and each of them will be personally trained. Joining the coaches are professionals in the business. Joining Team Jesse J is Ana Matronic. Joining Team Danny is Paloma Faith. Joining Team Tom is Cerys Matthews. Joining Team Will is Dante Santiago. It is up to the artists to show that they have what it takes as the numbers are cut down.

First up is Team Will. He is pairing up Joelle Moses and Jenny Jones. He says that they are both mega divas in the making. He introduces Dante to them and he wants to give them the right advice. He says that they need to make it their own. Jenny projects really well. Will.I.Am says that this is not a fight over power. They come out and sing “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan. Afterward, Jesse J says that it is a touch decision because they have strong voices. She doesn’t know. Sir Tom says that Joelle has more of an edge. Danny says that they performed great and says that going with his gut, it is Joelle. Will.I.Am says that he is surprised with them. Will.I.Am goes with Joelle Moses. This means that Jenny is out.

Next up is Team Danny. He is pairing up Bill Downs and Max Milner. He says that this is going to be great. He introduces Paloma and she says that they have to make eye contact and says that they have to make sure that it is a battle. They need to get in each other’s head. They are determined. They come out and sing “Beggin’” by Madcon. They get a standing ovation. Will.I.Am says that was a dope pairing and says that Max is maximum, but Bill was doing a lot better. Jesse J says that was a phat one and a half and says that it was great. Sir Tom says that they were evenly matched. Danny says that this was stupid to put them together. He says that Max has a spark, but Bill has showed himself too. He goes with Max Milner. This means that Bill is out.

Up next is Team Tom. He is pairing up Andrea Nyle and Sam Buttery. Tom brings out Cerys and she says that she is excited that they have the energy. Andrea is told that she is not going to want to overdo it and to take her time with it. They feel competitive and they come out and sing “A Little Less Conversation” by Elvis Presley Ft. JXL. Afterward, Will.I.Am says that was great and fun. Jesse J says that Tom has a hard choice to make. Sir Tom Jones says that it is hard and says that he is going to have to take Sam Buttery to the LIVE shows. This means that Andrea Nyle is out.

Next up is Team Jesse J. She is pairing up Kirsten Joy and Toni Warne. She brings out Ana Matronic. She says that she wants to give them performance tools. She tells them to get into the words that they are singing. Jesse J says that they want power and tells Kirsten that she needs to dig a little deeper. They come out and sing “Think” by Aretha Franklin. Afterward, they get a standing ovation. Tom says that they were both incredible and says that they both did a great job. Danny says that it is impossible. Will.I.Am says that they are ninja assassin singers. Jesse J says that there was not one note out and says that they are both amazing. She says that she sees the desire that they have. Jesse J decides to go with Toni Warne. This means that Kirsten is out.

Team Danny is next and he is pairing up Bo Bruce and Vince Freeman. Danny works with them and hears that Vince is over-powering Bo in the song. He says that Bo shouldn’t be intimidated by Vince’s voice and that she needs to believe in herself. They come out and sing “With Or Without You” by U2. Afterward, Will.I.Am says that Bo is like an amazing singer that made him think that he was watching a Grammy performance and calls both of them Superstars. Tom says that it sounded a great duet. He says that he couldn’t choose. Danny says that he loves them both and loves that they did both an amazing job. He goes with Bo Bruce. This means that Vince is out.

Team Will is up next and he pairs up Tyler James and Heshima Thompson. Will.I.Am says that they are going to sing “Yeah 3x”. The two singers are unsure about the song and Heshima is totally against the song. Dante asks him what is holding him back from the song. He says that it is nothing. Will.I.Am is intimated and he doesn’t want to pretend. Will.I.Am says that he was uncomfortable in rehearals, but is glad that they worked it out. They come out and sing “Yeah 3x” by Chris Brown. Afterward, Jesse J says that she loved how Tyler put his own spin and Heshima needed to hold back more, but says that he was better. Tom says that Tyler was better. Will.I.Am says that this is hard and says that he is proud of them both. He says that Tyler was good, but both were great. Will.I.Am says that has to choose Tyler James. This means Heshima is out.

Team Jesse J is next and she is pairing up Vince Kidd and Jessica Hammond. She says that they are great and can’t wait to see what they can do. They get down to getting into the tone of things and Jesse J says that she didn’t love it when they first sing. Ana tells them that this is a battle and that they are going to have to win. They come out and sing “We Found Love” by Rihanna. Afterward, Tom says that the key was set to Vince’s voice and it was better. Danny says that he was afraid at first and says that Jessica held her own. Jesse J says that she loved that they put their own spin to it and has enjoyed working with both of them. Jesse J says that she is going to have to go with Vince Kidd. This means that Jessica is out.

Next is Team Will. He pairs up Jay Norton and Jaz Ellington. He says that they are Jedi Knight singers and is happy about it. In rehearsals, Jay says that he wants to have Jaz turn it down a bit because he can swallow him. Jaz says that he has been sick, but Dante says that he has to work through it. They come out and sing “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye. Afterward, they get a standing ovation. Jesse says that television is not ready for the talent and says that it was great. Danny says that this is what the voice is about and says that says that Jaz was great and Jay held his own too. Will.I.Am says that they both have soul and raw talent. He says that Jaz was a little flat in the beginning, but was amazing in the middle. Will.I.Am goes with Jaz Ellington.

Last pairing of the first round of the Battle Rounds is from Team Tom. He pairs Deniece Pearson and Ruth Brown. He says that they have both amazing voices. They get into rehearsal and Deniece shows her runs. Ruth gets emotional because that is what her father used to say when she sings the lyrics. Tom says that Deniece can’t overdo it and Ruth needs to step it up. They come out and sing “No One” by Alicia Keys. Afterward, Danny says that was amazing and that they were perfect together, but says that he was captivated in Ruth and says that she has it. Will.I.Am says that before there was a music industry, there were people singing in churches. He says that Deniece represents that, but Ruth is an angel. He loved the battle. Jesse says that both of them could go through. Tom says that he feels the soul from both of them. He says that he has to go with Ruth Brown. This means that Deniece is out. That concludes the first round.

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