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Series 1 - Live Show 3 Results - Recap

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It is results night and for Team Tom: Adam Isaac, Leanne Mitchell, Matt & Sueleen and Ruth Brown and Team Will: Joelle Moses, Frances Wood, Jaz Ellington and Tyler James, there are only 2 spots for the Semi-Final rounds for each team that is going to be given out. Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates come out and say that Scissor Sister is performing. Team Jesse J come out and performs on the stage. The coaches dance around their seats. Sir Tom says that this is going to be hard and they are all talented people. Will.I.Am says that he likes to look at it differently and says that he has 10 people he could add to his collaboration list. Danny says that music is about emotion and feeling and says that they need to trust their gut.

Team Tom come to the center of the stage and the winner of the public vote is Ruth Brown. This leaves Leanne Mitchell, Matt & Sueleen and Adam Isaac for the judge’s vote as to who will join Ruth in the Semi-Final. Tom says that it has to be done and he is not happy about it.

The Scissor Sisters come out and perform on stage. They show that they have what it takes to warrant all the success they have had and continue to have. They get a standing ovation.

They show a clip of the contestants getting up in the morning and getting ready for the show. Afterward, Team Will comes to the center of the stage and the winner of the public vote is Jaz Ellington. This means that Frances Wood, Joelle Moses and Tyler James are left for Will.I.Am to decide who he is going to save. Will.I.Am says that he is not surprised at all and says that it is good that the public responded to greatness.

Reggie talks to the contestants and they say that they are nervous and hope that they did enough to make their judges want them. Leanne Mitchell, Matt & Sueleen and Adam Isaac come to the stage and Tom says that all of them have done what they can and says that they need to go away stronger. Tom chooses to keep Leanne Mitchell. This means that Matt & Sueleen and Adam Isaac are eliminated. Adam thanks Tom and says that he understands. Matt & Sueleen say that this has been amazing to be in front of everyone.

Team Danny come out and performs on stage. They have fun on the stage and show that they can entertain a crowd.

Next, Frances Wood, Joelle Moses and Tyler James come to the stage. Will.I.Am says that Frances was fresh and so was Joelle. He says that Tyler was Mr. Cool out there. Will.I.Am says that they have had fun and now it is battle time and says that he is going to have to keep Tyler James. This means that Frances Wood and Joelle Moses are eliminated. Joelle says thank you to everyone and Frances says that she is going to benefit from this and it is going to push her forward. Next week Team Danny and Team Jesse will battle it out.

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