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Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Taste of Ashes

In the series opener, private eye Rex Randolph tries to track down the killer of his partner.
Guest Stars: Joanna Moore as Karen | Fredd Wayne as Lt. Fontaine | Karl Weber as Ira Grote | Jean Byron as Martha | Isobel Elsom as Serena

2 :01x02 - The Mourning Cloak

A member of the wealthy Cavanaugh family is having sightings of ghostly figures. Rex Randolph travels to the Cavanaugh plantation to investigate the ghostly goings on.
Guest Stars: Howard McLeod as Deputy | Scatman Crothers as Joe | John Hoyt as John/Frederick Cavanaugh | Bunny Cooper as Julie Cavanaugh | Louise Beavers as Mrs. Teale | Margaret Hayes as Della Cavanaugh
Writer: Sig Herzig

3 :01x03 - Torch Song for Trumpet

Cal Calhoun tries to proves that a hot-tempered ex-convict is not guilty of murdering his boss.
Guest Stars: Eddie Cole as The Baron | John Dennis as Brophy | James Chandler as Lt. Hudson | Tommy Farrell as Jay O'Hanlon | Jay Adler as Ben Sharkey | Suzanne Lloyd as Cindy Roberts | Steven Ritch as Charlie Seven | Brad Dexter as Mark Arlen | Richard Rust as Kip Kiley
Story: Jim Barnett | Teleplay: Leo Townsend

4 :01x04 - Woman in the River

A wealthy New Orleans family hires Rex and Cal to investigate the disappearance of their daughter.
Guest Stars: Mary Tyler Moore as Elsie Picard | Robert Griffin as Sheriff Dulaney | Henry Brandon as Gator Joe | Ray Stricklyn as Tony Picard | Denver Pyle as Big Red | Jeanette Nolan as Janet Picard | Raymond Bailey as Anthony Picard
Director: William J. Hole
Writer: Luther Davis

5 :01x05 - Girl in Trouble

Cal steps in when a former galpal is arrested for murder. He soon comes to believe that the killing was gangland related.
Guest Stars: Eddie Cole as The Baron | Carol Kelly as Fay Dawn | Robert J. Wilke as Frankie Mako | Russ Conway as Barney Harris | Faith Domergue as Susan Wood
Director: Reginald LeBorg

6 :01x06 - The Tiger Moth

Rex gets hired to investigate the death of a musician.
Guest Stars: Wilton Graff as Michael Dumont | Roxane Berard as Evelyn and Rose Dumont | Eddie Cole as The Baron | Ann Doran as Mary Dumont
Writer: Marie Baumer

7 :01x07 - Secret of Hyacinth Bayou

Calhoun uncovers a blackmail scheme that involves a reclusive older man and a young damsel.
Guest Stars: Robert J. Wilke as Sheriff | Robert Colbert as guest star | Susan Crane as Marie | Rusty Lane as Pops Polybe

8 :01x08 - Invitation to a Murder

Rex receives an invitation inviting him to the murder of a politician.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Crowley as Adele Decker | Alan Marshal as Jonathan Decker | Tom Drake as Adamson | Paul Dubov as Cutter
Director: Reginald LeBorg
Writer: Stephen Lord

9 :01x09 - Mrs. Viner Vanishes

Cal searches for the missing wife of a friend.
Guest Stars: Gail Kobe as Elaine | Nita Talbot as Lusti Weather | Wayne Morris (3) as Arthur Viner
Director: Paul Henreid
Writer: Irving Elman

10 :01x10 - Light Touch of Terror

Kenny and Melody attend a party honoring the Axeman, a notorious serial killer who terrorized New Orleans in the early 20th century.
Guest Stars: Barry Kaye as Barker | Joseph J. Greene as Fat Man | Spencer Williams as Big John | Bill Tennant as Chuck | Charity Grace as Mrs. Ingram | Joe Cronin as Dwayne Ingram | Kaye Elhardt as Alise Bonvillan | Sue Ane Langdon as Lurene
Director: William J. Hole

11 :01x11 - The Golden Beetle

Rex and Cal are hired by a shop owner to find a stolen talisman and are told that it's disappearance coincided with the disappearance of the husband of the shop owner's niece.
Guest Stars: Frieda Inescort as Charity LeGrande | Mala Powers as April Duroc

12 :01x12 - The Black Magnolia

Cal gets involved in a murder involving the claimants to a fortune reputedly on board an abandoned riverboat.
Guest Stars: Sara Haden as Luella Montgomery | Mary Tyler Moore as Laura Montgomery
Director: Reginald LeBorg
Writer: Earl Baldwin

13 :01x13 - Portrait of Lenore

Rex discovers more than theft when he's hired by an art gallery owner to recover a stolen painting.
Guest Stars: Andrea King as Sybil Dole | Madlyn Rhue as Lenore Lemartine
Director: Robert Gordon

14 :01x14 - Kill with Kindness

Cal poses as a handyman in order to discover whether or not a woman is being poisoned.
Guest Stars: Walter Burke as Wicks | Don Burnett as Michael St. John | Isobel Elsom as Maude St. John | Nancy Gates as Lydia Ames
Director: William J. Hole
Writer: Marie Baumer

15 :01x15 - Inside Man

When his detective brother-in-law is murdered, Rex Randolph investigates.
Guest Stars: Jerry Riggio as Sammy | Jonathan Hole as Psychiatrist | Eddie Foster as Ray Carter | Rush Williams as Greer | David Tomack as Fingers Ferguson | Lane Bradford as Bailey | John Dennis as Pockets Keller | James Chandler as Taylor | Terence de Marney as Arnie Clemson | Michael Dante as Gunner Doyle | Dolores Donlon as Velma | Virginia Gregg as Ma Ballard | Dallas Mitchell as Paul Coyne | Richard Carlyle as Luke Ballard
Teleplay: Howard Browne | Screenplay: Ben Roberts, Ivan Goff

16 :01x16 - Find My Face!

After regaining consciousness, a hit-and-run victim claims to be a different person from whom his identification papers say he is.
Guest Stars: Nita Talbot as Lusti Weather | Jean Byron as Grace Carvay | Charles Aidman as Graham Carvay/Bennie

17 :01x17 - Knock on Any Tombstone

A mysterious killer is apparently using voodoo to do in his victims.
Guest Stars: Jacqueline DeWit (1) as Portia Crowley | Donald Woods (1) as Edmund Horton | Cyril Delevanti as Armond Villiac | Paulene Myers as guest star | Burt Douglas as guest star | Sandra Knight as guest star
Director: William J. Hole

18 :01x18 - Key to the City

Rex Randolph and Kenny Madison are hired to protect a man who has damaging evidence against several corrupt New Orleans politicos.
Guest Stars: Paul E. Burns as Connors | Tol Avery as Theodore | Shirley Knight as Vera | Rhodes Reason as Sanders
Story: Jim Barnett | Teleplay: Robert C. Dennis

19 :01x19 - The 10% Blues

A talent agency uses strongarm tactics to sign up new clients including two friends of Cal and Rex--Lusti Weather and the Baron.
Guest Stars: Tristram Coffin as Bartender | Sandy Koufax as Doorman | Eddie Cole as The Baron | Nita Talbot as Lusti Weather | Lisa Gaye as Clo Williams | Marie Windsor as Veda Troy
Director: William J. Hole

20 :01x20 - Melody in Diamonds

Melody borrows a diamond for her Mardi Gras costume but gets accused of theft when it's discovered that an imitation stone has been substituted for the real thing.
Guest Stars: Gale Robbins as Magda Lazar | Sondra Rodgers as Aunt Samantha | Toni Gerry as Agnes Brisco

21 :01x21 - The House of Ledezan

Once again, Rex tries to prove a female client innocent of a murder charge.
Guest Stars: Gage Clarke as guest star | John Carradine as guest star | Neil Hamilton (1) as Julius | John Carlyle as Gregory | Tommy Farrell as Jay O'Hanlon | Paula Raymond as Sonie Ledezan
Director: William J. Hole

22 :01x22 - Target of Hate

Rex and Cal's office is used by a hitman to assassinate a politician.
Guest Stars: Saundra Edwards as Gloria | Tommy Farrell as O'Hanlon | John Marley as Artie | Richard Chamberlain as Dale Willington | James Coburn as Buzz Griffin

23 :01x23 - The Missing Queen

The disappearance of a beauty queen is linked to a murder.
Guest Stars: Michael Carr as Jimmy Joe | Dorothea Lord as Ethel | Sheila Bromley as Mrs. Craigle | Lurene Tuttle as Minta Redding | Dorothy Johnson as Donna Lou Edison | Diane McBain as Ginny Costello

24 :01x24 - Neon Nightmare

Calhoun sets out to get the goods on racketeers operating in a small town.
Guest Stars: Richard Deacon as guest star | Myron Healey as Clay Tarbo | Jacques Aubuchon as Billy Bob Tate | Randy Stuart as Betty Jane Robinson

25 :01x25 - Wall of Silence

Investigating the death of a client, Rex discovers that an entire community is being victimized by a blackmailer.
Guest Stars: Roxane Berard as Anna Stanek | James Drury as Joe Darle | Jay Novello as David Stanek | Diane McBain as guest star
Writer: Sam Ross

26 :01x26 - Twice Betrayed

Cal must do battle against both a blackmailer and a crooked cop.
Guest Stars: Lewis Charles as Sid Lucas | Grant Richards as Ferguson | Robert Colbert as Jack | Laurie Mitchell as Lila | Judson Pratt as Sgt. Bogart
Director: William J. Hole
Story: Howard Browne | Teleplay: William Bruckner

27 :01x27 - Swamp Fire

Superstitious Cajun oilfield workers are being spooked by mysterious images.
Guest Stars: Ralph Neff as Tutt | Don 'Red' Barry as Joe Stagner | Jacquelyn Ravell as Marie Boudreaux | Rex Reason as Larry McKee
Story: Sig Herzig | Teleplay: Dean Riesner, Sig Herzig

28 :01x28 - If a Body

Lusti Weather gets arrested and the efforts to clear her name lead to a gang of diamond smugglers.
Guest Stars: James Chandler as Lt. Girard | Ric Roman as Leval | John Milford as Nick | Maureen Arthur as Tammy Pearson | Nita Talbot as Lusti Weather

29 :01x29 - Six Hours to Midnight

Calhoun desperately searches for evidence which will save the life of a man about to be executed.
Guest Stars: Madame Spivy as Landlady | James Chandler as Detective Anderson | Baynes Barron as Carlos Benito | Joel Marston as Jim Martin | Victor Buono as Joe Leslie | Rayford Barnes as Russ Hanson | Elaine Davis as Nancy Dumond | Melora Conway as Sally Martin | George D. Wallace as Peter Justin
Director: Charles Rondeau
Story: Richard Bluel | Teleplay: Lee Loeb

30 :01x30 - Last Exit

Cal and Rex head to the Caribbean to track down a killer.
Guest Stars: Orval Anderson as Ungar | Damian O'Flynn as Raoul Roulas | Joan Marshall as Amanda Hale | Madlyn Rhue as Nita Roulas | Ray Danton as Duke Powell
Story: Douglas Heyes | Teleplay: W. Hermanos

31 :01x31 - Deadly Persuasion

Cal and Rex investigate trouble at a boys reformatory.
Guest Stars: Andra Martin as Gwen Barnes | Arthur Franz as Dr. Joshua Hart | Rafael Campos as Leo Garcia | Alan Baxter as Hayes

32 :01x32 - Suitable for Framing

Rex is set up as a patsy by a hot chick and is arrested for murdering the woman's husband.
Guest Stars: Carleton Young as Lucian St. Claire | Craig Hale as Mark Evans | Barbara Lord as Hilary St. Claire | Rita Moreno as Manuela Ruiz

33 :01x33 - False Identity

This case involves the disappearance of the owner of a transport company who gave a lift to a hot chick and then was never seen again.
Guest Stars: John Hubbard as Bryant | Carolyn Komant as Gail | Robert Colbert as Ballard | Tol Avery as John Nichols | Irene Hervey as Alice Nichols | Lisa Gaye as Jane Landis
Director: William J. Hole
Story: David Goodis | Teleplay: W. Hermanos

34 :01x34 - Green Hell

Officials of a Latin American country hire Rex Randolph to retrieve important government documents from a band of revolutionaries.
Guest Stars: Miguel Ángel Landa as Bodyguard | John Wengraf as Dr. Hans Klaus | Carlos Romero as Ramon Rivera | Fabrizio Mioni as Guilio Alana | Joe De Santis as Major Hernandez | Suzanne Lloyd as Carlotta Posada
Director: Charles Rondeau
Story: Tom Gries | Teleplay: Al C. Ward, W. Hermanos

35 :01x35 - Ferry to Algiers

Kenny is hired to be a bodyguard for an elderly shop owner.
Guest Stars: Holly Bane as Police Sergeant | Hal Torey as Lewis | Joseph Ruskin as Leo | Charles Arnt as Jeff Marshall | Sam Buffington as Rattner | Diane McBain as Christina | Estelle Winwood as Mrs. Barrett
Director: William J. Hole
Writer: W. Hermanos

36 :01x36 - Wagon Show

The disappearance of a chimp is linked to the murder of a circus performer.
Guest Stars: Saundra Edwards as Anna | Paul Picerni as Rossi | Brad Johnson (2) as Michael Reynard | Patricia Michon as Yvonne O'Brien | Walter Burke as Napoleon Gunther | Horace McMahon as George Talbot

37 :01x37 - Interrupted Wedding

At a wedding, Rex receives word that a time bomb has been planted somewhere in the church.
Guest Stars: Carolyn Komant as Shelly Crane | Jon Lormer as Organist | John Maxwell (1) as Dr. Powers | Frank Gerstle as Sgt. Steve Travis | James Chandler as Lt. Girard | Whit Bissell as Henry Lombard/Norman Lombard | Patrick McVey as John Crane | Randy Stuart as Betty Jane Robinson

38 :01x38 - Reunion

Cal searches for a teenage girl who fled school in search of her missing father.
Guest Stars: Howard McLeod as Policeman | Baynes Barron as Joey | Lewis Charles as Louie | Dorothea Lord as Miss Blodgett | James Chandler as Lt. Girard | Lou Krugman as Max Runkle | Bert Freed as Big Tom Lanza | Marlene Willis as Ellen Landers | Dianne Foster as Marcia Sterling
Director: William J. Hole
Story: Nelson Gidding | Teleplay: W. Hermanos

39 :01x39 - Teresa

Hoods and a hurricane named Teresa complicate Rex's search for a missing playboy.
Guest Stars: Gary Vinson as Lenny | John Beradino as Joe Komack | Richard Rust as Brad Dennison | Brad Dexter as Mark Comden | Robert J. Wilke as Morey | Marie Windsor as Mara Lane | Karen Steele as Barbara Komack | Andra Martin as Jan Dennison | Gary Conway (1) as Dave
Director: William J. Hole
Story: Whitman Chambers | Teleplay: W. Hermanos
Warning: Bourbon Street Beat guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 05, 1959
Ended: September 26, 1960
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