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The Chew

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 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
453 3x01 09/Sep/2013 Chat N' Chew: Season 3 Kick-off! N/A
454 3x02 10/Sep/2013 Chat N' Chew: TV Dinners with a Twist N/A
455 3x03 11/Sep/2013 Chat N' Chew: Surprising Suppers N/A
456 3x04 12/Sep/2013 Chat N' Chew: Vintage Dishes N/A
457 3x05 13/Sep/2013 Chat N' Chew: Chew Crew to the Rescue N/A
458 3x06 16/Sep/2013 Party Platters N/A
459 3x07 17/Sep/2013 Veggie-Palooza N/A
460 3x08 18/Sep/2013 Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! N/A
461 3x09 19/Sep/2013 Back to Cooking School N/A
462 3x10 20/Sep/2013 Extra Value Friday: Budget Breakfast N/A
463 3x11 23/Sep/2013 Fabulous Fall Feasts N/A
464 3x12 24/Sep/2013 What's for Dinner? N/A
465 3x13 25/Sep/2013 Family Friendly Food N/A
466 3x14 26/Sep/2013 Best Lunch I Ever Tasted N/A
467 3x15 27/Sep/2013 Extra Value Friday: Choc-O-Rama N/A
468 3x16 30/Sep/2013 Mighty Meatless Meals N/A
469 3x17 01/Oct/2013 The Sweet Life N/A
470 3x18 02/Oct/2013 Country Fried Favorites N/A
471 3x19 03/Oct/2013 Jump Start Your Day N/A
472 3x20 04/Oct/2013 Extra Value Friday: Mexican Fiesta N/A
473 3x21 07/Oct/2013 Super Sandwiches N/A
474 3x22 08/Oct/2013 Leftover Makeovers N/A
475 3x23 09/Oct/2013 Meals on the Go N/A
476 3x24 10/Oct/2013 Tastes Like a Million Bucks N/A
477 3x25 11/Oct/2013 Extra Value Friday: Tasty Tailgate N/A
478 3x26 14/Oct/2013 Columbus Day Celebration N/A
479 3x27 15/Oct/2013 Fast, Cheap & Easy N/A
480 3x28 16/Oct/2013 Chew-nited Nations N/A
481 3x29 17/Oct/2013 Oodles of Noodles N/A
482 3x30 18/Oct/2013 Extra Value Friday: Chicken Chow Down N/A
483 3x31 21/Oct/2013 How 'Bout Them Apples N/A
484 3x32 22/Oct/2013 Nuts for Nuts N/A
485 3x33 23/Oct/2013 Meals From the Heartland N/A
486 3x34 24/Oct/2013 Food: The Final Frontier N/A
487 3x35 25/Oct/2013 Extra Value Friday: Haunted Halloween N/A
488 3x36 28/Oct/2013 Marvelous Munchies N/A
489 3x37 29/Oct/2013 Crowd Pleasin' Potluck N/A
490 3x38 30/Oct/2013 Something Tasty This Way Comes N/A
491 3x39 31/Oct/2013 The Chew's Halloween Spooktacular N/A
492 3x40 01/Nov/2013 Extra Value Friday: Goodbye Halloween, Hello Thanksgiving N/A
493 3x41 04/Nov/2013 Great American Thanksgiving Cook Off N/A
494 3x42 05/Nov/2013 Thanksgiving Battles of the Sexes N/A
495 3x43 06/Nov/2013 Amazin' Braisin'! N/A
496 3x44 07/Nov/2013 Battle of the Iron Grandmas: Thanksgiving Desserts N/A
497 3x45 08/Nov/2013 Extra Value Friday: Family Classics N/A
498 3x46 11/Nov/2013 Thanksgiving Back to Basics Week N/A
499 3x47 12/Nov/2013 Stress Free Suppers N/A
500 3x48 13/Nov/2013 Thanksgiving Across America N/A
501 3x49 14/Nov/2013 Perfect Plates N/A
502 3x50 15/Nov/2013 Thanksgiving to Go N/A
503 3x51 18/Nov/2013 Sensational Stuffing N/A
504 3x52 19/Nov/2013 Bird Is the Word! N/A
505 3x53 20/Nov/2013 Simple, Special, Spectacular Sides N/A
506 3x54 21/Nov/2013 Foolproof Thanksgiving Dessert N/A
507 3x55 22/Nov/2013 Extra Value Friday: Turkey Timeline N/A
508 3x56 25/Nov/2013 Instant Thanksgiving N/A
509 3x57 26/Nov/2013 Thanksgivukkah N/A
510 3x58 27/Nov/2013 The Chew's Ultimate Thanksgiving N/A
511 3x59 02/Dec/2013 Deep Fried December N/A
512 3x60 03/Dec/2013 The Chew's 500th Show N/A
513 3x61 04/Dec/2013 (hashtag)throwbackchristmas N/A
514 3x62 05/Dec/2013 Super Sized Seasonal Suppers N/A
515 3x63 06/Dec/2013 Extra Value Friday: Homemade Holidays N/A
516 3x64 09/Dec/2013 Naughty and Nice N/A
517 3x65 10/Dec/2013 Feliz Navidad! N/A
518 3x66 11/Dec/2013 Cookin' Around The Christmas Tree N/A
519 3x67 12/Dec/2013 Cookies, Cakes and Holiday Bakes N/A
520 3x68 13/Dec/2013 Eat Like Santa, Save Like Scroodge N/A
521 3x69 16/Dec/2013 How-To Holiday N/A
522 3x70 17/Dec/2013 Home for the Holidays N/A
523 3x71 18/Dec/2013 Winter Funderland N/A
524 3x72 19/Dec/2013 The Chew's Snow Day N/A
525 3x73 20/Dec/2013 Extra Value Friday: The Best Christmas Party Ever! N/A
555 3x103 14/Feb/2014 Be My Valentine N/A
556 3x104 17/Feb/2014 Wild Winter Cookout N/A
557 3x105 18/Feb/2014 Braisin' Bash N/A
558 3x106 19/Feb/2014 Deluxe Dinner Party N/A
559 3x107 20/Feb/2014 Mega Mash-Up Meals N/A
560 3x108 21/Feb/2014 Extra Value Friday: America's Favorite Comfort Food N/A
561 3x109 24/Feb/2014 Slumber Party! N/A
562 3x110 25/Feb/2014 The Chew's Pool Party! N/A
563 3x111 26/Feb/2014 Tex-Mex Takeover N/A
564 3x112 27/Feb/2014 The Chew's Chocolate Factory N/A
565 3x113 28/Feb/2014 The Chew's Ultimate Oscar Party N/A
566 3x114 03/Mar/2014 Rockin' Casseroles N/A
567 3x115 04/Mar/2014 Fat Tuesday Fest N/A
568 3x116 05/Mar/2014 Breakfast Basics N/A
569 3x117 06/Mar/2014 Set It And Forget It N/A
570 3x118 07/Mar/2014 Extra Value Friday; Sexiest Meals Alive N/A
571 3x119 10/Mar/2014 Stacked! N/A
572 3x120 11/Mar/2014 Awesomely Loud, Incredibly Crunchy N/A
573 3x121 12/Mar/2014 Season 3, Episode 121 N/A
574 3x122 13/Mar/2014 Miami Spice N/A
575 3x123 14/Mar/2014 Extra Value Friday; Chips, Dips, & Sips N/A
576 3x124 17/Mar/2014 Luck O' the Irish N/A
577 3x125 18/Mar/2014 Meatball Mania N/A
578 3x126 19/Mar/2014 Lunch With A Legend N/A
579 3x127 20/Mar/2014 Weeknight Wonders N/A
580 3x128 21/Mar/2014 Extra Value Friday: Spring Break! N/A
581 3x129 24/Mar/2014 Southern Fried Suppers N/A
582 3x130 25/Mar/2014 Sweet 'n' Salty Spectacular! N/A
583 3x131 26/Mar/2014 Chicken It Up a Notch N/A
584 3x132 27/Mar/2014 The World On A Plate N/A
585 3x133 28/Mar/2014 Extra Value Friday: Pies 'n' Thighs N/A
586 3x134 31/Mar/2014 Small Plates, Big Tastes N/A
587 3x135 01/Apr/2014 Comfort Food Express N/A
588 3x136 02/Apr/2014 Wacky Wednesday N/A
589 3x137 03/Apr/2014 Batter Up! N/A
590 3x138 04/Apr/2014 Extra Value Friday: Easter Extravaganza N/A
591 3x139 21/Apr/2014 The Sweeeter Side of Spring N/A
592 3x140 22/Apr/2014 Wings 'n' Things N/A
593 3x141 23/Apr/2014 The First Thing I Ever Made N/A
594 3x142 24/Apr/2014 Drive Thru Delights N/A
595 3x143 25/Apr/2014 Extra Value Friday: Star-Studded Snacks N/A
596 3x144 28/Apr/2014 Outrageous Eats N/A
597 3x145 29/Apr/2014 A Few of My Favorite Things N/A
598 3x146 30/Apr/2014 A Slice of Life N/A
599 3x147 01/May/2014 Fresh Start N/A
600 3x148 02/May/2014 Extra Value Friday: Last Minute Lunches N/A
601 3x149 05/May/2014 Cinco de Mayo Party N/A
602 3x150 06/May/2014 The Chew ... on Fire! N/A
603 3x151 07/May/2014 Meals My Mom Made N/A
604 3x152 08/May/2014 Mother's Day Brunch N/A
605 3x153 09/May/2014 Mother's Day Cooking Class N/A
606 3x154 12/May/2014 Win a Girls' Night With Carla Hall N/A
607 3x155 13/May/2014 Soul Mate Plates N/A
608 3x156 14/May/2014 Takes the Cake N/A
609 3x157 15/May/2014 Bachelor Party - Bachelorette Party N/A
610 3x158 16/May/2014 Extra Value Friday: Cocktail Hour N/A
611 3x159 19/May/2014 The Ultimate Meatless Monday N/A
612 3x160 20/May/2014 The Ultimate Sweet Treats N/A
613 3x161 21/May/2014 The Ultimate Show-Stopping Supper N/A
614 3x162 22/May/2014 The Ultimate Breakfast N/A
615 3x163 23/May/2014 Extra Value Friday: The Ultimate Barbecue N/A
616 3x164 26/May/2014 Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! N/A
617 3x165 27/May/2014 All Up in Your Grill N/A
618 3x166 28/May/2014 Viewers' Choice: Guilty Pleasures N/A
619 3x167 29/May/2014 Green Cuisine N/A
620 3x168 30/May/2014 Extra Value Friday: Baconfest N/A
621 3x169 02/Jun/2014 Did Somebody Say ... Pasta? N/A
622 3x170 03/Jun/2014 Great American Classics N/A
623 3x171 04/Jun/2014 Farm Fresh Favorites N/A
624 3x172 05/Jun/2014 No-Bake Greats N/A
625 3x173 06/Jun/2014 Extra Value Friday: Cheesy Livin' N/A
626 3x174 09/Jun/2014 Viewer's Choice: You Make the Meno N/A
627 3x175 10/Jun/2014 That's My Jam N/A
628 3x176 11/Jun/2014 The Third Annual Summertime Funtime Sunshine Happy Hour N/A
629 3x177 12/Jun/2014 Junk Food Jamboree N/A
630 3x178 13/Jun/2014 Father's Day Favorites N/A
631 3x179 16/Jun/2014 We Heart Burgers N/A
632 3x180 17/Jun/2014 Are You Ready for the Summer?! N/A
633 3x181 18/Jun/2014 CrispyCrunchyCool N/A
634 3x182 19/Jun/2014 All Steak, All the Time N/A
635 3x183 20/Jun/2014 Extra Value Friday; Buds 'n' Suds N/A
636 3x184 23/Jun/2014 Rise 'n' Dine N/A
637 3x185 24/Jun/2014 BBQ Secrets: Revealed N/A
638 3x186 25/Jun/2014 Very Berry Bonanza N/A
639 3x187 26/Jun/2014 Fabulous Family Picnic N/A
640 3x188 27/Jun/2014 Extra Value Friday: Grill Out 'N' Chill Out N/A
641 3x189 30/Jun/2014 Hasta la Vista, Belly! N/A
642 3x190 01/Jul/2014 Super Fast Summer Suppers N/A
643 3x191 02/Jul/2014 Backyard BBQ Blitz N/A
644 3x192 03/Jul/2014 Fourth of July Spectacular N/A
645 3x193 04/Jul/2014 Extra Value Friday: The Ultimate BBQ N/A

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Classification: Talk Shows
Genre: Cooking/Food
Status: Returning Series
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 01:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 26, 2011
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