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Fire Sale - Recap

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Kootie Pie is dazzled by her Ice Palace, but the one thing she doesnt like, is that its freezing! shes hates being cold, so she steals Mama Fireplant from the Dome in Dinasour Land, and when Mama Fireplant is reported missing, Luigi suspects after seeing a block of Ice, and a Warp Zone, that the kidnappers have taken her to Ice Land.

Mario, Peach, Luigi and Yoshi go down the Warp Pipe, to get retrieve Mama Fireplant from Ice Land, and after many incendents involving Para Goomba's, Blocks and....Falling alot, they finally all arrive in the Ice Palace of one "Kootie Pie". Mario stands up to Kootie Pie, but gets frozen by enemies, along with Luigi and Peach. Its up to Yoshi this time, but Yoshi is afraid of water, but even so, he manages to save Mama Fireplant and bring her back to Dinosaur Land.

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