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Send In The Clown - Recap

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Mario and Princess are playing Tennis (which Mario is losing at) with Fireballs from a Fire Plant, while meanwhile, Bigmouth and Kootie Pie are putting up signs for the Circus (Ran by Koopa) which the Cavepeople get excited about and go down the warp pipe leading to the Circus.

When Mario and company realize that the Cave People have all left, they find a poster of the Koopaling circus, and know Koopa's up to something, so they use the Star Road to get to Koopa's Circus.

At the Circus there is a lot of fun until the Rex's jump out of there Clown Costumes and attack the Cave People, even worse, they blocked off the entrance! Mario is the only one left to save everybody, and after a lot of trickery and fighting off enemies, he finally defeats Koopa and saves the Princess. Once again Dinosaur Land is saved.

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Warning: Captain N and the New Super Mario World season 1 episode 3 guide may contain spoilers
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