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Double Trouble - Recap

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After coming home from cchecking on a distrubance at the park, keroberos and yue discoverthat they are unable to return to their borrowed forms. Sakura lets them stay in her room while she figures this out. Kerobero's shouts of frustration nearly gets them cought by Tori but Sakura was able to get him to leave.
As its Sakura's turn to do the chores, she decides to get Keroberos to help, but not Yue. That eventualy gets on keroberos's nerves and he tries to throw a bag of flour at him, but Sakura stops him and the flour ends up all over Keroberos. Nw Sakura has to figure out how to wash him when he sugests to use the Bubble card like Clow Reed did. When Sakura returns to the kitchen she discovers that Yue cleaned up the mess made by Keroberos.
Sakura then goes to the fridge to see a package that was delivered earlyer, it was a crab. It gives her the idea to use the Sheild card to block what ever magic is affecting the two of them and it works.
That night Kero makes a comment that only Clow Reed had the power to block their transformation, but he's gone from this world...right?

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