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Hannah's Diary - Recap

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The episode beings, with Hannah panicking about Adam having sent her, a photo of a penis with squirrel hair wrapped around it, on her phone. She shows Marnie and Charlie the photo. They too are amazed to see it. She then receives a message from Adam saying, “Sorry that wasn’t for you”. Marnie tells Hannah that the picture was obviously for another girl, but Hannah doesn’t believe that. Marnie tells Hannah to not respond to the message. Hannah then removes her t-shirt and takes a picture of her breasts. Later at office, Hannah’s boss comes and begins to massage her shoulder, much to her surprise. He then on the pretense of massage begins to fondle her breasts.

Meanwhile, Shoshanna and Jessa are walking down the road and run into a guy who knows Shoshanna. The two seem to have a thing going on and Jess leaves them to it, and makes herself scarce. Later, Matt and Shoshanna sit together and have a chat. The two then reminisce about the time they spent together in a summer camp when they were kids. The two then decide to hang out in the night. Meanwhile, Hannah discusses the massage with other girls in the office and they too reveal that they have been massaged in a similar manner. The girls say that she will get used to it. They tolerate it because he is otherwise nice to them and also helpful. Meanwhile, Charlie is trying to make a coffee table for Marie, as she has been on the edge lately and thus he wants to surprise her.

Meanwhile, Jessa is picking up the kids she babysits, from their school. She walks down the road talking and kidding around with them. They then meet their father and their uncle Terry. Meanwhile, Charlie’s friend looks around the girl’s apartment as they aren’t around, to see what interesting stuff he can find there. Meanwhile, Hannah’s boss does it again and pats Hannah on her ass. He then directly tells her “you will tell me if the touching ever bothers you right?” Hannah awkwardly nods and leaves, not knowing what to say. Charlie’s friend then proceeds to read Hannah’s journal. Charlie’s isn’t too crazy about him reading it and tires to stop him.

He meanwhile, continues unabated. He then reads something and goes all silent, this arouses Charlie’s curiosity. His friend avoids the whole thing by saying there is nothing interesting in the diary. Charlie isn’t convinced and tries to wrestle him to get the diary from him. Meanwhile, Hannah tells the girls at the office that she is getting used to the touching. She then shows the girls the picture of the penis that Adam sent her. She also tells the girls about the message Adam sent after that. The girls advice her to leave Adam, based on what she just told them. Meanwhile, Jessa is busy starting a babysitter uprising in the park, when she realizes that her kids are missing.

One of the babysitters then finds the kids hiding nearby. Meanwhile, Matt and Shoshanna are catching a movie at her house. The two then begin to make out, and ultimately decide to have sex. Before they are about to do it Shoshanna admits to Matt that she has never had sex before, much to his shock. Matt then stops and says that having sex with a virgin is not really his thing. Meanwhile, the kids tell their parents that Jessa had lost them. The parents feel that the kids are lying. She then admits to the father once they are alone, that she did lose the kids. The father admits that he too had lost one of the kids when she was really young. Jessa remembers that when she was a kid, she too used to do that.

Meanwhile, Hannah arrives at Adam’s doorstep and tells him that she wants to break up. She then tells him that she wants to break up because of the whole penis picture and the message after, incident. She tells Adam that she just wants a boyfriend who is faithful to her. Adam instead of saying anything just pulls her close to him, and the two of them end up making out. Later, at the club Charlie dedicates a song to Marnie. He has named the song ‘Hannah’s Diary’. It turns out Hannah feels that, Marne is dating a man with a vagina, and that it is only because of his kindness that she is still sticking around with Charlie.

She also feels that Marnie should breakup with Charlie. Charlie through the lyrics of his song reveals all this. Marnie is outraged to hear all this, and throws the drink in her glass on Hanna’s face, and leaves in a huff. The episode ends at this point.

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Warning: Girls season 1 episode 4 guide may contain spoilers
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