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Escape from the Tower - Recap

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Rich Eisen is back with a new set of contestants, and this time the challenge is for them to escape from a tower. Team Blue is the duo of Matt and Michael who are friends. Team Red is the duo of Carol and Sally, who are identical twins. Team Green is the duo of Sarah and Nick who are a couple. Later, after the blindfolds are removed by the guards, the contestants are informed that they would be starting their quest in the Detainment Zone locked inside a galvanized metal duct system. They are then briefed about how they have to escape from the detainment zone, find the map, cross the four stages while finding the pieces of The Great Escape Key and eventually reach the Transport Zone.

The first team to reach from the transport zone to Rich, with the correctly assembled key, will be declared the winner and will go home with the prize money of $100,000. Rich also warns the contestants about the patrolling guards and how finding them would mean, the team would have to go back and start once again from the detainment zone, irrespective of the stage they might have reached. The teams then begin their quests, in their respective detainment zones. Team Blue is the first one to escape detainment zone and reach stage one.

Stage One: This stage is the 29th floor balcony, dangling from which are three cameras. The teams will lower the suspended cameras down the face of the building till they reach a floor with an LED board on it. The LED board will spell out a 4 digit code, which will reflect onto a monitor on the roof and attached to the cameras. Once the teams have the code, they will raise the camera up to the roof, to retrieve a remote control joystick and the first piece of the key. Team Red escapes detainment zone. Team Blue on the other hand completes stage one. Team Green too eventually escapes detainment zone. Team Blue in the meanwhile reaches stage two.

Stage Two: This stage is glass sealed offices known as the ‘clean rooms’. Using a joystick the teams will operate a hi-tech robot, to pick up a white case, which needs to be dropped into a locked security drawer. In order to open that drawer the teams would have to punch in the code they saw in stage one. Inside the box they will find infrared goggles and the second piece of the key. Team Red completes stage one. Team Green too eventually completes stage one. Team Blue on the other hand completes stage two. Team Red then completes stage two. Team Blue in the meanwhile makes it to stage three.

Stage Three: This stage is the laser vaults on the 10th floor. In order to gain access to the vaults the teams must crawl under a series of strategically placed lasers round the entire floor. If the teams trip even one laser an alarm will go off, which will alert the guards. Once they are through, teams must simultaneously place their thumbs on biometric scanners to deactivate the laser field. This would then give them access to a USB drive and the third piece of the key. Team Blue while performing the task, sets off the alarm. They are then apprehended by a guard and taken back.

Team Red too sets off the alarm while trying to perform the task assigned to them, as a part of stage three. Team Blue on the other hand is once again apprehended by a guard in stage three and taken back. Team red though has managed to evade the guards despite having triggered the alarm. Team Green in the meanwhile completes stage two. Eventually, all the three teams are neck in neck in stage three and are seen struggling with the lasers. The alarm is then set off by Team Red, which results in both Team Red and Team Blue, getting caught by a guard. Team Green though has escaped the notice of the guards. Eventually, Team Green is the first one to complete stage three. Team Green then reaches stage four.

Stage Four: This stage is a pitch black room containing a secret password that teams can only find using their infrared goggles. The teams must then scan each horizontal line from a series of letters and numbers on the wall. They have to then spot the letters sandwiched between two 9s that would in turn give them an alpha numeric code. They have to then enter, an IT security room to access a computer file, which can be opened using the code. Then using the USB drive the teams will find the location of a car key hidden somewhere inside a Volvo S60.

The teams will also discover a climbing clip and the fourth and final piece of the key. Team Blue is captured once again while trying to complete stage three. Team Green on the other hand is spotted by a guard while trying to complete stage four. Team Red in the meanwhile reaches stage four. Team Green though, is the first one to complete stage four. Team Red then completes stage four. Team Blue in the meanwhile is still stuck in stage three. Team Green is the first one to make it to the transport zone.

Transport Zone: In this stage the only way down is by rappelling over the edge. The teams will have to freefall into the dumpster as the ropes for climbing down are short. Near the dumpster they will find the Volvos. Where two keys come into play, one is the actual key and the other is the key hidden inside or around the vehicle. The teams will have to recollect the location of the hidden key by remembering the graphic they saw in stage four, on the computer.

The teams will then have to accurately assemble the Great Escape Key, in order to reveal Rich’s actual location. They will then plug the location in the navigation system to find Rich. Team Green is the first one to find the hidden key, and leaves in their Volvo after keying in Rich’s location, in the navigation system. Team Green is then the first team to make it to Rich, and is consequently handed the $100,000 and declared the winner. The episode ends at this point.

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Warning: The Great Escape season 1 episode 9 guide may contain spoilers
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