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Season 2

14 :02x01 - I Watch Death

On the way back to Hope Zion, Alex and Charlie get caught up in the aftermath of a shooting.
Guest Stars: Erin Karpluk as Sonja Sullivan | Jonas Chernick as Nick | Diana Bentley as Katie | Kyle Breitkopf as Ryan Sullivan | Brook Palsson as Lucy | Nola Augustson as Shooter's Mother |
Co-Guest Stars: Allison Wilson-Forbes as Nurse Allison | Conrad Coates as Bryan Travers | Jennifer Robertson as Becca (as Jenn Robertson) | Sharon McFarlane as Anesthesiologist | Joanne Reece as Ward Nurse | Dan Cristofori as Shooter | Marshall Williams as Justin

15 :02x02 - Little Piggies

Alex must learn to stick up for herself and not be intimidated by Dawn (Charlie’s ex-wife) in order to work alongside her and perform a minimally invasive heart procedure to save a patient’s life. Meanwhile, Joel unlocks a mystery to a young girl’s disease, while getting some advice from Charlie, who is trying to figure out how to help his comatose patient come back from being a spirit. It’s a week of defying the odds at Hope Zion Hospital.

Source: CTV
Guest Stars: Daniel Kash as Sam Roth | Rick Miller as Oliver Adams | Stefani Kimber as Emma Nolan | Tammy Isbell as Mrs. Adams | Joel Keller as Philip Nolan |
Co-Guest Stars: Siobhan Murphy as Robin Adams | Pauline Wong as OR Nurse | Steve Cumyn as Anesthesiologist George Riediger | Amy Rutherford as Dr. Jones | Qasim Khan as Dr. Blake
Director: Kelly Makin
Writer: Adam Pettle

16 :02x03 - Why Waste Time

Alex is trying to get her life back to normal with Charlie and at Hope Zion Hospital, but with Charlie’s head in the clouds and the pressure to find her medical niche she’s struggling. Inspiration comes in the form of an immigrant doctor who needs Alex to save his wife’s life, and in return, helps her find her calling.

Source: CTV
Guest Stars: Raoul Bhaneja as Dr. Nazir | Vanessa Morgan as Rikki Wilkins | Kevin Hanchard as Doug Wilkins | Jordan Todosey as Arwen | Connor Price as Jay | David Keeley as Kevin Woody | Olivia Jones as Julie Woody |
Co-Guest Stars: Maria Nahri as Alima Nazir | Katherine Cleland as Lingerie Clad Woman | Chris Violette as Mark Forsythe | Sharon McFarlane as Dr. Caroline Ray | Steve Cumyn as Dr. George Baumann | Carin Moffat as Gail Moodie
Director: John Fawcett
Story: Greg Nelson (2) | Teleplay: Waneta Storms
Songs: Dragonette -- Giddy Up

17 :02x04 - Defense

The doctors at Hope Zion Hospital are forced to deal with people from their past as Alex, Charlie, and Joel take on the daunting task of operating on a malpractice lawyer known for suing every doctor in his path. Meanwhile, Zach is tested when the last person he wants to treat comes into his E.R. and a Season 1 patient returns with some difficult insight for Charlie and Alex.

Source: CTV
Guest Stars: Erin Karpluk as Sonja Sullivan | Peter Keleghan as The Great Randall | Noam Jenkins as Russell Birk | Shauna MacDonald as Sheila Birk | Lauren Hammersley as Ariel Miller | James Thomas (2) as Hank Miller |
Co-Guest Stars: Jim Annan as Tattooed Techie | Steve Cumyn as Dr. George Baumann
Director: Kelly Makin

18 :02x05 - The Face of the Giant Panda

Alex must become the unlikely advocate for a violent young prisoner brought in to Hope Zion Hospital, while Joel connects with a disfigured refugee and tries to convince Dr. Dana Kinney to come back to operate on him. Meanwhile, a spirit who is familiar to many Hope Zion doctors shows up in the morgue when Charlie is about to do routine procedure.

Source: CTV
Guest Stars: Tzi Ma as Dr. Lin | Tyler Hynes as Luke Reid | Araya Mengesha as Dembelae | Dayle McLeod as Lily | Yanna McIntosh as Corrections Officer Hazard |
Co-Guest Stars: Sharma MacDonald as Mariam Keita | Steve Cumyn as Dr. George Baumann | Daniel Henkle as Percy
Director: Ken Girotti
Writer: John Krizanc

19 :02x06 - All Things Must Pass

After a young, healthy, and hunky fireman dies suddenly at Hope Zion Hospital, Alex must take the stand at Hope Zion's Morbidity and Mortality (M&M) Rounds to find out what went wrong and who is to blame. Meanwhile, Charlie deals with a nervous aspiring Nun, and Joel has to decide if he can be the man that comes through for Sonja.

Source: CTV
Guest Stars: Erin Karpluk as Sonja Sullivan | Tyler Hynes as Luke Reid | Cara Rickets as Allison Davis | Harmon Walsh as Travis Bain | Carlyn Burchell as Claire Bain |
Co-Guest Stars: Kyle Breitkopf as Ryan Sullivan | Monica Dottor as OR Nurse | Jani Lauzon as Anesthesiologist | Allison Wilson-Forbes as ER Nurse | Camille James as ER Nurse
Director: Jeff Woolnough
Songs: Meaghan Blanchard -- Gotta Let

20 :02x07 - Bed One

When a heat wave hits the city, Alex is appointed Trauma Team Leader as the hospital is faced with an influx of patients during a blackout. With no back-up power available, Dawn and Charlie must figure out a way to continue their surgery as Joel and Maggie attempt to keep a patient alive while stuck in an elevator.

Source: CTV
Guest Stars: Tyler Hynes as Luke Reid | Patrick McKenna as Roddy Gray | Matthew Bennett (1) as Graham Kennedy | Sarain Boylan as Bonnie Drummond | Ian D. Clark as Mr. Kennedy |
Co-Guest Stars: Lizz Alexander as Beth | Jess Brown (2) as Jackie Nealon | Allison Wilson-Forbes as Nurse Alice | Steve Cumyn as Anesthesiologist George Riediger | Chris Anton as Paramedic Paul

21 :02x08 - Defriender

When Alex and Joel end up stranded in the middle of nowhere with a severely injured couple, they’re forced to use only what’s around them to stabilize the pair until paramedics arrive. Meanwhile, back at Hope Zion Hospital, Charlie must try to save the wounded leg of his former college roommate as Gavin attempts to help Shahir improve his bedside manner.

Source: CTV
Guest Stars: Alan Van Sprang as Thomas Ford | Jane Spidell as Diane | Ryan Blakely as Andrew Penn | Peter Michael Dillon as Jack Wentz |
Co-Guest Stars: Rogan Christopher as Devon | Camille James as ER Nurse
Director: Jason Priestley

22 :02x09 - Vamonos

When Alex is forced to put a patient’s gender reassignment surgery on hold, she discovers a secret in his medical history that could save his surgery, but tear his life apart. Charlie deals with a patient who is healthy, sane – and convinced she is going to die at midnight. Meanwhile, Joel secretly helps Sonja (guest star Erin Karpluk) deal with a patient of hers who’s been admitted to Hope Zion Hospital.

Source: CTV
Guest Stars: Erin Karpluk as Sonja Sullivan | Tyler Hynes as Luke Reid | Kristin Booth as Jana Raymond | Justin Kelly as Riley Stiles | Joanne Boland as Holly Stiles |
Co-Guest Stars: Adam Pettle as Huell | Jani Lauzon as Justine Kendell
Director: Jeff Woolnough

23 :02x10 - Wishbones

When Alex's brother is admitted to Hope Zion in critical condition, Joel and Charlie must work together to keep him alive while keeping his admittance a secret from Alex.

Source: CTV
Guest Stars: Tyler Hynes as Luke Reid | Eric Johnson as Dr. Jason Kalfass | Rachael Crawford as Kerry (as Rachel Crawford) |
Co-Guest Stars: Jameson Kraemer as Craig | Brandon Coffey as Clayton
Writer: Sherry White

24 :02x11 - En Bloc

Alex risks a dangerous surgery on a seemingly inoperable tumour to save a young boy's life. Meanwhile, Charlie struggles with the spirit of Alex's dead brother, Luke.

Source: CTV
Guest Stars: Tyler Hynes as Luke Reid | Diane D'Aquila as Ida | Sergio Di Zio as Walter Kapogrecko | David Richmond-Peck as Marvin | Jack Fulton as Lou Kapogrecko |
Co-Guest Stars: Steve Cumyn as Dr. George Baumann | Olivia Barrett as Nurse Olivia | Hazel Gorin as Parkinson's Patient #1 | Diane Johnstone as Parkinson's Patient #2 | Ken Gorin as Parkinson's Patient #3 | Rodney Robert Brown as Parkinson's Patient #4 | William Fisher as Parkinson's Patient #5 | Jasmin Geljo as Morgue Attendant
Director: Gregory Smith

25 :02x12 - Nottingham 7

With one of the Hope Zion doctors’ life at risk, Alex must put her personal and professional reservations aside in order to perform a surgery that could save their life.

Source: CTV
Guest Stars: Krista Bridges as Paulina | Danielle Kind as Blake (as Dani Kind) | Jonathan Watton as Carl |
Co-Guest Stars: Kris Ryan as Officer Daniels | Kayla Lorette as Clayton | Matt Bois as Photographer | Nora Sheehan as Radiologist Receptionist | Liz Gordon as Squirming Woman | Briony Glassco as Radiologist | Eliana Jones as Molly | Adam Klymkiw as Giancarlo | Tim O'Halloran as Patient #4 - Jig Dancer | Dwight McFee as Patient #5 - Mr. Cartsen | Stephanie Broschart as Dr. Skillet
Director: T. W. Peacocke
Writer: John Krizanc
Songs: Don Brownrigg -- Just Breathe

26 :02x13 - Wide Awake

Alex is surprised twice in one night – first when she realizes she's been tricked into a blind double date, and again when she has to rush her mystery man to the ER.

Source: CTV
Guest Stars: Erin Karpluk as Sonja Sullivan | Eric Johnson as Dr. Kalfass | Benjamin Arthur as Seth Brolins | Shannon Currie as Cpl. Fran Seymour |
Co-Guest Stars: Steve Cumyn as Dr. George Baumann | Ronnie Rowe as Corporal McCreary
Director: Yon Motskin

27 :02x14 - 43 Minutes

Alex witnesses a horrific accident on her way home from work and must return to the hospital to help the victims. Elsewhere, Charlie and Gavin attend a therapy session.

Source: TVGuide
Guest Stars: Georgina Reilly as Denise | Chris Hoffman as Dad |
Co-Guest Stars: Alexander Marsh as Boy | Heather Marie Annis as Mom | Joshua Peace as John Doe
Songs: Travioso -- Lead Me Forward, Phoria -- Once Again

28 :02x15 - Don't Poke the Bear

A couple is attacked by a bear, but Alex and Charlie think there's more to the story.

Source: CTV
Guest Stars: Eric Johnson as Dr. Jason Kalfass | Liane Balaban as Abigail / Kayla Bradley | Ian Matthews as Wayne Power | Christopher Stanton as Kai Bonnaroo |
Co-Guest Stars: Trevor Bain as Paramedic | Murray Furrow as Lab Technician
Songs: Girish -- Krishna, Jose Gonzalez -- The Nest

29 :02x16 - Breathless

Charlie reaches a breaking point with a Spirit who won't leave him alone and Alex races against the clock to find an organ donor for a patient.

Source: CTV
Guest Stars: Sheila McCarthy as Violet | Paulino Nunes as Dr. Racha | Robin Brule as Bridget | Christopher Bolton as Connor |
Co-Guest Stars: Allison Wilson-Forbes as Nurse Alice | Lucius Hoyos as Cade | Robert Verlaque as Dudley | Steve Cumyn as Dr. George Baumann | Chris Young (5) as Carlos
Director: Peter Stebbings
Songs: Daughter -- Still, Sam Roberts Band -- We're All In This Together

30 :02x17 - Twinned Lambs

Charlie and Joel are pitted against one another by their patients. Complications occur during one of Dr. Kalfas' surgeries and Maggie finds herself stepping in even though she was only meant to be shadowing her mentor. Alex helps a patient out who in her old age believes she's living in a different era.
Guest Stars: Eric Johnson as Dr. Jason Kalfass | Wendel Meldrum as Mimi | Kate Hewlett as Sarah Collins | Jordan Pettle as Sarah's Husband | Randal Edwards as Sandy | Al Mukadem as Marcel | Natalie Radford as Claire |
Co-Guest Stars: Steve Cumyn as Dr. George Baumann | Marci T. House as L & D Nurse | Raven Dauda as Ward Nurse
Director: David Wharnsby
Writer: Adam Pettle
Songs: Night Beds -- Even If We Try, Jimmy Durante -- I'll Be Seeing You

31 :02x18 - Broken Hearts

A member of staff is attacked. Alex has to ignore his diagnosis of an irregular heartbeat to care for the Great Randall. Charlies has to deal with the aftermath of the fight.
Guest Stars: Peter Keleghan as Randall Crane | Bryn McAuley as Leslie Crane | David Storch as Ian Taft |
Co-Guest Stars: Steve Cumyn as Dr. George Baumann | Monica Dottor as Nurse Monica | Sam Kalilieh as Dr. Doug Wallace
Songs: Zola Jesus -- Avalanche (Slow), Roosevelt Nettles -- Drifting Heart, Matt Mays -- Madre Padre
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Horror/Supernatural | Medical | Mystery | Thriller
Status: Returning Series
Network: CTV ( Canada)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 07, 2012
Episode Order: 18
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