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Episode discussion for: 01x02 | For Fanny (Jun 18, 2012)

Long time ago that I saw something really original and new getting introduced. The set up is immensly full of possibillities that it dazzles my thoughts. The dillivery is funny and to the point. No overacting, yet the mum is a perfect caricature of the flower generation turned 70, although she at time copies Shirley Mclain too much (although I love Shirley mcLain in this kind of grumpy, excentric roles), the four teenage girls bring this swirling teenage uncertainties & energy into the show. The showgirl/former ballet dancer/new girl in town, brings the perfect background with her for a zillion storylines and sidecharacters. A little ballet school and the ballet theme are really original and exciting, the other side characters give a nice and rich flavour to the show. And it's all done with dignity and the true conviction that you are creating something really original and exciting.
In short: I am hooked already, and looking forward to the next episodes!!!!

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