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Gone Away (1) - Recap

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Morale is low, as only two British officers have escaped in two years. Dick Player has a plan for escape, but Pat Grant thinks that it is too risky and rejects it. Grant tells Lieutenant Colonel Preston that he would like to resign as Escape Officer as he feels that he is getting a bit stale in the role.

There is to be an inspection of Colditz, and Hauptmann Ulman orders the British to tidy up their quarters, and to put all the unused stuff into tea chests which will be stored in the attics above the Kommandant's Office. Seizing the opportunity, Simon Carter stows away in one of the tea chests, and manages to escape, but his rope is too short and he breaks his ankle in the subsequent fall. He is very quickly recaptured and put into solitary confinement.

Lieutenant Colonel Preston decides that Dick Player's plan is a workable one, and agrees that Pat Grant should finally be given the opportunity to escape now that he has been relieved of his duties as Escape Officer. Going with him on this escape will be Phil Carrington, Dick Player and Peter Muir, and the intention is to split up into two groups of two men each.

The escape is a well planned one, and the four men have documents which describe them as Flemish Concrete Workers, plus compasses, maps, money and so on.

The actual escape itself involves an escape through one of the courtyards and scaling the walls of Colditz, using split-second timing in order to avoid the German guards. George Brent goes along to tidy up behind the four escapees so that the route can be used in future escape attempts.

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