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French Leave - Recap

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It is Easter, 1943 and the war is going badly for the Germans in North Africa, with Rommel recalled from there by Hitler. The British and the French hear this news via a radio which the French have assembled and hidden in their quarters.

The German pastor from the town of Colditz overhears the prisoners at choir practice. He is in need of a choir for the Easter Services in the town, and requests that the prisoners be allowed to sing in Colditz Protestant Church. The Kommandant agrees, after he is given a guarantee from Lieutenant Colonel Preston that no British prisoner will try to escape. However, a French Officer attaches himself to the choir and with the aid of Gerda, a German girl, manages to escape. Unfortunately the Frenchman leaves the note which he received from Gerda behind in his quarters at Colditz. The Gestapo discover it, and start hunting for her.

The French prisoners in Colditz are to be transferred to Poland, and when they leave they bequeath one of their radios to the British.

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