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Colt .45 Episode Guide

1 :01x01 - Judgment Day

First aired: Oct/18/1957
Writer: Marion Hargrove
Director: Douglas Heyes
Guest star: Peter Brown (Davey), Guy Teague (Henchman #3), Fred Coby (Henchman #2), Robert Williams (Henchman #1), Kenneth Terrell (Townsman), Barry Brooks (Hotel Clerk), Bob Steele (Sgt. Granger), Kenneth R. MacDonald (Colonel Parker), Helen Brown (Sister Howard), Andrew Duggan (Jim Rexford), Erin O'Brien (Sister Helen MacGregor)

Chris arrives in an Arizona town to disover who's been selling guns to Native Americans and gets challenged to a gunfight.

2 :01x02 - A Time to Die

First aired: Oct/25/1957
Writer: Leo Gordon
Director: Douglas Heyes
Guest star: Eddie Parker (Clete), John Daheim (Burke), Kenneth R. MacDonald (Colonel Parker), Wayne Morris (Jim Girard), Dan Blocker (Will)

Returning a prisoner through the desert, Chris gets overpowered by the man's accomplices and is left to die without a horse or water.

3 :01x03 - The Three Thousand Dollar Bullet

First aired: Nov/01/1957
Writer: Robert Schaefer, Eric Freiwald
Director: Franklin Adreon
Guest star: Walter Reed (Sawyer), Laurie Mitchell (Adele), Forrest Lewis (Willy Flood), William Lally (Hobbs), Joel Ashley (Luke Hanson), John Beradino (John Modoc), Michael Dante (Davey Bryant), Toni Gerry (Amy Hodges), Harlan Warde (Dan Crawford), Richard Garland (Bill Hodges)

Three men claim a $3,000 reward when a notorious gunman gets shot down in a saloon.

4 :01x04 - Gallows at Granite Gap

First aired: Nov/08/1957
Director: Franklin Adreon
Guest star: Ken Osmond (Tommy), Louis Quinn (Stagecoach Driver), Harry Strang (Man), Alan Reynolds (Townsman), William Henry (Deputy Trask), Harry Antrim (Doc Fallon), Stuart Randall (Sheriff Pat Monohan), Virginia Gregg (Martha Naylor), John Smith (Comanche Kid)

Chris goes in pursuit of a notorious outlaw named the Comanche Kid who escaped from custody right before he was scheduled to be hanged.

5 :01x05 - Small Man

First aired: Nov/15/1957
Writer: Frederic Brady
Director: Edward Bernds
Guest star: Chris Alcaide (Grimes), George J. Lewis (Sheriff), George Barrows (Henton), John Cason (Hank Reeves), Rayford Barnes (Brent Nelson), Vicki Raaf (Madge), Charles Fredericks (Larkin), Paul E. Burns (Hawkins), Jay Novello (John Barnett)

Chris encounters an apparent tenderfoot who never seems to lose a gunfight.

6 :01x06 - Final Payment

First aired: Nov/22/1957
Director: Franklin Adreon
Guest star: Walter Barnes (Mace Bluestone), John Cliff (Cade Bluestone), James Nolan (Ben Bluestone), Dick Foran (Tuck Degan)

Chris and a pal go undercover to expose two crooks who are defrauding the government.

7 :01x07 - One Good Turn

First aired: Nov/29/1957
Writer: John McGreevey
Director: Edward Bernds
Guest star: Nacho Galindo (Dominguez), Vincent Padula (Francesco Nunez), Myron Healey (Becker), Robert Anderson (Cranly), Alma Beltran (Maria Valdez), Lisa Montell (Teresa Valdez), William Phipps (Trumbull)

Chris steps in when a gang of renegades begin terrorizing a small Mexican village.

8 :01x08 - Last Chance

First aired: Dec/06/1957
Guest star: Aline Towne (Marion Whittier), Kent Taylor (Wallace Grant), Tina Carver (Kate Grant), Willard Sage (Morgan Brent), Stacy Keach, Sr. (Sheriff Ben Mason)

Planning to go on a hunting trip with a sheriff pal, Chris gets interrupted by a woman who claims she witnessed a murder.

9 :01x09 - Young Gun

First aired: Dec/13/1957
Director: Walter Grauman
Guest star: Roy Barcroft (Customer), Murvyn Vye (Sheriff Willoughby), Nesdon Booth (Bartender), Jaclynne Greene (Julie), Hugh Sanders (Sheriff Powers), James Anderson (Jeff Lanier), Lauren Tuttle (Francis Benedict), Peter Brown (Jimmy Benedict), Charles Bronson (Danny Arnold)

A vengeful youth cons Chris into selling him a gun so that he can hunt down the outlaw who killed his father during a bank robbery.

10 :01x10 - Rebellion

First aired: Dec/20/1957
Director: Walter Grauman
Guest star: Fran Bennett (Laura Killian), Mary Beth Hughes (Clover Haig), Leslie Bradley (Colonel Jack Killian), Robert Warwick (Judge Killian)

The only clue for a secessionist conspiracy is a peso bill marked with a black cross.

11 :01x11 - The Gypsies

First aired: Dec/27/1957
Director: Alan Crosland, Jr.
Guest star: Paul Picerni (Quito), Don Megowan (Deputy Pete Dawson), Steve Darrell (Marshal Terry Wilson), Lyn Thomas (Nan Wilson)

When a lawman's gal runs off with a gypsy chief it's up to Chris to soothe things over.

12 :01x12 - Sign in the Sand

First aired: Jan/03/1958
Writer: Frederic Brady
Director: Alan Crosland, Jr.
Guest star: James Lydon (Frank Harper), William Tannen (Dave), Charles Tannen (Wrangler), Kenneth R. MacDonald (Colonel Parker)

Chris and another government agent are assigned to protect an Army payroll shipment from an outlaw gang.

13 :01x13 - The Mirage

First aired: Jan/10/1958
Guest star: Don 'Red' Barry (Captain Thane), Valentin de Vargas (Carlos Hernandez), John Vivyan (George Foley), Frank Puglia (Ramon Esperanza), Ana Maria Majalca (Maurita)

It's Chris Colt to the rescue when Army renegades begin terrorizing a Mexican village.

14 :01x14 - Blood Money

First aired: Jan/17/1958
Writer: David Lang
Director: Abner Biberman
Guest star: Nesdon Booth (Fat Man), Fred Therman (Second Clerk), David McMahon (Blacksmith), Benny Baker (First Clerk), John Cliff (Roper), Randy Stuart (Julie), Jerry Paris (Joe Bullock)

An outlaw offers to give himself up provided Chris give the $500 reward to his galpal who needs an operation to save her life.

15 :01x15 - Dead Reckoning

First aired: Jan/24/1958
Writer: Jack Harvey
Director: Abner Biberman
Guest star: Ralph Dumke (Senator King), Jason Robards, Sr. (Judge Hesby), Kenneth R. MacDonald (Colonel Parker), Bill Erwin (Hotel Clerk), Addison Richards (Warden Johnson), Willard Thompson (Sheriff), Robert "Buzz" Henry (Pete Dill), Kem Dibbs (Blake Ralph), Lee Van Cleef (Tom Devery), Richard Webb (Rocky Norton), Joan Vohs (Katherine Norton)

Chris impersonates a notorious robber in order to find out when and where a large robbery is supposed to take place.

16 :01x16 - Decoy

First aired: Jan/31/1958
Director: Leslie H. Martinson
Guest star: Ernestine Barrier (Dona Rita), Christopher Dark (Don Ramon), Pierre Watkin (Colonel Duncan), Kathleen Crowley (Elena)

Chris goes after outlaws who stole his sample of firearms.

17 :01x17 - Rare Specimen

First aired: Feb/07/1958
Writer: Gene Levitt
Director: Leslie H. Martinson
Guest star: Kasey Rogers (Molly Field), Frank Ferguson (Todd), Kenneth R. MacDonald (Colonel Parker), Charles Cooper (Jed Dailey)

Chris Colt gets wounded during a train robbery and is helped by a woman who later gives him a clue as to the identity of the robbers.

18 :01x18 - Mantrap

First aired: Feb/14/1958
Guest star: Robert Fortier (Tom Simons), Travis Bryan (Bernard), Don 'Red' Barry (Percival), Peter Whitney (Ralph), Venetia Stevenson (Valintine)

Chris is kidnapped by two brothers who want him as a husband for their sister.

19 :01x19 - Ghost Town

First aired: Feb/21/1958
Director: Lee Sholem
Guest star: John Litel (Hosea Tillery), Arthur Space (Jud), Joanna Barnes (Kate Henniger), Bing Russell (Jack Lowden)

On the trail of a bandit and his galpal, Chris finds that he has some competition in the girl's father.

20 :01x20 - Golden Gun

First aired: Feb/28/1958
Writer: Frederic Brady
Director: Richard L. Bare
Guest star: Wally Cassell (guest star), Herbert Lytton (guest star), Lane Chandler (guest star), Stuart Randall (guest star), Mark Tapscott (guest star), Charles Fredericks (guest star), Ron Hayes (guest star), Benny Baker (guest star), Dawn Richard (Liz Frome), Edd Byrnes (Paul Wilson Jr.), Paul Fix (Frank Wilson Sr.)

An dying outlaw gives his son the location of a stolen shipment of gold. Chris tries to persuade the son to show him the location of the gold.

21 :01x21 - Circle of Fear

First aired: Mar/07/1958
Director: Leslie H. Martinson
Guest star: Robert Clarke (John Quint), Sean Garrison (Chuck Dudley), Harvey Stephens (Major David Trevelen), Jean Willes (Blanche Raymer), Joan Weldon (Edith Murrow), Tol Avery (Archer Belgrade)

Chris and six others take refuge in a desert pass after their stagecoach is attacked by Apaches.

22 :01x22 - Split Second

First aired: Mar/14/1958
Director: Leslie H. Martinson
Guest star: Dan Riss (Sheriff Milo), Arthur Batanides (Frank Fowler), Elaine Edwards (Alice), Richard Garland (Tack Bleeker)

A lawman turns into a vicious gunslinger after his wife's murder.

23 :01x23 - Point of Honor

First aired: Mar/21/1958
Writer: Steve Fisher
Director: William J. Hole
Guest star: Sailor Vincent (Gang Member), Mary Alan Hokanson (Female Sailor), Jack Shea (Red), Boyd "Red" Morgan (Al), James Nolan (Sheriff Martin), Emile Meyer (Tom Shannon), John Smith (Shelby Taylor), Marcia Henderson (Dr. Lea Taylor), Cameron Mitchell (Dr. Alan McMurdo)

A female physician provides Chris with an indirect connection to an outlaw gang that he is seeking.

24 :01x24 - The Deserters

First aired: Mar/28/1958
Director: Leslie H. Martinson
Guest star: Robert Foulk (guest star), Obie Venner (guest star), Myron Healey (guest star), Michael Dante (Ab Saunders), Angie Dickinson (Laura Meadows)

Chris investigates fur traders who are mixed up in Army desertions.

25 :01x25 - The Manbuster

First aired: Apr/04/1958
Writer: Oliver Drake
Director: Oliver Drake
Guest star: Jody Angelo (Lounger), Gregg Barton (Marshal), Don Beddoe (Ticket Agent), Gil Perkins (Hank Lawler), George Keymas (Pete Cerrilos), Jaclynne Greene (Harriet Brenner), Chris Warfield (Monty Chandler)

After Chris foils a bank robbery, he finds himself having to protect a man from the robbers who think he's the one who sold them out.

26 :01x26 - Long Odds

First aired: Apr/11/1958
Writer: David Lang
Director: Franklin Adreon
Guest star: John Hubbard (guest star), Robert J. Wilke (Cherry Lane), Charmienne Harker (Mother), Karl Swenson (Courtwright), Paul Engle (Billy Dixon)

Investigating a stagecoach robbery, Chris finds himself having to prevent a gunfight between a retired lawman and the suspected robber.

27 :02x01 - The Escape

First aired: Apr/05/1959
Director: Lee Sholem
Guest star: Richard Miles (guest star), Sandy Kenyon (guest star), Bern Hoffman (guest star), Robert Griffin (guest star), Myrna Fahey (Sue), Adam West (Sgt. Ed Kallen)

A crafty damsel uses Chris to free a prisoner he just turned over to the Army.

28 :02x02 - Dead Aim

First aired: Apr/12/1959
Director: Lee Sholem
Guest star: Ken Osmond (Tommy), Norbert Schiller (J. W. Stols), Michael Hinn (Sheriff Hough), James Maloney (Dr. Clark Lingle), Jaclynne Greene (Millie), John Doucette (Lou Gore), Bing Russell (Jed Coy)

Chris and a bounty hunter are both on the trail of a bandit.

29 :02x03 - The Magic Box

First aired: Apr/19/1959
Writer: A. Sanford Wolf, Irwin Winehouse
Director: George Waggner
Guest star: Maurice Manson (Brady), Barbara Stuart (Belle), Dan Sheridan (Babcock), Vaughn Taylor (Oliver Pate), Michael Carr (White Wolf)

Chris uses the help of a photographer to clear a wrongfully convicted Native American.

30 :02x04 - The Confession

First aired: Apr/26/1959
Director: Harold Daniels
Guest star: Don C. Harvey (Sheriff Clinter), Charles Aidman (Arthur Sibley), Dallas Mitchell (Joe Donnelly), Dorothy Provine (Ann Donnelly)

Chris is skeptical when a homesteader readily confesses to the robbery of a $50,000 gold shipment.

31 :02x05 - The Man Who Loved Lincoln

First aired: May/03/1959
Director: Arthur Ripley
Guest star: Robert McQueeney (Edwin Booth), Hugh Sanders (Jameson), Roxane Berard (Adah Menken), Donald Buka (David Belasco)

Chris tries to protect actor Edwin Booth (the brother of presidential assassin John Wilkes Booth) from being a murder victim.

32 :02x06 - The Sanctuary

First aired: May/10/1959
Director: Jodie Copelan
Guest star: Van Williams (Tom Rucker), Andra Martin (Lorelei Chadwick), Harry Lauter (Johnny Tyler), Lyle Talbot (Sheriff Clyde Chadwick)

Chris finds that his seach for a killer is complicated by a sheriff.

33 :02x07 - The Saga of Sam Bass

First aired: May/17/1959
Director: William J. Hole
Guest star: Ken Clark Jr. (guest star), Mickey Simpson (guest star), House Peters, Jr. (Sheriff), Ann Doran (Liz Sawyer), Alan Hale, Jr. (Sam Bass)

Chris goes undercover as a cellmate of notorious outlaw Sam Bass and helps him bust jail in order to discover the location of $50,000 hidden by the outlaw.

34 :02x08 - Amnesty

First aired: May/24/1959
Director: William J. Hole
Guest star: Robert Conrad (Billy the Kid), Willis Bouchey (Governor Lew Wallace), Wayne Heffley (Pat Garrett)

Governor Lew Wallace of New Mexico sends Chris to find the notorious Billy the Kid and offer him an amnesty but lawman Pat Garrett is none too pleased about this development.

35 :02x09 - The Pirate

First aired: May/31/1959
Guest star: Robert Foulk (Boatswain Boggs), Lance Fuller (Orin Mason), Patti Kane (Gilda), Neil Hamilton (Captain Johnson)

Chris finds himself being held hostage on a ship captained by a self-styled pirate.

36 :02x10 - Law West of the Pecos

First aired: Jun/07/1959
Writer: John Tucker Battle
Director: Alan Crosland, Jr.
Guest star: Jack Lambert (guest star), William Lally (Sgt. Webster), Lisa Gaye (June Webster), Frank Ferguson (Judge Roy Bean), Douglas Kennedy (Jay Brisco)

Chris is the victim of a frame-up and he's being tried in the courtroom of the notorious hanging judge, Roy Bean.

37 :02x11 - Don't Tell Joe

First aired: Jun/14/1959
Guest star: Adam West (Marshal Joe Benjamin), James Anderson (Shift Wilson), Mary Webster (Martha), Charles Fredericks (Ollie Blaine)

Chris tries to keep a marshal from being framed for murder by a gunman.

38 :02x12 - Return to El Paso

First aired: Jun/21/1959
Director: Lee Sholem
Guest star: James Lydon (Willy), Paul Picerni (Jose), Robert Lowery (Richard Delgado), Kasey Rogers (Jessica Delgado)

Chris arrives in El Paso to impound a shipment of rifles but they've already been auctioned off to a rancher.

39 :02x13 - Night of Decision

First aired: Jun/28/1959
Director: Leslie H. Martinson
Guest star: Jory Raymond (guest star), Dallas Mitchell (Ben), Edith Evanson (Ma Thorpe), Leonard Nimoy (Luke Reid)

An outlaw interferes with Chris's mission.

40 :03x01 - Queen of Dixie

First aired: Oct/04/1959
Director: Herbert L. Strock
Guest star: John Alderson (Captain), Andy Clyde (Scatterbrain Gibbs), Tol Avery (Barnes), Dale Johnson (guest star), George Cisar (guest star)

Chris boards a gambling boat in order to smash a counterfeiting ring.

41 :03x02 - The Reckoning

First aired: Oct/11/1959
Guest star: Kelly Thordsen (guest star), Buzz Martin (Billy Gibson), Joe Di Reda (Hicks), Jack Mather (Father Knox)

Chris tracks three unidentified killers to the desert where he meets a priest who refuses to give him their names or location.

42 :03x03 - The Devil's Godson

First aired: Oct/18/1959
Director: Herbert L. Strock
Guest star: Nick Pawl (guest star), Lane Bradford (Pete Jessup), Forrest Lewis (Van Rensselaer), Alan Dexter (Sheriff Ken Ryan), Billy Wells (Billy Taylor), Ann Morriss (Anne Ryan), Adam West (Doc Holliday)

Doc Holliday helps Chris bait a trap for a killer.

43 :03x04 - The Rival Gun

First aired: Oct/25/1959
Guest star: Natividad Vacio (Afilador), Stephen Chase (General Nelson Miles), Dick Rich (Butch), George Kennedy (Hank), Robert McQueeney (Duke)

Chris once again clashes with a man selling guns to hostile Native Americans.

44 :03x05 - The Hothead

First aired: Nov/01/1959
Guest star: K.L. Smith (guest star), John McCann (guest star), Ruta Lee (Dottie Hampton), Troy Donahue (Jim Gibson)

Chris tries to help a young bank clerk who was framed for a robbery by two outlaws and a cunning damsel.

45 :03x06 - A Legend of Buffalo Bill

First aired: Nov/08/1959
Director: Emory Horger
Guest star: Britt Lomond (William F. Cody), Lindsay Workman (Ned Buntline)

Future Western legend William F. Cody helps Chris solve a series of railroad robberies.

46 :03x07 - Yellow Terror

First aired: Nov/15/1959
Writer: A. Sanford Wolf, Irwin Winehouse
Director: Paul Landres
Guest star: Brad Dexter (John Barker), Andy Clyde (Captain Gibbs), Kaye Elhardt (Lucie), Richard Devon (Ed Pike)

Chris uses panic about a yellow fever epidemic to find a killer.

47 :03x08 - Tar and Feathers

First aired: Nov/22/1959
Writer: A. Sanford Wolf, Irwin Winehouse
Director: Emory Horger
Guest star: Tom London (Old Man), Craig Duncan (Matt), Arthur Space (Doc Hutchins), James Beck (Kirby), Sal Ponti (Andre Bourdette), Jenifer Lea (Louise Porter), Howard Petrie (John Porter)

Chris must protect the son of a diplomat who has written a series of unfavorable articles about a ruthless rancher.

48 :03x09 - Alias Mr. Howard

First aired: Dec/06/1959
Guest star: Harry Harvey (Thompson), Jane Nigh (Zee Howard/James), Howard Ledig (Woody Keene), Mike Road (Howard/Jesse James)

Sam Colt, Jr. makes his first appearance of the series and he's on the trail of an outlaw named Howard who is in reality the notorious Jesse James.

49 :03x10 - Calamity

First aired: Dec/13/1959
Writer: Dwight Newton
Director: Paul Guilfoyle
Guest star: John Craven (Guard), Dal McKennon (Agent), John Close (Johnson), Mickey Simpson (Hooker), Robert Armstrong (Jud Bowlus), Joan Taylor (Ellen McGraw), Dodie Heath (Calamity)

After the driver of a stagecoach carrying a smallpox vaccinie is killed by attacking Native Americans, Chris gets the stage to the nearest aid station where a woman named Martha Jane Canary offers to drive it the rest of the way into Deadwood, SD.

50 :03x11 - Under False Pretenses

First aired: Jan/10/1960
Guest star: Jack Hogan (Cliff), Tim Graham (Ed Mills), Joe Partridge (Dade Wagner), Suzanne Lloyd (Julie Gannon)

Sam goes after a duo who robbed a stagecoach only to find one of them dead on the trail.

51 :03x12 - Impasse

First aired: Jan/31/1960
Writer: Lee Loeb
Director: Paul Landres
Guest star: Randy Sparks (guest star), Holly Bane (guest star), Don Haggerty (guest star), Ann Doran (Mrs. Staley), Roy Engel (Marshal Ben Staley), Linda Lawson (Barbara), Harry Lauter (Rare Larson), Sandy Koufax (Johnny)

Bandits posing as soldiers try to make off with an Army payroll.

52 :03x13 - Arizona Anderson

First aired: Feb/14/1960
Writer: Lee Loeb
Director: George Waggner
Guest star: Lou Merrill (Bartender), Billy McGreene (Drunk), Arthur Space (Sheriff Len Jennings), Don 'Red' Barry (Yakel), Allan "Rocky" Lane (Gilby), Catherine McLeod (Kate Anderson), Mike Road (Arizona Anderson)

Sam Colt goes undercover as a gambler in hopes of recovering a stolen Federal payroll from a man who was part of the robbery and now owns a general store.

53 :03x14 - The Cause

First aired: Feb/28/1960
Writer: Irwin Winehouse, A. Sanford Wolf
Director: H. Bruce Humberstone
Guest star: Jay Novello (guest star), Julia Montoya (Senora Martinez), Miguel Ángel Landa (Ramon), Tristram Coffin (Colonel Willis Murdock), Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. (Martinez)

Sam must deal with Mexican rebels while trying to apprehend a renegade U. S. Army colonel.

54 :03x15 - Phantom Trail

First aired: Mar/13/1960
Director: Lew Landers
Guest star: John Archer (Joe Holman), John McCann (Dan Thorne), Don 'Red' Barry (Stevens), Walter Maslow (Burke)

Sam and Chris team up to nab cattle rustlers with Sam posing as a gunman out to kill Chris.

55 :03x16 - Breakthrough

First aired: Mar/27/1960
Writer: Kenneth Gamet
Guest star: Charles Cooper (guest star), Walter Reed (Harry Dodson), Faith Domergue (Suzanne Tremaine), Archie Duncan (Jeff Kincaid)

Chris tries to protect a stagecoach gold shipment from highwaymen.

56 :03x17 - Chain of Command

First aired: Apr/05/1960
Director: Lew Landers
Guest star: Gary Vinson (Roberts), Jean Blake (Honora), Ross Elliott (Major Parker), Alan Baxter (Colonel Bealey), Gordon Jones (Sergeant O'Hickey)

Chris refuses to follow orders in a case thus risking a court-martial.

57 :03x18 - Alibi

First aired: Apr/12/1960
Director: Lew Landers
Guest star: Don Haggerty (Marshal Bill Thompson), James Bell (Andrew Karp), Claudia Barrett (Janice Benson), Jock Gaynor (guest star)

A prisoner escapes from jail just when Chris begins looking into whether he might be innocent.

58 :03x19 - Absent Without Leave

First aired: Apr/19/1960
Guest star: Steve Brodie (guest star), Andra Martin (Mary Steele), Tyler McVey (Colonel Ben Williams), Gary Conway (Lt. Charles Williams)

An Army lieutenant is accused of cowardice by his very own father.

59 :03x20 - Strange Encounter

First aired: Apr/26/1960
Director: Herbert L. Strock
Guest star: Holly Bane (Sgt. Quinn), Frank Albertson (General Devery), Robert Colbert (Bill Mannix), Vaughn Taylor (Dr. Craig), Kasey Rogers (Jeannie O'Mara)

Chris encounters an injured man on the trail while escorting two killers to jail.

60 :03x21 - Trial by Rope

First aired: May/03/1960
Writer: William F. Leicester, W. Hermanos
Director: Herbert L. Strock
Guest star: Don Chastain (Gerald Wiley), Allan "Rocky" Lane (Mayor), Maurice Manson (William Banning), Pamela Duncan (Dora Lacey), Barry Kelley (Marshal Tompkins), Lurene Tuttle (Lottie Strong), Ed Kemmer (Ben Anderson)

Chris goes to visit an old lawman friend and becomes involved in a murder.

61 :03x22 - The Gandy Dancers

First aired: May/10/1960
Guest star: John Wengraf (Kozak), Elaine Edwards (Dr. Wallen), Joan Lora (Anna Ziegler), Charles Fredericks (Marshal Ed Springer)

Sam comes to the aid of immigrant workers who are being blackmailed by outlaws.

62 :03x23 - Martial Law

First aired: May/17/1960
Director: William J. Hole
Guest star: Joseph Ruskin (Jace Kirby), Percy Helton (Wes Mason), Paul Picerni (Duke Blaine), Merritt Bohn (Mayor Tullow), Robert Foulk (Marshal Hacker), Ray Daley (Sgt. Jim Perris), Margaret Whiting (Vinnie Berkeley)

Sam clashes with a gambler when he tries to clean up a town.

63 :03x24 - Attack

First aired: May/24/1960
Director: William J. Hole
Guest star: Glenn Strange (guest star), Frank Gerstle (Ed Garrick), Sharon Hugueny (Running Deer), Richard Garland (Seth Johnson), Robert Colbert (Clay)

Sam tries to prevent miners from taking over protected Sioux land.

64 :03x25 - Bounty List

First aired: May/31/1960
Director: Lee Sholem
Guest star: J. Edward McKinley (guest star), Harp McGuire (guest star), Ron Foster (Tommy Potts), Janet Lake (Harriet Potts), Ray Danton (Kane)

Sam and a bounty hunter are after the same men. Sam wants them alive but the bounty hunter could care less.

65 :03x26 - Appointment in Agoura

First aired: Jun/07/1960
Director: Lee Sholem
Guest star: Voorheis J. Ardoin (guest star), Alan Reynolds (guest star), Steve Drexel (guest star), Hal Torey (Abel Sanger), Rhodes Reason (Ben Thompson), Chris Robinson (Cal Sanger)

After notorious gunman Ben Thompson kills a man in self-defense, Sam Colt tries to get him out of town before the dead man's family can gain revenge.

66 :03x27 - Showdown at Goldtown

First aired: Jun/14/1960
Writer: William F. Leicester, W. Hermanos
Director: Lee Sholem
Guest star: Ken Terrell (Bar Patron), John Cason (Trell), Dan Sheridan (Driscoll), Larry J. Blake (Tim Corey), Jered Barclay (Tip Hooper), Harry Shannon (Clay Hooper), Robert Colbert (Johnny Moore), Ruta Lee (Molly Perkins)

Sam is assigned as parole officer to an ex-convict whose former partner wants his help in stealing a gold shipment.

67 :03x28 - The Trespasser

First aired: Jun/21/1960
Director: Lee Sholem
Guest star: Lee Van Cleef (Red Feather), Ray Teal (Mike O'Tara), Pamela Duncan (Belle O'Tara), Arthur Space (Colonel Tomkin), Gary Vinson (Lt. Sims)

A man is determined to avenge the murder of his Native American wife by a soldier.